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Hey guys!
'm just thinking is anyone mad about doctor who and timetraveling or am i the only one here. (Don't read this if you don't give a damn about doctor who)
Anyways, I am really excited to find out who the next doctor is gonna be but yet annoyed at the same time. I really liked David Tennant, personly, he the best Doctor so far.
Anyways thank you for all your warm welcomes and commments!! (i'm gonna post specifics concerning my COSPLAY!?! post)

*EDIT* OMG!! I hate the ending so much, it's so tragic.

What i did like was that the doctor didn't change from David Tennant...
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Post by Taiga »


Spoilers, since I can't keep them bottled inside! D:

Ok... I REALLY have to warn you here... these are REAL spoilers. i'll put them in seperate tags so you can choose what you do/do NOT want to know. First you have to know that he only got shot in the top left half of his body... it didn't effect his entirely... this was shown in the previous episode.

Next Doctor:
David Tennant... botched regeneration. Its also known that the next series is in 2010. David Tennant is doing a different production next year, is why. I've also seen images from the next Christmas special
And the being shot in only 1 half means...? [BIG episode spoiler]
Splits in two... 1 in a blue suit, 1 in grey or brown... don't remember which. don't know much else... but hey.
AND... oooh... next Christmas special has...
Cybermen and The Doctor from TWO generations D:
Reading one of these and not the others is safe... I made sure that i made them utterly separate.

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