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We usher in the Winter season with our good friend Scamp, who most of you probably remember writes for The Cart Driver. We drop most of the new shows immediately, but a few entertain us enough to stick around for at least a couple more weeks. Also, since we had so many shows to watch this week, we decided to wait to start our retro review of Mushi-shi until next episode.

Normally this is where I'd post timestamps, but there are a bunch of shows and I kinda lost track of where all of them were in the recording. So, just this once, it's gonna be a simple list of everything we talked about in order.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Stuff We Reviewed:
Jormungand 24
Shin Sekai Yori 14
JoJo 13
Psycho-Pass 12
Robotics;Notes 12
Cuticle Detective Inaba 1
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 1
OreShura 1
AKB0048 Next Stage 1
Hakkenden 1
Senran Kagura 1
Amnesia 1
Senyuu 1
Inferno Cop 1 & 2
Tamako Market 1
gdgd Fairies S2 1
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1
Kotoura-san 1

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Razor Scion

    Timestamps as follows since someone was too lazy to do it themselves 😛

    Jormungand 24 – 1:58
    Shin Sekai Yori 14 – 7:39
    JoJo 13 – 18:32
    Psycho-Pass 12 – 24:05
    Robotics;Notes 12 – 32:24
    Nekomonogatari – 35:46
    Cuticle Detective Inaba 1 – 51:19
    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 1 – 55:56
    OreShura 1 – 1:01:06
    AKB0048 Next Stage 1 – 1:05:25
    Hakkenden 1 – 1:10:32
    Senran Kagura 1 – 1:11:47
    Amnesia 1 – 1:11:54
    Senyuu 1 +
    Inferno Cop 1 & 2 – 1:16:53
    Tamako Market 1 – 1:20:27
    gdgd Fairies S2 1 – 1:28:45
    Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1 – 1:34:50
    Kotoura-san 1 – 1:36:34

  • Alexander

    Various thoughts about the Monogatari Series:

    Never showing any extras is kind of Shaft’s stylistic choice. The LNs also act like there’s no other people most of the time, but there’s tidbits like passersby whispering about Araragi talking to an elementary schooler, prompting a comment that he doesn’t care about others’ opinion of him.

    Not all the volumes are told from Araragi’s perspective.

    At some point in time someone decided to start calling the collection of the novels Nekomonogatari (Shiro) (Hanekawa), Kabukimonogatari (Hachikuji), Hanamonogatari (Kanbaru), Otorimonogatari (Sengoku), Onimonogatari (Shinobu) and Koimonogatari (Senjougahara) “Monogatari Series Season Two”.

    When the anime adaptation of that was first announced it was called “Zenmonogatari”, so it’ll probably hold that name or something similar to keep the trend.

    Shaft kind of f**ked up with the release order. Seeing Shinobu barf up Kokorowatari would’ve had so much more impact if we were shown Kizumonogatari first. Also, there’s a certain scene in Kizumonogatari that would be better without the prior knowledge of vampire blood’s healing properties.

    Kizumonogatari was the third published novel – before Nisemonogatari even. Why is it taking them so long to put the movie out?

  • Alexander

    Also, the chronological order after Nisemonogatari is (pretty much) linear. No more prequels.

    • Alexander

      Did my other comment get lost in the intertubes?

      I’m not typing all that again.

      • Gotta watch them “f” bombs this is a PG13 site… Post altered and approved…

      • Alexander

        I see. Didn’t even catch that.

        I’ll try to pay attention in the future.

  • Kizumonogatari is out. In Japanese theaters, far from western eyes, but it is out.

  • gdgd Fairies is my personal MVP series of the season.
    You should check out the first season to get some of the nods the current season is making. I marathoned this series twice already.
    The twitching reminded me of Jacob’s Ladder:


    Scamp’s “It’s Get Better” shirt should then have a KyoAni character on it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • diz1776

    Hypothetically there is an anime Jerry springer show who is the host? What’s the topic? Who are the guests? Lastly what are your closing thoughts when all is said and done?

  • kristen

    Great episode bakabros!
    What was the ending song for this episode? Also, do you have any recommendations for shows that have strong female protagonists? I can’t seem to win over my 11 year old sister to the dark side, but for whatever reason, she likes Fairy Tail and Shugo Chara.