K-On! Enters the Record Books

The fans have spoken, and they love K-On!

Riding the impressive wave of Blu-ray sales, K-On! has claimed the record for the most opening-day sales from its previous holder, Code Geass. With 33,000 Blu-rays and 8,000 DVDs under its belt, K-On! has topped Haruhi’s best opening-day record by 1000 sales. When taken in the context of equally impressive television ratings and CD sales, it would seem that Kyoani has created another goldmine.

Despite some opinions as to K-On!’s perceived lack of quality, it seems the franchise is here to stay.

–From Sankaku Complex (NSFW)

K-On! and Haruhi DVD Sales

According to the latest Amazon Japan DVD sales rankings, both the Haruhi and K-On! DVD releases are performing quite well. Of particular interest are the K-On Blu-ray releases, with the Volume 2 Blu-ray (August 19 release) occupying the #2 ranking, Volume 1 at #16, and the Volume 3 (September 16 release) at #21.

The first Endless Eight Haruhi DVD (September 25 release) is currently ranked at #11, but has accrued quite a few negative one-star reviews, for a cumulative score of 1.5 stars. This would seem to indicate that Japanese fans are just as frustrated with Endless Eight as we are, but are still willing to purchase the DVDs.

Endless Eight and the DVDs of Despair

The eighth episode of the new Haruhi ‘season’ has aired, and (suprise) it’s another repetition of Endless Eight. The common wisdom now is that next week’s episode with be the last E8 loop. We can only hope.

Meanwhile, in even more depressing news, the DVD release details for Endless Eight have been revealed. It seems that E8 will be released across 4 DVDS, with two episodes per DVD. Each release will retail for ¥6,930 (approximately $72 USD).

Yes, you read that right. That’s seventy-two dollars for two episodes. That means buying the entirety of E8 on DVD will cost $288.

I think I’ll wait for the box set.

–Via Random Curiosity and Sankaku Complex (NSFW)

DVD One “Sasa no Ha Rhapsody” Due in September

The first DVD release for the current season of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu has been announced for release in September.  Titled ‘Sasa no Ha Rhapsody’ it will comprise of one episode and plenty of special features, totaling a run time of 43 minutes.  This DVD package will contain some goodies as well, namely a postcard, coaster and bookmark. Special features on the DVD include  TV spots, Aya Hirano music videos, and the first song album.

‘Sasa no Ha Rhapsody’, or ‘Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody’ in English, was our first taste of a new season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and it was a sight for sore eyes. A DVD release of this episode is welcomed, however this begs to question how the ‘Endless Eight’ arc that is airing currently will be released on DVD.

–From CDJapan