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Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:58 am
by Kei

Hello there! I'm one of Ritsu's alter egos. My name is Leaf, and I am a Pokemon Champion!

...At least, I used to be. Here's what I used to look like.


Not bad, eh? See, I was born in the Kanto region. When I was a little girl, my Dad became a Hoenn gym leader, and my family moved to Littleroot Town. I got my start as a trainer in Hoenn, where (after many exciting adventures) I managed to beat all the Gym Leaders, Team Aqua, Team Magma and the Elite Four of the Pokemon League. (Not to brag, but I also found and caught a shiny Kyogre!) After that, I traveled to Kanto and likewise trounced their Gyms and League... though, honestly, they were pushovers. I then headed over to snowy Sinnoh and took their gym challenge too. Their Gym Leaders were quite a bit tougher than those from Hoenn or Kanto, but I still beat them all. There was also a minor... er, incident with a madman named Cyrus. You might have seen it on the news; a giant spacetime vortex appeared above Mount Coronet, and Dialga and Palkia descended from the heavens and tried to destroy the world. Yeah, I stopped that.

Not a bad career for a no-name Trainer from Littleroot, eh? Then, I woke up one morning and it was all gone. My entire life, erased... I had become someone else!

More specifically, I had somehow transformed into this girl.


Weird, huh? A quick glance at my Trainer Card told me that my name was still Leaf, but everything else about me was different. I was 11 years old again, a rookie trainer who hadn't even gotten her first Pokemon! Every Pokemon I had caught before, the badges I had won, the items I collected... all gone. The people around me acted like the old Leaf had never even existed! Furthermore, I found myself somewhere I had never been before: the Johto region!


At first, I thought it might be a dream. After that notion faded, I figured it must have something to do with Dialga, Palkia or possibly Arceus. After all, I had been screwing around with the spacetime continuum quite a bit since I caught those three... maybe something I did caused a temporal loop or dimensional warp and changed my entire existence. Regardless of what happened, one thing was clear: I was going to have to start all over as a trainer. After all, I had been yearning for a new adventure, even if I didn't quite picture it turning out like this.

Long story short, I chose Chikorita as my starter, trained up a Gastly, and have since beat the first gym. I must admit, beating a gym is a hell of a lot tougher when you don't have a Rayquaza or Blaziken to blast your opponent into oblivion. Anyhoo, I've heard that Pokemon trainers tend to gather 'round these parts, so I figured I'd come and see if anybody else has experienced the same weird life-transformation-thing I did. I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few fellow trainers too.

Uh, I guess that's all. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:26 pm
by Stilts
Lyre's Trainer Log, Day 1:
Got a Cyndaquil from Professor Elm. Fire-type starter FOR LIFE! He'll also be on my final team.
Caught everyone's favorite low-level Pokemon: Pidgey. It's been my tradition to keep a Pidgey on my team until after the Elite 4.
Beat the first gym leader. Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava.
Captured a Wooper. He's one of the four Pokemon that will definitely be on my final team.
By an odd stroke of luck, I caught a Geodude when my Quilava used Rock Smash on a random boulder.
Caught some other Pokemon, but the only one worth mentioning is a Ghastly. May keep him for a while.
Currently trying to catch a Mareep for my final team. I will have an electric sheep!

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:46 am
by Kei
Lyre, eh? You know, I think I passed you when I was in Union Cave. Is this what you look like?


Anyhoo, when I arrived at Azalea town, I was contacted by a mysterious female trainer who wanted to trade. I don't know who she was, but she gave me one hell of a new team member... this little cutie!


According to Misdreavus' pokedex info, she hails from the Sinnoh region. I'm guessing my mysterious benefactor is also located there. How did she know I like Ghost-type Pokemon? Must investigate further...

