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We usher in the first shotgun blast of spring content with our longest episode yet. And we bring Scamp (from The Cart Driver) along to share in our suffering.

Normally this is where I'd do a long, run-on sentence briefly describing some key thoughts we had about the episodes, but we reviewed nearly two dozen shows. Sorry, but I'm not that dedicated to my shtick.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 00:12 - OP: Kimi no Shinwa (Aquarion EVOL)

Reviews et al.

  • 3:32 - Future Diary 25
  • 9:39 - Mouretsu Pirates 14
  • 13:21 - Ozuma 4
  • 16:00 - Saint Seiya Omega 2
  • 18:22 - Space Bros 2
  • 28:29 - Zetman 2
  • 32:45 - Queen's Blade Rebellion 1
  • 44:38 - Lupin III: Fujiko Mine
  • 54:14 - Medaka Box 1
  • 59:41 - Polar Bear Cafe 1
  • 1:03:18 - Acchi Kocchi 1
  • 1:05:57 - Sengoku Collection 1
  • 1:10:59 - Sankarea 1
  • 1:16:47 - Accel World 1
  • 1:24:07 - Upotte 1
  • 1:31:21 - Fate/Zero 14
  • 1:38:27 - Mysterious Girlfriend X 1
  • 1:48:09 - Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 1
  • 1:53:05 - Jormungand 1
  • 2:02:44 - Betterman 1 & 2
  • 2:10:53 - Listener questions
  • 2:52:53 - ED: Ohisama (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Viamana

    On your Fate/Zero review, it wasn’t Kirei and Iri, it was Kiritsugu. I apologize if that sounded a bit rude, now onto my question. I know plenty of people likes Type-MOON and I do too, why do you seem the Fate/ franchise with such discontent?

    • diz1776

      BECAUSE. Superfluousness bantering with not a lot of content. 
      I’m a fan of the type-moon by the way.

  • Aquarion EVOL for the OP and Nichibros for the ED?

    You guys are all right

  • Dayriff

    Midway through the podcast, a few comments:

    Episode 25 of Future Diary made me wonder – was Yuno the real main character all along? Because Yukki never changes, and it seems like the real transformation is Yuno’s.

    I always think you guys are too hard on pacing issues. I mean, a 1 for Mouretsu Pirates? The characters and world are still fun to watch and stuff does happen. I think a 1 should be reserved for utter drek. If it’s 8 minutes of plot shoved into 24 minutes, it’s at least a decent 8 minutes.

  • Dayriff

    Re: Queen’s Blade. I watched the first ep since you guys were. I think part of the confusion was continuity. We’re supposed to know who all these people are,

    Lupin: One thing to remember is that this is supposed to be the character’s early days. Fujiko is mostly sex now, but maybe she becomes a more rounded thief over the course of the series. This is how they become the older Lupin and Fujiko we know.

  • Nissl

    Question: are there series where your opinion of them has changed significantly long after finishing them? Something you thought was pretty generic, but surprisingly stuck with you, or something that you realized had huge flaws much later on? 

    Impressive list of reviews. You guys could always just skip listener questions for the week if you’re already at two hours. That would have cut this episode down to a length you used to be at pretty regularly. 

    Seems like there are a lot of “potential” series this season. I’ll be interested to see what gets dropped for next week. Space Brothers is disappointingly moving onto thin ice for me. Also, I really really liked the first episode of Sakamichi no Apollon although it uses a few big cliches. Interested to see what you make of it.

  • Dayriff

    Final round of comments and then a question.  (Hey, three comments for a three hour podcast!)

    I won’t grip at you guys when you inevitably drop Medaka Box.  I like the premise, but even I can see the execution is thin.

    FYI, I saw somewhere else that the reason the guy in Accel World has a pig avatar is the bullies made him adopt it as a way of humiliating him.  Guess they couldn’t work that into the show.

    I watched the second episode of Upotte and it was… much less bad.  They dropped the teacher nearly completely and spent the whole episode having the girls fight a war game with each other (using actual strategies based around the capabilities of their guns).

    I think I get what you mean about Jormungand being more juvenile than Black Lagoon.  Even though Coco has plenty of competent moments, no one in Black Lagoon would put up with her bouts of childishness.  They think pretty poorly of Revy for her poor impulse control, and Revy isn’t half as immature.

    Question: Do any of you guys, or do any viewers, record the score you give each individual episode from podcast to podcast?  Might be interesting to put them in a chart and see what the trends are.

  • sams88

    A question to the cast : How much porn do you think the staff working on Queens’ Blade have to watch per episode ? Episode 2 is just WTF.

    I agree with Glenn, the first QB exploding acid boobs is gloriously insane.

