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Bakacast – Black Rock Pretension

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Oh man, why am I such a lazy jerk? Even with my new job, it shouldn't have taken me this long to post the new podcast. My only explanation is that I'm basically terrible.

Which means I have at least one thing in common with Black Rock Shooter.

I'll give you a minute to recover from that sick burn that just blindsided you. Once you've dusted yourself off, I'll inform you that--in addition to discussing the many and varied ways that BRS fails completely--we profess profound disappointment in the Persona 4 anime's hesitance to follow the game's lead with Naoto, pile even more love on Mouretsu Pirates, and make a hilarious mistake during our Last Exile review that we don't even figure out until after the recording stops.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 00:11 - OP: Komorebi no Contract (Star Driver)

Reviews et al.

  • 3:15 - Chihayafuru 17
  • 7:48 - Persona 4 17
  • 13:49 - Future Diary 16
  • 17:16 - Last Exile 15
  • 31:28 - Nisemonogatari 5
  • 37:10 - Mouretsu Pirates 5
  • 44:15 - Daily Lives of High School Boys 4
  • 51:22 - Black Rock Shooter 1
  • 47:28 - Noein 9 & 10
  • 1:06:06 - Listener Questions
  • 1:22:09 - ED: Naisho no Hanashi (Nisemonogatari)

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Dawww thanks you guys for the plugs~

    I have a listener question: Worst Noitamina. Popular opinion was with Fractale for a long time, but I’ve noticed recently that people are starting to sway on that, pointing out that Fractale had some clever ideas and some decent moments in episodes, while Guilty Crown and Black Rock Shooter are far worse. 

    • diz1776

      >implying black rock shooter is bad.

  • Zirno

    The Emi-Route of Katawa Shojou involves a Weelchair. She is sitting in one and hates it.

  • Guest

    Why don’t you research your shows before you praise writers who don’t deserve is. Moretsu Pirates is an adaptation of a LN, there is only one writer.

    When reviewing Persona 4 or Mirai Nikki you don’t blame or praise the “writers of the show”. Why not give the same treatment to the other shows.

    • Anonymous

      Do…you realize how an adaptation works?

      Yes, we know Mouretsu Pirates, Persona 4 and Mirai Nikki are adaptations. That doesn’t mean the anime staff doesn’t have writers. Since games, books and animation are pretty different mediums, you need to have people that can take the important parts of the original work and transform it into a show. While they may not be doing the same job that writers of an new show are, that doesn’t mean they’re simply copying and pasting. It’s hard work to decide which lines of dialogue to keep, cut, merge, or otherwise modify; or decide whether certain arcs or characters are important or superfluous; or–and this is possibly most important–figure out how each scene will be shown.

      Even the best original material still needs a skilled team to write the screenplay, or the adaptation will be mediocre at best. And if YOU did your research, you’d see that Mouretsu Pirates has 4 people contributing to the screenplay. If you honestly think that the writer(s) of the original work are the only  people who count as ‘writers,” then you’re insulting the people who totally do a lot of writing to get an adaption ready to air.

      As for why we don’t blame or praise the “writers of the show” for Persona 4 or Mirai Nikki, that’s a very good question, since I wasn’t aware that we didn’t do that. In this episode, in fact, we blame the writers who adapted Persona 4 for the questionable handling of Naoto’s arc.

      And finally, just to be clear, when we praise the “writers” for something and don’t specify whether we mean the original ones or the adaptation ones, that probably means either we’re unsure of who is responsible for the part we like, or we don’t think it’s particularly important to make a distinction. After all, if it’s something that was in the original work, then it’s good (or bad) that the first writer wrote it and good (or bad) that the screenplay writers kept it, so they get to share the praise (or blame).

  • Dayriff

    I find Mouretsu Pirates to be such an incredibly earnest show.  It tries so hard to convince the viewer that they’ve thought everything through and it all makes perfect sense, trust us.  Sometimes to the show’s detriment, I think, but I appreciate the effort.  My favorite part of episode 5 was when all the other girls were starting to panic because hey, people are actually shooting at them.  Over the space of a few seconds we get these shots of Marika calmly thinking things through in the midst of the shouting, and then she acts.  A protagonist whose greatest talent is the ability to keep a cool head and think things through- how rare is that?

  • Shufflingguy9

    Hi i have been listening to this podcast for awhile.
    It seems like you guys always have the same opinions of a series/ep, and that there’s hardly
    any sort of disagreement between one another (an example; you rate 1, someone rate 5).
    Unfortunately thats why it makes this podcast bland and sometimes irritating to listen to. A bit too much intelligence & sophistry(thus the same tastes) in a ‘Baka’cast. But I completely understand since thats how you all roll. So have you guys ever reviewed any series or episode in which your opinions strongly vary & conflict?

    •  You should check out the podcast where they reviewed the last episode of Panty and Stocking. I felt kind of bad for Jon, but someone needed to talk some sense into that boy…
      Also, I agree with about shows with no sort of conflict to bounce ideas around, like a debate, but from I can gather in skimming through their discussions on series I’ve been watching, they seem to disagree on an alignment. That’s what I notice from this show from the crew, at least, so it’s not bland in that sense.
      Although, I wouldn’t mind dropping a big fat 1 star-cannon ball on their precious Nisemonogatari parade 😮

  • John Crichton

    I love this podcast!

    Here’s a question for you guys! Did/do you guys have any fictional crushes? (They don’t necessarily have to be anime related) When I was younger, I had a crush on both Kitty Pride from the X-Men comics, and Sakura from Naruto.

    • John Crichton

      Oh, and one more thing, what do you guys think about the Nichibro’s ED? I personally love it, and I watch it every time. It’s the only ending I watch every time.

  • Wheelchair moe? Switzerland has done it before it was cool, in Heidi.