Bugsy and his Gym in Azalea Town turned out to be a total pushover, although his Scyther gave me a bit of trouble. I also had to clear out some Team Rocket mooks who were cutting off Slowpoke tails, but (as per Team Rocket standards) they were hopelessly pathetic. Ilex forest was easy too, and I was beginning to wonder if the Johto trainers were far too unskilled to take on someone of my caliber. Then, I met HER.


Beautiful, isn't she? Her name is Whitney, the leader of Goldenrod Gym. She is incredible, like the power and beauty of Arceus himself personified in feminine perfection. Okay, maybe I'm being melodramatic... still, when I first spotted her, my heart skipped a beat or ten. Could this cute little trainer be the challenge I was looking for?

The answer to my burning question came in a whirlwind of milk and fury. Yes, I'm talking about the bovine terror itself, feared and respected throughout all of Johto: Miltank. Damn, that thing was hard to take down! It KOed most of my Pokemon like they were made out of cardboard. Fortunately, my Bayleef managed to poison it before succumbing to its might, and the stage was set for me to bring out my ace-in-the-hole... Misdreavus!

Yup, my little Missie! Through the use of Confuse Ray and Psybeam, she was able to counter Miltank's constant healing and damage. It was a long and grueling battle... but Misdreavus emerged triumphant, and poor defeated Whitney ran off in a corner to cry. Wow, she looks so CUTE when she's sobbing her eyes out!

And that's how I got my third Gym Badge, with a little help from Sinnoh. More adventures await!

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:07 am
by Taiga
My name's Amu and I'm from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. Funnily enough I look very much like Leaf. Maybe we're sisters? I moved to Johto a few months ago, leaving my pokemon back in Sinnoh (very strict migration laws) and my journey is beginning anew.

I started with Chikorita at first, but my mother called me home as I never told her I was setting out on a journey. She made me take classes in English, too. When she finally let me leave Professor Elm suggested I take a different pokemon this time. I chose Cyndaquil

I recently battled Whitney, myself. She cried when i beat her also... makes me feel bad about winning. Since then I feel unable to get any further. Every time I leave for the next time something seems to happen that would prevent me from continuing. It's almost like I'm a character in a game that keeps crashing, it's really strange.

My mother thinks maybe I should return home and study more- leave again when I know how to look after myself better. I might have to, due to these problems... but for now I shall attempt to prevail!

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:47 pm
by Kei

The first thing you notice after stepping into Ecruteak is how traditional everything is... like the city had been frozen in time. The buildings are musty and creaky, which fits well with their old-style architecture. The gym is lit only by lantern-light. The people are friendly, quiet and conservative. And then, of course, there are the famous Kimono Girls, legendary for their mastery of the ancient dances. I had an unusual encounter with one such Kimono Girl, which only served to deepen the mystery surrounding my rebirth in Johto.

Soon after arriving in Ecruteak, I head heard that the three legendary beasts had been spotted in the Burned Tower. Naturally, I headed straight there... only to find the local Gym Leader Morty, some guy named Eusine and my rival Glen. After a brief battle with Glen, who was causing trouble as usual, I headed into the Burned Tower basement... but barely caught a glimpse of the legendary beasts before they fled. In their place stood a hauntingly beautiful Kimono Girl, whose frailty and pale skin made her look like a ghost.


This mysterious girl spoke the following words.

You are the nomad, one from another world.
You know of your past, but not your origins.
Thus, I shall reveal half a mystery to you.
You are one of two, sprung from three.
The one saved the three, but the winged ghost did not understand.
And banished the one to another world.
Now you are lost, and yet the menace grows.
The world of madness encroaches.
And with it, the shadow of space and time will once again threaten all that Arceus has made.

Just as I was thinking to myself how crappy her attempts at poetry were, the mysterious girl handed me a single Poke Ball. She then smiled and vanished into a cloud of mist. After mulling over her frustratingly cryptic message for a while, I decided to see who was in the Poke Ball.

It was... a Kirlia!

