Konnichi Wa

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Konnichi Wa

Post by Midas »

Hello! My name is Midas, and my friend referred me to this site. Looks pretty cool so I thought I should introduce myself.

Hi :D

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Re: Konnichi Wa

Post by Yuuki »

-bows- i hope you enjoy your stay here. have some welcome tea.

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Re: Konnichi Wa

Post by Ryu »


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Re: Konnichi Wa

Post by Kagami »

I bid thee welcome.

Have a cookie.

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Re: Konnichi Wa

Post by Shamisen »

Welcome... enjoy your stay..

Enjoy the magic of every sunrise.
Wonder at the sight of snow.
Appreciate the joy of living in the now.
Upon tomorrow live a new life for a new day.

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