Good and Bad Game Mechanics

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Good and Bad Game Mechanics

Post by AzgalathQ »

I came across this article on the Excapist by Yahtzee and it pretty much sums up how I feel about regenerating health in video games.

I was wondering... what Game Mechanics do you think should not have been implemented and which ones do you think were absolutely awsome?

For example:
I don't like regenerating health in FPS's as I think that it disconnects me from the battle (I sit behind a rock for a few second and I'm suddenly fine).

I do like the time-powers from the Prince of Persia games. I think the way the games were implemented was fantastic and I especially liked that you couldn't do it indefinitely (you needed sand to operate the dagger).

So, what do you guys think?

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Re: Good and Bad Game Mechanics

Post by Kei »

I'm reminded of the stasis-boot mechanic in Bulletstorm. With a simple kick, you could instantly immobilize nearly every enemy in the game, rendering them useless and the challenge moot. It was less a shooter and more a "killing enemies in the most awesome fashion possible" murder simulator, which seems more like a novelty than an actual game worth playing.
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Re: Good and Bad Game Mechanics

Post by Kagami »

I remember the bullet time of Max Payne with nostalgia. Not that it made any sense, Max himself was a seriously depressed and probably suicidal cop, and how he was graced with slow-mo abilities is beyond reasoning. However, it did make for a lot of amusing explosions and close up action. The only other game (in my opinion) to pull this off with effect was FEAR.

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Re: Good and Bad Game Mechanics

Post by Ryu »

Regenerating health is fine for like shields and circumstantial things (eg getting poisoned in half life two, or suffocating), but as a hard game mechanic? yeah it is pretty over-used. There are a few examples where its kind of nice, Ninja Gaiden 2 giving you a little bit back after a big fight (and a save points) is a god send in some places, and the VS. series of fighting games' slight regen when you switch out is pretty handy (however it can also be undone if someone does a snap back.)

Oh yeah, something I would also like to see less of is pointless-ass video game romances. Good lord just devote the resources to something else, or at least make them a bit more strenuous and classy than having three disconnected conversations with a teenage fan girl it's **** horrendous.

Also streamlining, at least try to fix something than taking it out entirely Jesus.

And thank god the age of collect 'em ups has died, man I must have had infinite patience when I was a kid.

Okay stuff I like:

Smooth hand-to-hand/close range fighting. The best examples of this I have recently played are the systems from Batman Arkham asylum and Ninja Gaiden 2 where you can zip around the battle-field demolishing foes with your fists, gadgets or vast array of weapons with a fantastic amount of momentum. I also like that you can die pretty quickly if you mess up so it's a decent risk/reward system.

Clunky big weapon fighting as seen in Nier and Monster Hunter is also pretty cool because it gives you a sense of weight to each of your blows, and makes you be a bit more tactical about your combat decisions. Sure you may send things flying and remove chunks of health, but if you get greedy Evil Joe's gonna wreck your day.

Also the rocket sliding from Vanquish is amazing.

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