I was shocked. I had recently been searching for a good psychic pokemon! Could this phantom Kimono Girl be related to mysterious benefactor who sent me Misdreavus? In any case, I decided to train up my new Kirlia before challenging the local Gym, and it wasn't long before she evolved.


A lovely Gardevoir! With this Psychic powerhouse on my team, taking on the Ghost-centric Ecruteak Gym proved to be a breeze. Although Morty's Gengar did 1HKO my poor Misdreavus, Gardevoir was strong enough to blast it into oblivion with her psychic attacks. Now I've got four Badges, meaning I'm halfway through the Johto Pokemon league... but am I any closer to solving the mystery of my rebirth?

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:43 am
by Stilts
Lyre's Trainer Log, Day 3:
I finally have a full--and hopefully permanent--team: Firestorm (a Quilava), Pidgey, Cosmo (an Abra), Thor (a Flaaffy), Namora (a Wooper) and Gastly. Azalea's gym was totally easy. I mean, really. I could have beaten the whole place with one Pokemon. I only used two because I figured Pidgey would be disappointed if I didn't let him stretch his wings (heh, see what I did there?).

Unfortunately, I've recently hit a brick wall, and her name is Whitney.

Okay, that's some pretty terrible wordplay, but whatever.

I cannot understand how she can trounce my entire team with just two Normal-types. I mean, sure, Namora is the only female Pokemon I have, so she can pretty much prevent me from doing anything; and I guess sometimes I...uh...get a little distracted by her...uh...

Her hair. Yeah, that's it.

But still! This is totally not fair!


New strategy: I'm going to write her a love letter and use my incredible stealth moves to secretly place it where only she'll find it. And don't get the wrong idea. It's not like I'm doing it 'cuz I think she's cute or anything. The letter will keep her distracted from the battle, so she might make a mistake. Then I'll go in and hit her weak point!

N-not in a lovey-dovey way, though. That was a battle metaphor. Because I don't care about her short-shorts. I'm focused on the battle.



Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:32 am
by Kei
Eh, Whitney gets love letters all the time. She's become rather jaded towards romantic overtures, I'm afraid. Fortunately, I think I have a plan to win her heart. See, I recently caught a young, energetic male Tauros, which I plan to present to Whitney as a companion for her Miltank. With any luck, Tauros and Miltank will hit it off... and Whitney will be grateful enough to go out with me. :oops:

I took a detour today to Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage. I had remembered hearing about an unusual red Gyarados that inhabited that lake during my previous life in Sinnoh, and the opportunity to catch a shiny Pokemon was just too good to pass up. While approaching Mahogany on my bike, however, I heard a strange unearthly noise coming over my Pokegear's radio. After arriving, I learned that this radio signal was causing the Magikarp at the Lake to unnaturally evolve, thus accounting for the red Gyarados. Can you guess who was behind this nefarious scheme?



Yup, it was my old pals from Giovanni's goof squad. As I prepared to school them once again, a powerful dragon trainer named Lance showed up to help me take them down. Now, I know Lance was trying to act all mysterious and whatnot, but I've beaten the Kanto Elite Four in my past life. I know who he is, what Pokemon he uses, and what his weaknesses are. Of course, since nobody would ever believe my dimension-hopping backstory, I had to act all surprised and say "Oh my goodness, mysterious powerful trainer, thanks for saving lil' old me from those nasty Rockets!". Nevertheless, I was laughing on the inside... laughing and thinking to myself, Just wait until I get to the Elite Four and kick your ass again. THEN we'll see who's the big shot!

Anyhoo, I used the Rocket mooks to train up my Bayleef, until it evolved into a...


Meganium! YAY!

