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BEHOLD! I, the mighty Jon, have returned from my hiatus and taken command of Bakacast once again! And just in time to review all the exciting new summer season anime!

Because of the sheer number of new anime we had to review, we skipped our usual introductory segments and went straight for the sweet stuff. Next week should be a lot less hectic though, since we've already dropped over half these shows.

We review the new anime in roughly the same order they appear on Random Curiosity's summer preview guide, in case you want to follow along.

  • 2:05 - Gosick #24 (END)
  • 8:48 - Steins;Gate #14
  • 13:02 - Double-J #1
  • 16:32 - Blade #1
  • 20:10 - Ro-Kyu-Bu! #1 (DROPPED HARD)
  • 22:55 - God's Notepad #1
  • 29:34 - Uta no Prince-sama #1 (DROPPED)
  • 31:41 - Sacred Seven #1
  • 36:44 - Ikoku Meiro no Croisee #1
  • 43:40 - Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel #1 (DROPPED)
  • 50:01 - Kamisama Dolls #1 (SNORE... I MEAN, DROPPED)
  • 54:33 - Nyanpire #1
  • 55:16 - Bunny Drop #1
  • 1:02:30 - No.6 #1
  • 1:07:29 - Idolmaster #1 (DROPPED)
  • 1:13:30 - Blood-C #1 (I PITY THE FOO WHO DON'T DROP THIS)
  • 1:19:15 - Mawaru Penguindrum #1
  • 1:28:07 - Morita-san wa Mukuchi #1 (DROPPED)
  • 1:28:32 - My Little Pony #7 & 8
  • 1:36:35 - Listener questions

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.

About Jon

Jon is a Japanese culture enthusiast, professional pervert and roleplaying fanatic who appreciates flexible gender identities. He enjoys science fiction, Gunpla, classical music and Red Stripe.
  • Anonymous

    I was think that you say about them when I saw title, when from B-Team is so famous? They are group of people who organizing anime convents

  • Reverse-harem? Would that include Ouran Host Club count? Or is it more like Maria†Holic? ‘Cause I thought those two were really good!

    Wow, you guys come down on Kamisama Dolls hard. Not that it isn’t drowned in… tropes (I hate that word). That’s a bad sign, for sure. Yet, I just think it could pick up. Also, I actually like that the woman with huge bozongas didn’t make a big stink out of stumbling on a mutilated body in the elevator. It was also very odd. So, she was peculiar and may not be totally “duh duh waaaah~♥”.

    IMAS: About that documentary part on the not talking bit, there are interviews in Japan that are done the same way, although, Jon made a good point about being referential about the game’s “faceless” protagonist.
    I’m a HUGE fan of Idolmaster and caught some suitable references from the show, but there is a transition here that did not adapt well into the anime. I think the problem was throwing the majority of the characters (there are about 14 here, but there are a couple more missing) and showing all of their quirks.
    I can tell you that the characters do not come off THAT strong in the games. In the game you deal with one idol at a time and keep a good topic of discussion then top the charms on top. Here, it’s like the garbage bag ripped at the bottom and it all spilled onto your foot.
    I’ll keep with it, though. They came a little strong here. It was set to a 10 when it should have been a 3. Hopefully, since the introduction is out of the way, it’ll get a better focus and show some more songs from the game.
    Did I mention the music from the games are really, really good?
    Oh, and the choreography! If you wanna see me in my Lucky Star boxers doing those dance moves, please, let me know!

    Ah, Jon’s back, but I LOVE the flow here with all of you! It’s a loaded magnum! Bang, bang, bang! I think you should stick with this and add Thomas and the other past guests! It’ll be like Idolmaster!

    Dusty, it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on Azumanga anime, as I hear that a few people had some issues with it. Nothing major, AzuDai is amazing, but I think some traits it has still influences some anime series today. A specific one, as of recent…
    Just get used to hearing Osaka in a southern accent than a Brooklyn one, though.

    • Karen

      I probably should have mentioned that I haven’t actually seen many reverse harems- I’ve heard of Ouran Host Club, but haven’t seen it. I probably should. In the name of research. From what I’ve seen I think MariaHolic is different, but I’ve only seen maybe two episodes of that so who knows.

      I’m also getting kind of tired of the word “tropes” too, just because I see TVTropes (as much as I love it) assigning trope status to…everything. For example, “light-skinned brunette” is a trope on TVTropes; I think that’s stretching the definition there. I’m a light-skinned brunette and I’m pretty sure I’m not a trope.

    • I watched Ouran at the recommendation of someone I usually don’t take recommendations from, but really I found it to be a pretty funny show. It’s probably because as far as I know its really parody of a reverse-harem instead of actually be one.

