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Toxic Gumbo

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:32 pm
by otakugospel
Just the name gives me a strong urge to attempt some sort of culinary joke,but I just know it will come out lame.

I'm pretty out of touch with the American comic scene,and so the work(named in the title has apparently been out for uh...a few years>.>.

It's a perfect find for halloween. The story of a girl born to a dying mother who's had an allergic reaction to some sort of caterpillar(which seems to be poisonous) in a relatively desolate swampland.

The real draw to it is the story/concept being written by Lydia Lunch(Spoken word poet/NYC experimental artist,writer,etc..)

Art by Ted Mckeever,who draws in a sort of..polished sketch style I suppose you'd say? Some of the drawings are intentionally vague in the beginning,but it fits the rather gritty tale. Not for the squeamish,but this might do for comics what Haruhi did for anime.

Any suggestions for other things in such medium are appreciated,or,you know,any other.