Mahogany Town's Ice-type Gym was a total pushover, and Meganium even saw a bit of action against Pryce's water-type Seel and Dewgong. However, after the battle, I noticed Gardevoir acting strangely. Let me recap:
Gardevoir suddenly started walking closer!
Gardevoir is happy but shy!
Gardevoir is regarding you with adoration!
Gardevoir's cheeks are becoming rosy!
Whoa! Gardevoir suddenly hugged you!
Whoa! Gardevoir suddenly danced in happiness!
I-is that NORMAL? I mean, I do treat my Pokemon with the utmost kindness, but I've never had one that was so AFFECTIONATE before! Is it possible that Gardevoir has a c-c-crush on me?


I-I'm not really sure what I should do. Suggestions?

Anyways, after that unusually embarrassing moment, I set out to capture an electric Pokemon... and was fortunate to run across an Elekid. Sadly, he was rather weak; therefore, I decided to put him through a crash-training regimen to get him up to speed with the rest of my team. To my great chagrin, he proved to be even weaker than I anticipated, and it took a while before he was even tough enough to take on the wild Pokemon I pitted him against. Fortunately, he's been improving quite a bit lately, and I'm confident he'll evolve into an Electabuzz soon. You can do it, Elekid! Believe in the me who believes in you!


Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 3:09 am
by Kei
Yay! Elekid evolved! I have an Electabuzz now!

My mysterious benefactor contacted me again today, this time sending over an Egg. She didn't reveal what it would hatch into, though. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Anyhoo, after training up my team, I headed over to Olivine City to challenge their Steel Gym. Just as I was getting all pumped up for battle, I learned that the Gym had been shut down because it's Leader, Jasmine, was off tending to a sick Ampharos.

Upon hearing this news, I snidely remarked, "What the hell? Is Jasmine a freakin' Pokemon nurse or something? She can't go abandoning her Gym Leader duties just because some Ampharos has the sniffles!" Then, I learned that said Ampharos was actually responsible for powering the local lighthouse, and without its guidance the ships coming into Olivine were in danger of running aground, causing thousands of Pokedollars in property damage and putting countless lives at risk. Furthermore, I learned that the Ampharos' illness was nigh-uncurable without a special medicine from Cianwood City, which lay far across the sea. Yeah, really put my foot in my mouth there. :banghead:

Beset by feelings of compassion and guilt, I set out across the sea to fetch the medicine. Of course, since the ocean was brimming with hostile Pokemon and aquatic trainers, I found myself being constantly slowed by countless battles. Although it was good training, there was no joy in it... I was too worried that every delay meant Ampharos' chances of survival were growing slimmer.

And then there were the endless hordes of Tentacool. So... many... tentacles... *shudder*


Eventually I made it to Cianwood and got the medicine, only to discover that the local Fighting-type Gym offered a badge which enabled trainers to use Fly. Figuring that flying back to Olivine would be much faster than navigating the Tentacool-filled sea yet again, I pulled out my most powerful Pokemon and swept through the Gym in record time. Before I knew it, I was back in Olivine... and without a moment to lose, I rushed the medicine to the lighthouse.

Arceus must have been smiling on me that day, because Ampharos made a full recovery. Jasmine was, umm, VERY grateful.


Yeah, long story. Anyway, I finally got to have a proper match against her. Although her Steelix was pretty tough, I managed to beat her without much trouble. Guess all that training paid off, eh?

It's been a long and tiring day. G'night, all.

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sun May 02, 2010 2:22 am
by Kei
Ugh, guess what bumbling villianous team I had to face down AGAIN today?


Yup, my old pals Team Rocket. You'd think after so many brutal beatdowns, they'd learn not to mess with me. But alas...

This time around they had taken over Goldenrod City, scaring its citizens into hiding. They were also using the Radio Tower to broadcast a message searching for their long-lost leader, Giovanni. Needless to say, I easily defeated them, and kicked their leader's ass so thoroughly he vowed to disband Team Rocket for good. I told him that if I ever saw his face again, I'd have Electivire Thunderpuch him so hard that even Arceus wouldn't be able to find his remains. I don't think he'll be troubling us again. :3

While I was saving Goldenrod, my egg finally hatched.


