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Hello everyone!
Sorry to be missing in action again but this time I've just been sick. Feeling much better now (well enough for work), but my time off has been spent resting/sleeping. Okay, enough of that crap.

So I managed to get out into the wild tonight after work and went to the preview of the new movie Splice. Yeah its coming out this Friday, but yet again a friend of mine came through with free preview tickets. A note about preview tickets. When you go to see the movie (which starts at 7:30pm) you go early (as in 4pm), and wait....wait...wait... hoping against hope that you are not wasting your time in line to see a bad movie. Sometimes you get hits (Iron man), sometimes you don't (Splice). Well Splice isn't that bad. Really its not. Its just not that good. You may have seen the commercials and no doubt think its a Sci-fi horror movie aka Alien/Species/insert Sci-fi horror film here. Well prepare for disappointment. Splice is a movie about gene splicing gone wrong. From animal combination/experimentation to human/animal/combination/experimentation its a pretty straight forward story of scientists going too far and predictably falling in love with their creation. And of course their creation falls in love with its creators (notice CREATORS not CREATOR), and 'all hell' finally breaks loose. Unfortunately 'all hell' is the audience saying 'Aw Hell that's it?!' Sadly the human carnage doesn't take place until the end and in total there are only 3 human deaths. If I remember correctly there were only 8 total deaths if you count the creatures, and 10 or 11 if you count all the 'deaths' of the ONE creature has. Yeah its a train wreck. Other ways to describe the last parts of the film are bestiality, and female/incest/bestiality. I won't spoil the predictable ending. You can guess it. Is it wrong that some of the best parts of the movie were the previews of other movies, one bloody monster fight scene and the supposed to be dramatic first love scene between creation and one of its creators (don't worry it gets it on with the other creator later... Ew) is made comical by a audience member yelling out "Call Cheaters!" and the whole audience laughing through the whole scene? Yeah its that bad.

Save your money. Wait for it to come on cable.

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