Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

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Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Yuki & Konata »

Birthday greeting.jpg
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Re: Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Shamisen »

I wish you many happy returns...
What Katya will wish you is up to him eh?

:cat_w: :amismiling:

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Re: Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Kei »

Happy Birthday, ye of the unpronounceable name.
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Re: Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Kagami »

Using this here time machine, I shall now send my patent pending shuriken cookie shooter back in time one standard earth day, in order to surprise you. I fear not the paradoxes that could occur. You, however, should fear the cookie.

Happy Birthday (for yesterday)

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Re: Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Taiga »

Yes, well done getting through another year :3

I'm trying to do just that, myself. *emos at prospect of turning 19 next week*

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Re: Happy Birthday Jusuchin Panjirinanu

Post by Ryu »

Have a good one, Jusuchin Panjirinanu!

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