Woot! A Riolu! With any luck, I can train him up into a powerful Lucario... which would make quite an addition to my ever-growing team.

After that, I headed through the Ice Path (brr), where I matched wits against a boulder ice-maze. At the end of the path, I was shocked to find the mysterious Kimono Girl, with her sandals stuck to the ice. After freeing her, I asked her about her earlier remarks about me.
Me: So... earlier, you mentioned that I had been banished by a winged ghost. Were you talking about Giratina?
Kimono Girl: You see only half. There are two shadows... one that rules the mirror, and the other that cannot speak.
Me: Huh?
KG: When the man without humanity called, the dawn awoke. But this was a thing he did not intend, and the world was dragged into oblivion. The Shadow of Mirrors and the Shadow of Silence escaped, and with them a few magical beasts and their master. But a mortal mind cannot comprehend the Mirror, and the reaper inched ever closer.
Me: Dammit, stop speaking in riddles!
KG (sadly): I am not speaking in riddles. You are HEARING in riddles.
Me: ...what?
KG (handing me another Pokeball): Take this. Another survivor seeks to aid you. Use him to stave off the reaper. We all pray for you, but god has forasken us. Do not trust to hope or destiny, but seek your own path.
With that, she disappeared yet again, leaving me confused and frustrated. My anger evaporated quickly, however, when I discovered who was in the Pokeball.


Ooh! I sense a powerful Dragon-type Pokemon in my future...

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 1:17 am
by Stilts
Lyre's Trainer Journal, Day 5

Yeah, I know, I haven't written as much as I should have. In my defense, I've been preoccupied with kicking butt and taking names. In other words, I beat Whitney. I admit I felt a little bad when she started crying, but then I remembered how often her Miltank stomped my Pokemon into submission. Sympathy: lost.

After taking my shiny new badge, I headed over to Ecruteak City. When I saw they had a Kimono Dance Theater, I had to go over there first. I mean, come on! Those chicks are cute. Anyway, it turns out there was a stupid Team Rocket member harassing one of 'em. Being the dashing young man I am, I couldn't let him get away with that, so me and my Pokemon taught him some manners. I definitely impressed the girl. I bet she totally digs me now.

But hold on, that's not even the best part. So, like, there's this crazy old tower in the town, and I just had to check it out. Guess what I found there?

Not one, not two, but THREE legendary Pokemon! I couldn't believe it! They ran away from me before I could get close enough to get a good look, but they definitely weren't like any Pokemon me or my friends have seen before. I hope I run into 'em again.

Anyway, after they vanished, I walked over to the gym and completely trounced the leader, Morty, with my new Kadabra (I named him Cosmo).

It was still early in the afternoon by this point, so I figured I'd keep my momentum going and head over to Olivine and see if I could get two badges in one day. Unfortunately, that wasn't gonna happen. So, like, I've been getting these messages on my Pokegear from a girl named Leaf talking about her adventures? Apparently we crossed paths somewhere in Union Cave? I didn't see a girl there, but it was pretty dark, so I dunno. Anyway, she was saying she cured this sick Ampharos that powered the lighthouse in Olivine. I don't think she did a good job of it, 'cuz when I arrived that Ampharos was sick and Jasmine was taking care of it. I asked Jasmine if the medicine Leaf got wasn't mixed properly or something, but she claims I was the first to arrive and offer to help out. Weird, huh? I guess Leaf doesn't make much of an impression.

Long story short, I promised to pick up the medicine for Ampharos (one of my Pokemon is an Ampharos, after all; I'd be totally bummed if Thor got sick). But first, I needed to find a place to sleep. It's been a long, crazy day.

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 2:22 am
by Kei
Jasmine doesn't remember me? That's... odd.

Oh well, no time to worry about it now. I'm off to beat the Dragon Gym...

