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Bakacast – Quantum Psychiatry

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Who knew sci-fi McGuffins were so good at healing the mental scars caused by divorce? The Dragon Torque seems way more useful than a silly crystal skull.

In this episode of Bakacast, we express shock at Future Diary having two great episodes in a row, agree on the one true pairing for Persona 4's Yu, have yet another discussion on the pros and cons of the -monogatari series as a whole, and mourn the loss of Nichibros' sense of humor. And in a very special listener questions segment, Glen, Larry and I reveal which fictional females directly influenced our taste in women.

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Time Index

  • 00:07 - OP: Youthful (Chihayafuru)

Reviews et al.

  • 1:51 - Chihayafuru 19
  • 8:35 - Persona 4 19
  • 16:17 - Future Diary 18
  • 20:31 - Last Exile 17
  • 28:34 - Nisemonogatari 7
  • 43:54 - Mouretsu Pirates 7
  • 52:19 - Daily Lives of High School Boys 6
  • 1:01:34 - Noein 13 & 14
  • 1:17:00 - Listener Questions
  • 1:50:16 - ED: Filament (Future Diary)

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • You missed two of Larry’s swears, Dusty.

    • Oh my!!

    • StiltsTheGM

      Oh no!

      I didn’t even remember him swearing when we were doing the podcast.

  • diz1776

    No BRS? It’s obviously AOTY material.

  • I believe someone with bad taste would be someone who thinks Daily Dudes is sexist

  • fathomlessblue

    While I can see were you guys are coming from a certain perspective, I just don’t quite get the level of distain you have towards Nichibros. It’s a satire from the teenage perspective, and for most males at that age there’s nothing more terrifying/bothersome than girls, whether classmates or siblings. Heck, that’s why most have their eyes covered; the boys have no idea what they’re thinking, which heightens the idea even further. I think the fact the males (even the ‘delinquents’) are all rather gentle and somewhat effeminate, while most of the girls aren’t is rather telling. Nichibros seems to go out of its way to put perceived notions of high school life on its head, even if the results don’t look quite as palpable from the other side.
    Whether it’s the literary girl’s quest for the perfect riverside encounter or the boys separate plans of being a hero during the sister conflict this ep, Nichbros aims to openly mock idealistic teenage fantasies. It seems to be the same situation with the girls; if anything the show seems to be poking fun at the guys who expect sweet, innocent moe types, more than it is of the cast. Sure, it could be fairer (maybe add a few mean-spirited male siblings), and the Funky High School girls section can go too far trying to soil the idealistic K-on image, but for the most part the female sections have not elicited such a reaction from either me, or any of the male/female fans I watch/talk about it with. Sometimes a joke is just meant to be taken as a joke, without any malicious intention (consciously or otherwise). Whether your own particular preferences find it in good taste in one thing, but to some extent I think this has become a case of finding a problem when you expect to see it.
    I do agree episode 7 was rather poor though. ^^
    Anyway, enough bitching, while I’m here I may as well add a few questions. Feel free to skip if similar questions have been asked in some of the earlier podcasts:
    1. What are your opinions regarding liberal vs literal fan-subbing? While to an extent I like the idea of changing the dialogue to best fit the English language, some subbing methods that attempt to alter culturally-specific words (like sempai into mr/master, or Tsundere into bipolar/hot n’ cold) really annoy me, as they don’t accurately explain the concept.  Do you think this is just experienced fan-snobbery, or should some attempt be made by newer fans to gain an understanding of certain terms/ideas that can’t be specifically explained with an alternate term?
    2. Recently I read an article about how great the PS2 was for JRPG’s. Personally, I thought the PS1 was far better in this regard, but it made me wonder what consoles were best suited, or are known for certain types of games. Do you have any thoughts on what gaming systems were/are best associated with specific genres (rpg’s, platformers, shooters etc)?
    3. What would you say your all-time top 3 games are and (briefly) explain why? This will finally give Larry a chance to talk about Guild Wars
    4. Garzey’s Wing terri-awesome review. When?

    • Ryu

      I… I actually agree with someone? Mostly?

      Though a point does have to be made about intent: it doesn’t actually matter all that much, though this does not divorce accountability from the artist. What’s important is how the messages within a text sit within itself, with the broader contexts of medium and culture, as well as how well the author/editor/director guides the interpretation within the text. You can’t defend something that comes out offensive or problematic as “ironic,” “just a joke,” or (my favourite) “lore” because nothing exists in a vacuum. As such, interpretations are influenced by the work that precedes it, regardless of intent, and in turn, harmful messages can be perpetuated building on those before it, regardless of intent.

      So Daily Lives blahblahblah is one step forward two steps back, on one hand finally there’s girls who are rude crude with ‘tude just because, in a medium that softens up its female characters to make them more appealing to its mostly male audience by using awful stereotypes, shoe horning in rape, objectification, etc. On the other hand they sometimes end up falling into similar traps (ie otherizing women) because their portrayal is one sided, as well as even using the stereotypes they are trying to make fun of.

      Not gonna lie I am confused as hell about what you guys think about the alleyway scene taking into account the whole series up to that point. It was pretty much a literary girl segment but with the boys in her stead.

  • Dayriff

    Arte you guys going to review the bonus episode for Stein’s Gate?  Unlike most DVD-bonus episodes, this one is a direct epilogue to the series.

    •  I watched it .. there is a very good possibility we shall review it… It is Stein’s Gate after all *insert awesomeness as required*…