      Both the sub and the dub are on hulu, although they’re arranged really weirdly. I saw the subs before the dubs were up but the dub cast is pretty seasoned so I’d expect it to be just as good.

  • Screw you guys, Kamisama Dolls was good

    Re pretentious monologuing in Gods Memo Pad: I thought the point of what a lot
    of she said was that they were deliberately pretentious because a lot of stuff
    she said was totally nonsense. For example, the whole NEET Detective thing is
    deliberately contradictory. Her fascination is with the idealism of NEEThood
    that the group clings to is not what NEEThood actually is, and you have to
    wonder why they have this fascination with the idea of NEET. The audience is
    supposed to fill the role of the Kyon, instead of generic dull male protagonist

    • Anonymous

      For the sake of argument, let’s assume that your theory about Alice being deliberately pretentious is right. The problem with this approach is that there is no one to provide a counterpoint who can actually affect the story. The audience can roll their eyes all they want, but if Alice and her gang are being rewarded (or at least not tripped up) by their own arrogance and ignorance, then they’re going to continue spouting their nonsense.

      The only thing that approach accomplishes is irritating the viewer.

    • Jon

      Meh, I think you’re giving the show too much credit.

    • Karen

      I’m not sure I understand this idea- if it’s the role of the audience to fill the role of the snarker and point out Alice’s pretentiousness, isn’t that basically what we were doing on the podcast? So wouldn’t our reaction, by your logic here, be the correct one?

      Honestly not trying to be a pain in the ass Scamp, I’m just not sure I understand what you mean.

    • The difference with your reaction on the podcast and, say, my own, was you guys said “that’s contradictory, isn’t that such bad writing”, while I thought “that’s contradictory, there’s more to this character than she lets on”. Now Stilts (I dunno who’s screenname and real names are the same) is right in saying that if they’re rewarded for their own arrogance, then the show has failed. But it’s only the start, so I hope they do capitalise on that.

      I’m not saying the show is particularly good. But that was the one part I really liked about it

      (also fix your commenting system! This is going to make my reply come before the people I’m replying to)

    • Jon

      Eh? No, your comment appears in the proper order. Refresh the page and you’ll see what I mean.

      Also, Stilts is Dustin.

    • I can see what you mean about it being deliberately pretentious. I think it’s definitely possible, but like Dustin mentioned, it doesn’t work very well when there’s no counterpoint to it. The main character could end up fulfilling this role eventually, but he hasn’t by the end of the first episode. I’m hoping it does this, because the show actually has a good idea of how to write mysteries.

  • Anonymous

    Well, God’s Memo pad.. It’s alot better than anything else J.C Staff has done this year… But that’s not saying much since Hidan no Aria was god awful and Yumekui Merry had quite possibly the worst FRIENDSHIP and BELIEF inspired anime-original ending ever. Even something painfully mediocre would be better than those two.  I’m not sure if the original material had that last de-clothing scene, but to me it totally screamed “You just got J.C Staff’d”. Probably why they picked it up in the first place, like there’s some quota they’ve got to fill in each adaptation.

    I watched the first episode of Sacred seven twice, and the first time i was looking at it seriously and the second I logged into my Kampfer-esque “so-bad-its-good-mode” and found it pretty entertaining. Even if the main character is pretty squallish (i’m sure that’s a term, I think) I liked that his first concern after his “power-up” mathingy was to reduce collateral. As much as everyone loves explosions, destruction and corpses, nobody really wants to clean all that up (unless that’s what the maid outfits are for).

    I really liked Ikoku Meiro and Bunny Drop alot, But I’ll probably wait a few weeks before I attempt No.6 proper, The so-called BL that people seem to be crying about is an absolutely stupid reason not to watch it (sure, girls can grope each other’s breasts in just about any show ever but the moment two boys hold hands the whole world turns upside down). I want to see the story develop a bit more so I can take a good chunk out of it at a later date. Incidentally what I also did with Steins;Gate after about the 6th week you guys unanimously praised it.

    And that turned out well.

    As for Idolmaster..  I relatively enjoyed it because I was curious as to why it was so popular and I have a bit more tolerance for sqeaky voices it seems. I think Scamp wrote on his blog that it was about as good as it could’ve been with the source material in question and I pretty much agree with that. Similar to what Jon said, it was done well but only a select few are going to love it while everyone else despises it. I’m not all that bothered that you aren’t continuing it, but the GAINAX vets working on this kind of makes me hope that this’ll be a trollercoaster
    and not just another well-animated moeblob show, so I’ll be sticking with the
    plot (or lack of said plot) for at least a little while longer.   