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Tue May 04, 2010 11:44 am
by Taiga
Umm... I haven't logged in a while, but I think it's about time I did.

As I write I'm sat on the Goldenrod-Saffron magnet rail, returning from Kanto. I have a total of 8 badges now and the name of Champion for Jhoto, but having visited Kanto it feels kind of... pointless.

I mean... the gym leaders I faced in kanto; every one of them could have uttery trounced the Elite Four several times without breaking a sweat. My pokemon were all level 33/34 when I reached Kanto, but my opponants are all level 40-50. I can beat them with some clever tactics and my lovely, blue Gardevoir... but I feel at a loss.

But whatever... my team are all level 40 now and with a little more training I'll get my first Kanto badge and be back on my feet, maybe even bag some more legendary pokemon to add to my collection (Ho-oh, Raiku and Entai)

Which actually reminds me; have any of you ever heard of Steven Stone? He approached me in Vermilion to ask about a pokemon called latias. He said something about being the Hoenn champion, but I heard that was a girl called Haruhi after beating some water trainer. Weird.

Gonna try battling Lt.Serge again when I return to Kanto (Just visiting my mother now). last time It was a close battle, but an electrode blew up my gardevoir straight off so my best wasn't available... Wish me luck?

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 12:40 am
by Kei
I... I think there's something wrong with my Bayleef. All of my other Pokemon are warm and loving, but Bayleef seems distant. It's almost like he's just a robot, blandly following orders... devoid of all emotion or life. Am I going crazy?

Eh, I must be imagining it. Anyhoo, I've beaten all the Johto gyms, and I'm now training up my team to take on the Elite Four. I can't wait to see the look on Lance's face when I smash his Dragonites. :cat_w:

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 2:17 am
by Stilts
Lyre's Trainer Journal, Day 7:

I got up early yesterday and surfed over to Cianwood on the back of my Quagsire. It was a pretty small town, so the medicine shop was easy to find. I picked it up and was about to leave when a bad storm started brewing. I guess I should have paid more attention to the weather forecasts.

I wasn't about the risk the lives of me and Pokemon to surf back to Olivine, so I made the most of the situation and explored the town. The photography booth was interesting, but the most amazing part of the day was seeing one of those legendary Pokemon again. No joke! It was hanging out just north of the main buildings. It seemed to be watching me, which is kind of weird. I got closer than I did last time, but it still ran away...across the water. Yeah, you heard me. It ran on the water. Crazy!

There was this researcher there who saw it too. I think his name was Eusine. Anyway, he called it Suicune and said it was interested in me. So then he battled me, claiming that Suicune might take an interest in him if he beat me. You can probably guess how well that worked out for him. Haha!

Since the storm didn't seem like it would let up for a while, I went ahead and fought Chuck, the gym leader. He looked pretty tough, but he was still no match for the psychic might of my Alakazam!

By the time I got his badge and healed my Pokemon, the storm had let up a little, but not quite enough to make surfing safe. Thankfully, Chuck's wife gave me an HM that could teach one of my Pokemon to Fly; so I hopped on my Pidgeotto and flew over the ocean.

The medicine worked like a charm, the Ampharos got back to work and Jasmine went back to her gym. I beat her, of course.


I went to Mahogony town the next day's a pretty long story, and this entry is already longer than usual. So I'll just give a brief summary of the awesome parts.
  1. I hear something weird's happening at the Lake of Rage, so I investigate.
  2. I catch a red Gyarados. Some dude named Lance says Team Rocket is responsible for the weirdness, ands asks me to help investigate.
  3. The Souvenir Shop is just a front for Team Rocket's underground base. Lance and I clear the place out and disable the radio signal they're broadcasting, taking out a couple executives in the process. I did most of the work, as usual.
  4. With Team Rocket finally gone, Pryce let's me fight him for his badge. My Ampharos and Typhlosion make short work of his team.
After the crazy three days I've just had, I was hoping things would calm down a little. Unfortunately, Elm called me a couple hours ago to tell me that Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower in Goldenrod. Guess I'll be paying another visit to the big city.

