Aquagaze’s Summer Anime Guide, Part Two

Why random Mawaru Penguidrum art? Do I hear anyone complaining? No. Good.

The Summer Guide turned out a bit long, so I had to split the thing up in two parts. Here’s Part Two, where the fun really starts! We cover the two new noitaminA shows, Kami-sama No Memo-chou and Mawaru Penguindrum. As usual, since my opinion isn’t worth all that much, I get four more people to nuance it a bit.

Are you ready guys? Put your guns on!

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Aquagaze’s Summer Anime Guide, Part One

It's summer, so let's stay inside all day and watch some anime!

The summer season is often associated with subpar anime, one-cour stuffing made by lesser studios, but this summer season is one hell of an exception. I found at least 8 shows I’m interested in and of course, I’m obliged to share my thoughts. However, because my opinion isn’t worth jack, I got some of my friends with higher standards to nuance it a bit.

Find out after the break!

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Bakacast – The B-Team

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BEHOLD! I, the mighty Jon, have returned from my hiatus and taken command of Bakacast once again! And just in time to review all the exciting new summer season anime!

Because of the sheer number of new anime we had to review, we skipped our usual introductory segments and went straight for the sweet stuff. Next week should be a lot less hectic though, since we’ve already dropped over half these shows.

We review the new anime in roughly the same order they appear on Random Curiosity’s summer preview guide, in case you want to follow along.

  • 2:05 – Gosick #24 (END)
  • 8:48 – Steins;Gate #14
  • 13:02 – Double-J #1
  • 16:32 – Blade #1
  • 20:10 – Ro-Kyu-Bu! #1 (DROPPED HARD)
  • 22:55 – God’s Notepad #1
  • 29:34 – Uta no Prince-sama #1 (DROPPED)
  • 31:41 – Sacred Seven #1
  • 36:44 – Ikoku Meiro no Croisee #1
  • 43:40 – Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel #1 (DROPPED)
  • 50:01 – Kamisama Dolls #1 (SNORE… I MEAN, DROPPED)
  • 54:33 – Nyanpire #1
  • 55:16 – Bunny Drop #1
  • 1:02:30 – No.6 #1
  • 1:07:29 – Idolmaster #1 (DROPPED)
  • 1:13:30 – Blood-C #1 (I PITY THE FOO WHO DON’T DROP THIS)
  • 1:19:15 – Mawaru Penguindrum #1
  • 1:28:07 – Morita-san wa Mukuchi #1 (DROPPED)
  • 1:28:32 – My Little Pony #7 & 8
  • 1:36:35 – Listener questions

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi’s Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.