    Penguindrum was
    fabulous and I want more, Can’t really say much else about it really.

    But I’m surprised
    you’re even bothering with Mayo Chiki, I wish I could use some sort of phone
    microwave (name subject to change) to send a message into the past and prevent
    myself from watching that abomination.


    • Jon

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that! For some reason, a lot of Gainax veteran animators are working on Idolmaster, whereas the new Gainax show of this season is all noobs. Weird.

      For example, the director Atsushi Nishigori also performed various directorial duties for Casshern Sins, Gunbuster 2, Panty & Stocking, Gurren Lagann and the Eva 2.0 film. That certainly explains the high production values.

    • Anonymous



      The guy who worked on Casshern Sins, Gurren Lagann, P&S and FLCL is being wasted on Idolmaster?

      Excuse me while I huddle in this corner and weep.

    • Jon

      Hey, he has a mortgage to pay just like everybody else.

    • @Calamari_Jaffa:disqus  I think they could have handled Idolmaster *much* better given the source material. The point of the game is really to just see your idol sing and dance. The other half is not the mess that the anime showed.
      BUT, I still have high hopes for it. It is geared towards fans, after all. Oh, and to make up for the mess that used with the mechs.

    • Jon

      I agree. But I’m holding out hope that the girls’ personalities get fleshed out more in subsequent episodes. At the very least, I’ll watch it for the high production values and snarky mocking potential.

  • Dayriff

    So does this mean that Karen is officially no longer a guest but a co-equal Bakacast host?  (Except insofar as all of you are subordinate to Jon’s iron fist, of course.)  If so, I feel like you need to have a ceremony where you dump Gatorade over her head and force her to marathon High School of the Dead.

    I thought the vampires in Blade were playing cat-and-mouse with the drunk guy to enjoy his fear rather than because they really couldn’t catch him.

    I feel like No. 6 might end up better marathoned than watched episodically, so I think I’m going to avoid the week-by-week and instead watch it in big chunks if the quality keeps up (which I am of course depending on you to tell me).

    On MLP, I think you missed the big joke in the Dragonshy episode.  Through the episode, we’re encouraged to hold Fluttershy’s fear in contempt and look down on her for the way she’s constantly dragging her feet.  Then we finally meet the dragon and… it’s huge!  It could eat a pony in a single swallow.  Fluttershy’s fear is completely justified.

    Oh, and if you liked Rarity in Look Before You Sleep, her best episodes are still to come in the back half of the season when we get to see her operating on her own turf.  There are three or so that took her from “eh” to my favorite of the main cast.

    • Karen

      The Gatorade dump is fine, but no High School of the Dead- I gotta put my foot down somewhere.

      I got the joke that Fluttershy was totally right to be afraid of the dragon, but watching her fear of heights and everything else got a little repetitive. Totally par for the course for a kids show, but we have learned to expect more from MLP:).

      Looking forward to the Rarity eps, I think her design is based on the G1 Pony Glory, one of my childhood favorites. I had a children’s book +cassette tape about her: An evil wizard tried to steal her horn, but fortunately, she got it back- it was touch and go there for a bit.

  • Guys. You forgot to do your Episode Review of Hanasaku Iroha. I looked at the last episode there wasn’t any indication that it was dropped. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yeah, we forgot to mention that we didn’t bother with Hanasaku Iroha.

      My bad. I should have remembered.

    • Just as well that you did, honestly. After the whole 3 generation drinking contest everything got really boring again and now the plot focus is on the daughter of the rival inn.

    • Shifting the focus to Yuina was a huge improvement, honestly.

    • Karen

      Loved the look on Ohana’s face when she realized that Yuina was capable of answering a goddamned question.

  • Idolm@aster Xenoglossia is greater than the Idolm@aster I’m seeing now. Also, id I am able to respond to the comment question RE: Aniplex seizes Madoka for US, I want Tara Strong for Kyubey.

    • I support that casting just so Dustin will imagine the placid expression and unblinking red eyes every time he hears her voice.

      • I remember the time that Tara voiced Timmy Turner who wish for almost
        everything and reason it to his parents saying, “Uh, Internet?”
        This time, let’s observe her granting wishes (horribly).

      • ———- Forwarded message ———-

    • Anonymous

      Tara Strong as Kyubey?

      You want to break my mind forever, don’t you?

    • Jay

      @StiltsTheGM:disqus  No, of course. I’m only suggesting. Now, if that breaks your mind forever, I’m terribly sorry.Anyways, that @12609167030dd9a9708fd51fd4f02345:disqus should be me, if not for the twitter outage.