Bakacast – Worst Birthday Present Ever

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On our very special 50th episode of Bakacast, we bring on The Otakusphere’s Karen–formerly of Japanator–to talk about Amazon taking some yaoi titles off their Kindle store, how terrible the recent Parasite Eve game, The 3rd Birthday, is (pretty terrible), and if she’s watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Besides checking out her blog, which I highly recommend, you can also follow her on Twitter. And if you’d like a little history lesson, you can check out the last podcast Karen and I were on right here [WARNING: Unlike this podcast, Japanator AM lets F-bombs run free].

I guess we review some anime too. Gosick gives us a plot dump, Hanasaku Iroha continues to confound us, Steins;Gate continues to entertain us, Deadman Wonderland can’t figure out what tone it wants, and Blue Exorcist is just sorta there. Meanwhile, Glen starts exercising his psychic powers to properly use the new mind-reading cat ears.

We cover:

  • 04:28 – Amazon removes some yaoi titles from Kindle
  • 08:19 – The 3rd Birthday
  • 22:51 – Gosick #15
  • 29:59 – Tiger & Bunny #5
  • 33:52 – Hanasaku Iroha #5
  • 42:57 – Battle Girls #5
  • 51:16 – Steins;Gate #5
  • 59:11 – Blue Exorcist #3 (dropped)
  • 1:05:21 – AnoHana #3
  • 1:13:24 – Deadman Wonderland #3
  • 1:17:49 – [C] #3
  • 1:25:02 – Listener questions

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