Hi there!

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Hi there!

Post by WRG23 »

Introductions are in order, I am WRG23 and am a full on active Haruhiist. All other info on me is classified.

that's it for my intro. And may Haruhi always watch over you.
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Shamisen »

Greetings Recruit.

Welcome to Project Haruhi.
Follow the rules and life shall be joyous.

That is all..

Enjoy the magic of every sunrise.
Wonder at the sight of snow.
Appreciate the joy of living in the now.
Upon tomorrow live a new life for a new day.
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Joel »

Good morrow new person. Hope you feel welcomed enough to come back. See you on other parts of the site I'll imagine.
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Kagami »

yeah g'day and welcome to pH.
the cookie jar is stale *sniffs it*....*goes to buy some more*
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Re: Hi there!

Post by Taiga »

While xsirhc gets the cookies... I'll welcome you also :3

So yes, hi thar!
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