1. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR VIOLATING THEM. These rules can and will be changed on a regular basis to facilitate expansion and clarification. It is your responsibility to check the rules often to be aware of their content.

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13. Should you take issue with the behavior of a Moderator or Admin, feel free to contact them with your grievances IN PRIVATE. This is generally done via e-mail or private message. Contact information can be found here. Openly addressing the issue in the comment threads or forums is prohibited. Feel free to privately or anonymously report a Moderator to an Admin, but be aware that the Admin will most likely agree with the Moderator’s judgment.

14. Do not inquire about becoming a Moderator or Admin. If we are interested, we will contact you. Furthermore, do not attempt to perform the Moderator’s duties for them. They are perfectly capable of running this site without your help.

15. This site is the private property of its Administrator. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it, without explaining to anyone in particular, what, wherefore or why. Please remember, you are a GUEST here, so behave accordingly.

Addition 23 SEP 2017

It is important to note this is an ANIME website… although we discuss Manga, Light Novels and Games… We are not a forum for ‘real world’ topics, unless they relate to the Anime, Manga, Light Novels or Games we are reviewing. Real life discussions of subjects such as Sports, Politics and Religion have no place here.

Posts and Videos will be removed and the up loader notified. Further offenses will result in BANNING. As stated above this is a PG-13 website. If you are unfamiliar with what that entails, I strongly suggest you investigate it before posting here.

Legal Disclaimer

It is strongly recommended to go through a third party trade service such as eBay for exchanges involving money. This site, its staff, members, its owner and the hosts are not liable nor responsible for any exchange carried out on this site, in the forums or via PM and will not enter into any agreement to mediate any exchange under any circumstances. Any such agreement will be void and will not incur any responsibility on the site, its staff, members, its owner or its hosts.