But first: sleep!

...hey, wait a minute. I think Leaf said she had to scare Team Rocket out of Goldenrod, too. They must be more persistent (and stupid) than I thought.

But Elm never mentioned this happening before. You wouldn't think he'd forget something like that. Man, this is getting weird. What the heck's going on, Leaf?

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 3:52 am
by Taiga
Three days ago my Pokedex reached 100 obtained and I ran into a Latias. It escaped untouched, however.

Yesterday I had a date with Jasmine.

I had been training in Kanto for a few days, yet still got trounced by Sabrina, so i thought to myself; 'hey... lets go visit Jasmine, maybe she'll have some tips on getting myself a Steelix... it'd come in really useful against Lt.Surge.'

I flew over to Olivine city, having a quick pitstop at Indigo Plateu for a drink on the way. When i arrived jasmine wasn't in the gym, so I figured maybe she was out for something to eat and went to check the diner. Sure enough, there she was quietly eating a rice ball in one corner.

When she saw me her eyes lit up and she practically skipped over to see me. We chatted a while about pokemon and Kanto, I even got her phone number. Apparently she recently visited Sinnoh and got herself a few new steel types... got a lot of practice battling in too. Might have to give her a rematch some time.

Later on, while I was in Goldenrod buying some snacks for the road, I got a call asking if I'd like to meet at the lighthouse come nightfall, because Amphy gets lonely and would be quite pleased to see me again. This proved to be just pretense, however. After that... well... it was a nice, romantic night, looking over the sea. I couldn't have wished for better.

She's such a cute, naive girl - I really can't understand how she'd want to do something like that with Leaf, since anything even remotely rude puts her into a huge blush. I think Leaf lied. She's just a liar.

Anyway, I'll probably see jasmine again quite soon. I got rather distracted by how cute she was and never got around to asking about Steelix catching. Oh well.

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:18 pm
by Riley
Hi! I'm Riley and I just became a trainer today in Littleroot Town. Professor Birch let me choose from Treeko, Mudkip, & Torchic. Torchic is amazing & so cute. I chose him of course! I named him Phil and got a pokedex. My friend, Birch's kid, gave me some pokeballs and my mom gave me really comfortable running shoes. Being the practical kid I am, I was curious how trainers took care of themselves. People gave me stuff to take care of my pokemon & junk, but I could really use some clothes, money, food, and water. Do most trainers just starve? Anyway, I went made my way slowly to Rustboro, trying to train as much as possible. I caught a Ralts, which is extremely adorable! (I named here Molly. Don't ask why.)

Anyway, in Petalburg forest, there was a guy who asked for a Shroomish. I was about to say I haven't caught one when some random dude in creepy blue clothes admitted he tried to ambush the poor guy and steal some really important papers. I was forced to battle his really weak pokemon. So not worth it! I beat him in one hit! I went on to Rustboro and battled Roxanne. It was kind of hard, considering fire doesn't hurt rock very much. I won though, and went out the northwest exit of town. There was the same guy I met earlier, and he asked me to recover the papers that guy stole after I beat him. I went looking for him and found him in the blocked cave. I beat him up again and got the goods. EASY!

Then I tried to find a hotel to sleep at. I ended up sleeping in the streets. How embarrassing!

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:41 pm
by SilverShadow2001
Riku's Journal Day 1

Hi! I'm Riku! I'm a new trainer and I live in New Bark Town. I recently got my own Pokémon though which was a Totodile,who I named Chomper because he liked to bite things leg hurts........

