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Post by Kei » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:00 pm

There has been some confusion to the ranking system. Here's how it works:

New ranks are granted upon reaching a certain post count. No new privileges come with the rank; the title is merely an honor bestowed on members who have contributed significantly to the Project. The ranks are as follows:

0 Posts: Pre-Cognitive Lifeform
100 Posts: Sentient Organic Lifeform
500 Posts: Cognitive Organic Lifeform
1000 Posts: Post Organic Data Entity
5000 Posts: Meta Cognitive Data Entity
10000 Posts: Hyper Evolved Data Entity

In addition, there are special ranks not linked to post counts. These ranks are granted by the staff and associated with our staff.

Moderator: Data Manipulation Anomaly
Global Moderator: Datastream Command Interface
Administrator: Quantum Dominion Singularity
Non-Staff Founding Members: ASOS Brigade
Do not ask the staff about becoming a moderator. If we feel you are suited to that purpose, we will approach you.

That's the ranking system in a nutshell. If you have any questions, PM the staff and ask away! We're happy to help.

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