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Jon is, unfortunately, still missing on this episode of Bakacast, probably due to ninja kidnapping. And before you say something, yes, I'm almost certain I've used that joke before. I just don't care.

Speaking of things I don't care about, you can consider Blade officially dropped, because none of us felt like catching up with the recent episodes. Yeah, that's right. We're so apathetic about the Marvel adaptations that we can't even be bothered to mention we've quit watching them on the podcast. We do, however, discuss the morality of Steins;Gate, admire the grit it takes to take a sword through your arm in Sacred Seven and not scream like a little girl, wonder when the suffering will start in Bunny Drop, explain why No. 6 completely fails at building a decent dystopia, and are again reminded that being an Earth pony in Friendship is Magic really sucks. Also, I briefly recommend watching Double J #7, just because it's bizarre.

We cover:

  • 2:26 - Hanasku Iroha #19
  • 7:46 - Steins;Gate #19
  • 17:28 - Sacred Seven #6
  • 22:09 - Ikoku Meiru no Croisee #6
  • 27:07 - Bunny Drop #6
  • 34:20 - No. 6 #6
  • 45:16 - Dantalian no Shoka #4
  • 54:28 - My Little Pony #13 & 14
  • 1:08:19 - Listener questions

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About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • “Fuji”? As in Mt. Fuji?~♥ 😉
    Don’t worry, Dusty. I think I have some Brain Bleach™ left. Hey, it’s all part of being a Dusty Doppelganger!

    The most I liked a character? Sakaki from AzuDai, although not in the vain of like getting a dakimakura and all that jazz. I finished the series just days before I graduated and her character was one I’ve never seen represented anywhere at the time (if you can believe that now). Oh, I did wear those pins that came with the AzuDai DVDs, when ADV just threw in random memorabilia. Other than that, I collect figures but not out of a crush, they just look cool. Except for maybe Danbo from Yotsuba…

    I thought Glen was referencing Claw from Inspector Gadget:
    Fun fact: Inspector Gadget was partly animated in Japan; Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

  • Anonymous

    Earth ponies are supposed to be stronger, have better endurance, and be better at growing things according to the show’s creator. Which are frankly pretty crummy passives compared to flying and magic, and even Pinkie Pie has cartoon logic powers, leaving Applejack as the only one without anything obviously special.  They could have at least had her beating Rainbow Dash in the iron pony competition before RD started using her wings.  Wonder if they’ll ever bring it up in the show. 

    As far as the toys… people have done some amazing looking custom versions of the gala dresses, but Hasbro has generally dropped the ball on the toy front. The toy versions of buildings in the show are similarly pinkified and so off-model that I think even a kid would notice. It’s really odd, because you’d think they’d want to take maximal advantage of the show for advertising. The main thing that drives the collectors crazy, however, is that all available versions of Celestia are bright pink, not white. Apparently Hasbro has stats that show that pink ponies sell better, whether it’s because of little girls requesting them or parents buying them.  Ugh.

    • I would imagine if 90% of your pony figurines are pink, then yes, you will probably sell more pink ones than other colors.

    • Anonymous

      What I mean is that if Hasbro releases a new pink pony and a new white pony, the pink pony very reliably sells significantly more than the white one, all other things being equal. 

      One comment, now that I had time to catch the rest of the podcast: I love the book, but are the government’s motivations in 1984 really that strong? I just remember Winston’s persecutor (do we have to watch out for spoilers with a book that’s 60 years old?) raving about power, power, and more power and crushing humanity under the boot of a heel forever. By modern standards that strikes me as a little hollow, even oddly unselfish. Perhaps it seemed reasonable in the era of Hitler and Stalin, but even their motivations were substantially more complex.

      Questions: are there any current American cartoons besides MLP that anyone on the podcast is watching?  Any comments on the new Thundercats?  I remember seeing a news item on it but I don’t think I’ve seen a review.

    • Karen

      I don’t understand why Hasbro is worse at this whole marketing thing now than they were back in the 80s- back then, when you bought a pony, they had the same coloring the had on the show, period. You could tell which ponies were from the Twinkle Eye line because all the ponies that had the twinkle eyes in toy form had them on the show also, and so on. I don’t know how closely the location playsets matched the show (I was a poor deprived child who didn’t get my own Paradise Estate, booo….), but I would bet it was probably along the same lines, if not identical.

