Bakacast Bonus – Don’t Take It Personally


“Woah!” I can hear you thinking. Don’t ask how I can hear thoughts. That’s not important. “Another Bakacast already? Is Dustin suddenly getting productive?”

The answer is no, sadly. This is not a normal episode of Bakacast. Megan and I have talked about how much we like Christine Love’s games multiple times, so we finally decided to just dedicate an entire bonus podcast to talking about one of them.

Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story is, I think, Love’s best-written game so far. Since this podcast contains spoilers for pretty much the whole game, I highly suggest playing through it at least once if you’re at all interested in it. It’s free, takes only a few hours to read through and doesn’t have any puzzles like Digital and Analogue do, so it’s arguably her most accessible game, too.