But anyway I recently beat Falkner who was too easy and Bugsy thr bug leader.Luckily my Pidgey,Bird-Brain took out his bug Pokémon easy.But after I went through a place called Ilex Forest which is rumored to have a legendary Pokémon in it.I thought I saw something green moving around there but it dissapeared and I was kinda tired so I just disregarded it.When I got to a place called Goldenrod City and everything was suprisingly peaceful whereas before on my radio I heard these guys yelling something about their leader coming back or something.I think they were Team Pocket,Team Locket I dunno.Maybe they gave up or something.When I walked into the gym I met the leader,Whitney.She was kinda pretty.And n-no I don't mean crush pretty I just mean p-pretty that's all!I had this battle in the bag until she sent out her Miltank.It took out my Chomper(who was now a Croconaw),Bird Brain(who evolved into Pidgeotto),Finn(Vaporeon),Oddish(Oddball),and Copycat my Ditto.Luckily Shine my Flaaffy was able to defeat it.Whitney started crying and from what I've she could go for HOURS so I left for a bit.On the way out I noticed two certified trainers were on the pedestal already.Well anyway when she's done crying and I get my badge I'll fill my journal in again.Bye!

Re: Calling All Pokemon Trainers!

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:40 pm
by SilverShadow2001
Riku's Journal Day 2

Riku here! Well I FINALLY got my badge from Whitney.Everything I've heard has been right.She cried the WHOLE.DAY.LONG.I wanted to just walk up and take the badge but that woulda been rude so I waited.I also caught a Growlithe while waiting to get my badge who I named Loyalty because Growlithe are usually very loyal.He didn't like being in his Pokéball though so he's always walking by my side.He also scared some guys from that radio station who were actuslly called Team Rocket.They were so scared they ran away -_-".

But anyway I started off for Ecruteak Citt which didn't seem much like a city to me but more like a town but a little bit bigger.It was really old fashioned and the only technology I really saw was stuff in the PokéMart,The Pokémon Center,and anything other trainers had.I entered some kinda ancient tower where I saw some kid and some things down there that looked like Arcanine's but more majestic and they were blue,brown,and yellow.Didn't get a good look though.Loyalty seemed wary but Chomper seemed to just get excited and wanted to fight them.They ran away though so we left.Chomper was biting my leg the whole time though.....I think I now have permanent bite marks on my leg.......really wish he was still a Totodile so his bite wouldn't hurt as much.Anyway the Ecruteak Gym really creeped me's really dark and I have a ummm.......phobia of the dark......and once I almost fell when lightning struck right behind me."This better be worth it......" is what I was saying the whole time and at the end it really wasn't.Morty was even easier than Falkner!!! I left laughing to myself and then I payed a visit to the Dance Theater.......No literally I had to pay!!! They charged me $1,000 PokéDollars to go inside!!!!!!! :x

But anyway the Kimono Girls were good dancers but I wanted to battle them too.Some guy with a Psyduck said theres no way I'd beat them.That got me mad and anxious.I went up to them after the show and challenged them all at once to a battle.But they just acted like I wasn't even there and walked away!!!!! That got me mad so I yelled "Hey!!!!" to them but they kept walking.I acted on impulse and chucked one of my PokéBalls and who came out? Of all of the Pokémon that had to come out it was...........

..........Chomper.CHOMPER.The eating machine,the bottomless barrel,the biter fighter.He bit one of them on the head and right them I think I made an enemy of the Kimono Girls.She turned furiously at me and tossed out her Pokémon,a Persian.Chomper ran back to me embarassed and I told him it was ok I'm the one who threw his PokéBall and Bite was the move I always had him use first.Loyalty jumped into battle and started out with Flame Wheel.To my suprise the Kimono Girl recalled her Persian and smiled and walked away with the others.Me,Chomper,Loyalty and Bird Brain perched on my shoulder were confused but we left.

..........then I had to run away from 50 fans on Kimono Girls who seemed like they wanted to tear me limb from limb.........

Well when they give up and I can leave this cave I'll fill the journal again.I think I hear them coming.......Please leave me alone Kimono Girl fans!!!!!!