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Bakacast – Sparking!!

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This week on Bakacast, we try something new for our opening segment and talk about what we've been playing and/or watching during the past week. Which means that I finally get to talk about video games on my anime podcast. Glorious freedom!

Anyway, Madoka didn't air and Gosick wasn't subbed in time, so we took the opportunity to catch up with Break Blade, fall asleep during Nichijou and discuss a K-On! doujin (yes, really). In other news, the Fractale hate train keeps rolling, the Star Driver love party returns and we give our advice for how you--YES, YOU!--can be Internet-famous podcasters (DISCLAIMER: May not actually make you Internet-famous).

We cover:

  • 2:27 - What we've been watching/playing
  • 15:27 - FUNimation backpedals
  • 21:22 - Deconstructing K-On!
  • 29:18 - Nichijou #0
  • 35:25 - Break Blade #4
  • 43:12 - Level E #11
  • 47:43 - Fractale #9
  • 53:07 - Wandering Son #9
  • 59:01 - Star Driver #23
  • 1:07:01 - Suite PreCure #6
  • 1:11:06 - Macross Frontier #17 & #18
  • 1:20:12 - Listener questions

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Anonymous

    Great podcasts, guys.

  • Ryu


    Did you mean “sparkling”? Because I’m not sure where the title is coming from.

    • Anonymous

      Jon really wanted to reference Dragon Ball Z. Since he has the great powers of Editor In Chief I just shrugged and rolled with it.

    • Jon

      Oh no, the great Ryu doesn’t get the title reference?! CHANGE IT TO HIS LIKING, QUICKLY!

      All sarcasm aside, it really is “Sparking.” Didn’t you hear that line being sung in “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”?

    • Ryu

      I always skip through OPs sorry bro

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys going to review any other older anime like you did with Macross?

  • Anonymous

    OH forgot to say, new Oreimo True-End episode. It’s actually a continuation of the first true end, and you get to see how life is like without Kirino. Best part is, it’s canon.