      And yeah the writers had an opportunity to rectify the whole Earth Pony suckage thing by having Applejack beat RD in the Iron Pony contest, since she’s stronger and heartier. Having her just barely tie her (pre-cheating) takes away the one instance we could have seen an earth pony in her element:(.

      Honestly not sure about the 1984 situation (and I love that we’re talking about MLP and 1984 at the same time), I was asking that question myself when Dustin was talking about it, but I really didn’t want to drag us off on a 1984-related tangent. To me, I think it’s less that the government’s motivations in 1984 were so complex, it’s just that the whole situation was nightmarishly believable because of their relatively simplistic motivation, which is not the vibe the guys have been getting from No.6, apparently. Does that make any sense?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that makes sense. As a huge dystopia and particularly 1984 fan growing up I just had to comment. I think an overly simplistic good/evil structure that doesn’t address character motivations, particularly villain motivations, realistically has resulted in the not-so-great aging of not just of many early dystopias, but early sci-fi/fantasy as well.

      I haven’t actually checked out No. 6 so it’s tough to talk about the differences. (Give me time, I wandered in here for ponies and the podcast convinced me to give Bunny Drop the first shot I’ve given any anime serial in ~7 years. Love it.)  But it sounds like No. 6 is behaving in inconsistent and nonsensical ways and it’s not clear who if anyone benefits at all from what it’s doing.

      Oh, and since you just watched Suited for Success, here’s Hasbro’s take on Rarity’s shop! Seriously, wtf?

      Here’s the delayed Fashion Rainbow Dash, so stylish:  I can see the designers used that extra time productively.

    • Ryu

      The problem with the pony thang is that  a lot of little girls are taught from a very young age that pink is “their colour” by their parents and advertising, which is why white ponies don’t sell as well as the pink ones, therefore 90% of MLP’s line is pink.

  • Pokey

    Dear Bakacast, why is it you such disdain for Gundam Seed Destiny? I know some people who actually like it. 

    • Jon

      And I know some people who actually like Battlefield Earth. Doesn’t make it a good film.

  • Redcrimson

    I always hoped someone would jump on the vampire fad and do a live-action Hellsing adaptation. With Angelina Jolie as Integra and Jonny Depp as Alucard. Would you not go see that movie? My second choice would be a live-action Dirty Pair, since it’s so episodic and lacks an overarching narrative, it would be easy to adapt and because needs moar sci-fi. Hot chicks, melodramatic villains and explosions, how could Hollywood possibly screw that up?

    • Years back, someone made this awesome trailer of a live action Hellsing:

      Holy cats! I kind of wonder why they didn’t jump on this. Looks way cooler than what they tried to do with Blood: The Last Vampire live action film. Even Oneechanbara looks cooler!

  • Somoking

    Thanks for the advice guys, a lot of the stuff you covered i knew, now or later my first episode completely failed with me breathing into the mic. The comment on keeping the show PG is something i might have to think about. you made have heard of us through EqD we just got back from are haitus, although i say we i am there new co host but you understand. We are at I believe i mentioned you in episode 5 if you want to be on i actually am doing a segment called Bronies in high places which is a segment about bronies who are not popular in the pony community but are big in other circles.

  • Somoking

    ohh ya and plus 1 to Dustin fanclub

  • Ryu

    Another good one. Some quick Q&A for the road:

    Isn’t it kind of weird that like half of the ladies in Dantalian are nuts? Will you guys review REDLINE? Dustin, during the podcast you mentioned that a black and white good/evil dichotomy is something that should be avoided when exploring dystopian futures, do you think that this should be extended to all genres/storytelling? Would you guys be open to reviewing another popular western children’s cartoon such Adventure Time once you’re done with MLP? And is  Jon some kind of four legged animal with a brown spotty coat and antlers?

    • Jon

      We will review Redline two podcasts from now.

    • Ryu


  • Anonymous

    As someone who read the bunny drop manga my only concern with the anime is if there going rush the ending in twelve episodes or will they end before it jumps ten years.
    Where did the opening music from this Bakacast and last weeks one came from?
    I really like reading gender bender mangas but I’ve found to my great annoyance that it not a searchable genre on most amina search engines, Is there any Gender Bending amines out that that you can name for me?
    Larry I’m a huge fan, keep up the good work of promoting the other to move on. =]