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Bakacast – Worst Birthday Present Ever

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On our very special 50th episode of Bakacast, we bring on The Otakusphere's Karen--formerly of Japanator--to talk about Amazon taking some yaoi titles off their Kindle store, how terrible the recent Parasite Eve game, The 3rd Birthday, is (pretty terrible), and if she's watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Besides checking out her blog, which I highly recommend, you can also follow her on Twitter. And if you'd like a little history lesson, you can check out the last podcast Karen and I were on right here [WARNING: Unlike this podcast, Japanator AM lets F-bombs run free].

I guess we review some anime too. Gosick gives us a plot dump, Hanasaku Iroha continues to confound us, Steins;Gate continues to entertain us, Deadman Wonderland can't figure out what tone it wants, and Blue Exorcist is just sorta there. Meanwhile, Glen starts exercising his psychic powers to properly use the new mind-reading cat ears.

We cover:

  • 04:28 - Amazon removes some yaoi titles from Kindle
  • 08:19 - The 3rd Birthday
  • 22:51 - Gosick #15
  • 29:59 - Tiger & Bunny #5
  • 33:52 - Hanasaku Iroha #5
  • 42:57 - Battle Girls #5
  • 51:16 - Steins;Gate #5
  • 59:11 - Blue Exorcist #3 (dropped)
  • 1:05:21 - AnoHana #3
  • 1:13:24 - Deadman Wonderland #3
  • 1:17:49 - [C] #3
  • 1:25:02 - Listener questions

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Anonymous

     It ain’t downloadin’ on iTunes. Sadface.

    •  It worked fine for me.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Karen had the same problem, and Larry has had a similar problem for a previous episode. Unfortunately, we have no idea what’s causing it. The code we’re using for the RSS feed and everything else is the same we’ve been using since the beginning. We suspect the problem is with Libsyn, but we can’t really do much about that short of filing a support ticket or finding a more reliable (but not prohibitively expensive) host.

      If we get more people with this problem, I’ll just put the episode up on my Mediafire account.

      Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but as far as we can tell the problem isn’t on our end, which makes it all the more frustrating for us.

    •  From what I hear from other podcasts, the RSS may need to be updated, then (re)submitted to iTunes.
      Libsyn goes down quite a bit, too, even direct feeds. I listen to the player on this page, though, so I don’t come across these issues here at least.

  • Anonymous

     @StiltsTheGM Thank you anyways. It seems to be downloading at the moment, though.StiltsTheGM Thank you anyways. It seems to be downloading at the moment, though.

  • Ryu

    Man you guys are going to love Blue exorcist’s next episode!

    (spoilers no, no you aren’t) 

    • Anonymous

      Then it’s a good thing we dropped Blue Exorcist like a brick made of cow dung!

    • Ryu

      Woah man I was confused by the show notes which said you hadn’t!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, whoops, I forgot to add that we dropped it in parenthesis. My bad!

      Anyway, Larry DID watch Blue Exorcist 4, so I just had him give me the details instead of suffering through it myself.

    • Ryu

      My condolences go to Larry.

      Kind of a shame that a lot of this season turned out to be bad to mediocre, but welp I suppose that’s Sturgeon’s law for ya.

    • “My condolences go to Larry.”

      Thank ye…

  • Obviously the present is cornflakes.

    Square Enix probably just use monkeys on typewriters to make up their plots. I remember Parasite Eve when I was a kid, and being scared ****less of it. Those old CG scene’s (epically the dog one) still haunt me.

  • Dayriff

    Did you guys drop Suite Precure?  There haven’t been any review of it for the last two Bakacasts, but you had said you were going to give it one more episode and see how the “introduce a new Precure” arc went.  And if you did, are you going to carry through your threat to give the slot to My Little Pony: FiM? (I watch both, so either way is a winner from my POV.)

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, we dropped PreCure. Unfortunately, we won’t be replacing it with MLP, since I got overruled my Jon and his annoyingly logical statement of “We’re a podcast about Japanese animation.”

      That doesn’t mean you’ll never hear Glen, Larry and I talk about MLP, though. If we really want to do it, we’ll find a way.

    • Jon

      Yeah, we don’t cover GI Joe or Transformers Prime either, as much as I’d like to. Anime only! 

    • Karen

      Clearly there needs to be a podcast just for them silly American cartoons.

    • We could do a shorter edition of the podcast for American stuff. Maybe we’ll call it ‘Bakacast Briefs.’ 

  • fathomlessblue

    The Third Birthday was sooo awful, I gave up halfway through when I figured out the plot twist (not that theres much of that). Totally agree that S.E. these days seem to just create set pieces/images and throw a game around them, perhaps with a character from an older game to make it an unrelated part of that franchise. Bah! I’m just glad their laziness came back and bit them on the ass with FF14. Maybe next time they’ll think twice before publishing an unfinished game, grrr..

    Anyway, great podcast guys (and Karen), really enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Does Larry watch anime while flying planes? That would explain how he has the time to do both.

    Whoa, Karen! It was really nice hearing her again. I went back to earlier Japanator podcasts with her (I think Jon was there, can’t remember), uh… I think Topher was there, too. He’s always great! There was a real nice flow. I think the show now has an nice balance, but it wasn’t the same for the longest time.
    And, you’re right, Square-Enix doesn’t know what it’s doing. Now, they lost 12 billion yen because of it.

    Here’s to another 500! Summer lovin’, had me a blast~♪

    • ” Does Larry watch anime while flying planes? That would explain how he has the time to do both.”

      Ah no… I just have wonderful time management skills… and can survive on as little as  4 hours of sleep..

    • Karen

      Thanks, it was really nice to be on a podcast again- didn’t even realize how much I missed it until I was doing it.

      Did we ever have Topher on JtorAM? I think he was supposed to be on once or twice but it didn’t work out, my memory could be failing me though. I should go back and listen to some of those episodes myself and refresh my memory of what actually happened…I just know the one Dustin was on was a good one.

  • Austin

    As it turns out I am a scientist and I pose dramatically anywhere from 9-13 times a day. I’m trying to compete with “Sebastian’s 9 handsome poses” thing.