Dead Fantasy

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Dead Fantasy

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I don't generally watch machinima, but I've gone out of my way to keep up with Monty Oum's fantastic Final Fantasy vs. Dead or Alive videos ever since the first one debuted. With the next three videos going up very recently, I figured I'd make a topic that would, if nothing else, direct other people to them.

Dead Fantasy I = I seem to remember shouting something along the lines of "**** YEAH!" when Rikku showed up. Her snap decision to save Yuna from a bottomless pit by throwing Kasumi at her is hilariously brilliant and, for me at least, one of the best moments in the series so far.

Dead Fantasy II = Having last watched it a little over a year ago, I had forgotten how many awesome moments there are in this video, making it very tough to pick a favorite. If I had to, though, I'd go with Tifa combo-ing Ayane at the 1:30 mark. Although it's pretty tame compared to everything else that happens, it's beautiful, elegant and a perfect example of how cuts longer than 2 or 3 seconds in an action scene can be really, really nice (are you taking notes, Michael Bay?). Also, Kairi's outfit turning red when she goes into her dual-wielding Drive Form--just like Sora did in Kingdom Hearts II--is a nice touch.

Dead Fantasy III = After a lengthy hiatus, the third video returns to the shorter, smaller-scale style of battle that started the series. I like how the materia is utilized in this battle (Tifa inflicting Blind on Hitomi, followed by Hitomi literally beating the materia out of Tifa). This is actually the first video where I payed attention to the music; it was a welcome departure from the predictable action-movie soundtrack the previous two videos had and meshed very nicely with the choreography. (Allow me to amend that statement a little after rewatching the video: turns out the song I said was a "welcome departure" is actually the really cool second-half of an otherwise pretty generic song. And here I thought the good part was a separate song. Go figure.)

Dead Fantasy IV = Back to the cliche action music, this time with OMINOUS LATIN CHANTING! It can be forgiven, though, since it's FFVIII fanservice, unlike the other music that had no relation to Squeenix or Team Ninja. There's not a whole lot I can say about the actual battle that can't be summed up by the phrase "Holy Aeons, Batman!", since there's nothing else really going on. Yuna's playful shrug at the end was pretty cute, though, and therefore deserves special mention.

Dead Fantasy V = You remember when I mentioned Monty's hiatus? Well, between episode II and III, he worked on the Afro Samurai videogame. Considering how episode V is full of ninja-dismemberment and--at times--uncomfortably brutal, I'm going to make the bold claim that Monty mixed a little of his business with his pleasure. Not that that's a bad thing; it just means that the playful mood of the first two videos has morphed into something anime bloggers might call "SERIOUS BUSINESS". And although I was hoping to see a little of Rikku in this one, Tifa's display of badassery (mostly) made up for her absence.


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