  • diz1776

    Hypo-critical or Hyper-critical which one should I be this week?

    Why are you guys anime fans again if you continually blow up the rocket ship before lift-off, how can you expect to see anything unique or interesting?  Let’s start with a few wayward examples. Ozuma though being extremly callous towards certain folks is sci-fi, which means it’s by definition hard to swallow at times. The combat tactics associated with the sand-subs is reminiscent of nautical WWII combat.  A lot of it being whoever makes the first mistake basically loses.  That being said, it’s a huge mindgame more so than a physical one.  As far as characterization goes, different shows introduce certain aspects of characterization in different intervals which ever suits the story best in the authors eyes. 

    The author and/or the director being the wheel at the helm ultimately decides to do what and when.  The audience being the whiny bunch that they are, can’t seem to gloss over the facade they see and often fail to see the true genius or true intention that was meant to be conveyed. Let’s not give credit where it isn’t due however, that’s not to say that authors and writers don’t drop the ball.  When such is the case instead of the audience sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches they should aim their goal as to reconstruct the work.

    Different things interest different people, as is everyone is also entitled to their own opinion. Here’s mine by the way.

    Sankerea: Lovely and sweet characters, their lives are drastically or un-drastically changed by the necroformation of one of the characters. Since I guess I actually read manga I know more so than the average viewer. As far to how their handling the content it’s being handled very well surprisingly. 

    Space Bro’s: Am I supposed to be impressed? I can intake this kind of entertainment on the Lifetime network.

    Lupin: This is prior to episode 0 which is the earliest recorded days of Lupin and company.  Too much unnecessary fan-service, beyond looking pretty and getting to the point the narrative is at times interesting.

    Medaka Box: Meta+Niosin+Gainax=? 

    Accel World: The protagonist is unconventional and unique because of his experiences.  He’s a rookie in a sense that he can become great given the right conditions.  The girl though menacing from the audience point of view has her own reasons which can number greatly. 

    Fate/Zero: Still great.

    Mysterious Girlfriend X: Unconventional, wild, and invigorating.  The grossness is not supposed to overshadow the relationship aspect of the show it’s merely a segway as to how is to be seen and expanded upon.

    Dusk Maiden: Wasted a lot of time with it’s first episode.  Didn’t do well as to how to quickly show the characters and make them relatable.  The characters are down the road interesting, as a matter of fact the protagonist is very intelligent.  His relationship with Yuuko is comparable to Araragi and Senjōgahara

    Why am I not on the show again?

    • Ryu

       Roland Barthes, 1967, The Death of the Author.


    • diz1776

      Psychoanalytic criticism and author intent by all means serve a greater function than post-structuralism, which only seeks to put the critic on the mantle.

    • Ryu

      [citation needed]

    • Ryu

       you are proving my point

    • diz1776

      Tomato Tomato argument. 
      Unless you subscribe whole heartily to an ideal than you’re never 100% on board with anything.  

    • StiltsTheGM

      I was originally going to write a reply to this whole argument about critical techniques, but then I realized it would be a lot more fun and interesting to discuss this with the other hosts. So look forward to that a couple weeks from now.

    • diz1776

      I seemed to have caused a lot of unnecessary trouble. 

    • StiltsTheGM

      Giving me an excuse to use those many hours I spent in my History of Criticism college class is anything but causing “unnecessary trouble.”

    • Ryu

      Stimulating discussion on critical theory amongst the hosts is always a good thing.

  • fathomlessblue

    Woo, I got the whales reference! Do I win a prize for being such a suck-up?

    Re: the Evangelion ending debate; it’s generally regarded that ep25 of both the series & movie follows the same path, with the former taking place in Shinji’s mind & the latter in the physical word. It’s only with ep26 of both versions that the story branches off, with the tv series embracing instrumentality (the ‘congratulations’ scene), while the movie rejects it (Shinji & Asuka on the beach). That’s the reason why the film is separated into two parts, to hammer that point across.

    If you want to get specific, the entire tv series of Eva is supposed to take place in Shinji’s head, looking back at the preceding events like some sort of extended flashback. That’s the reason why the opening moments of the show has Shinji seeing the ghostly image of Rei (who promptly disappears). There are other visual clues as the show moves along.

    Also, while I can understand the dislike of Nichibros, I’d imagine if Dusty & Glen gave Aquarion EVOL a chance, they would absolutely adore it. I also disliked the first 3-4 eps, but after that it clicked for me. If Star Driver is akin to someone writing a mecha show on weed, then Aquarion is the equivalent to a 4 day binge in Vegas. It’s completely nonsensical, but even more than Star Driver, revels in it. I’m not even watching the show ironically, it simply is brilliant fun to watch!