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Instead of choosing album artwork that has anything to do with the title of this week's episode, how about I just use a fanart of JoJo and his dog? Is everyone cool with that?


Anyway, this week is surprisingly positive. Titan doesn't waste time for once, the end of Monogatari's first arc isn't an anti-climax (and is probably the best conclusion an arc of that series has ever had) and Gatchaman proves it's got substance to go with its style.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 01:53 - Attack on Titan 17
  • 10:57 - Monogatari 5
  • 20:48 - Eccentric Family 5
  • 28:21 - Watamote 5 (DROPPED)
  • 36:45 - Silver Spoon 4
  • 41:38 - Gatchaman Crowds 4
  • 50:50 - Requiem from the Darkness 4
  • 58:18 - Listener questions
  • 1:24:22 - Perfect Slumbers (Nekomonogatari)

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • diz1776

    You should totally watch rozen maiden, ie majority rules.
    When somebody tells you a series is good is right and fine, but when multiple people tell you a series is good you listen.

    Do you have a preference for which company buys Atlus?
    What are your thoughts on the SMT timeline and which choices are canon with regards to the storyline. Which demons are your favorite SMT demons besides Mara?
    Do you think shows that tend to run away from their respective genre treside in tend to do well?
    iE Madoka, Princess Tutu, and Gatchaman Crowds so far

  • Wodes

    I have to agree with the drop of watamote. After episode 3 I was intrigued enough to start reading the manga, and quickly realized the entire thing is pointing and laughing.

    How have your views on the monogatari series changed over time? Does dustin still not appreciate the sheer aesthetic brilliance that is toothbrushing?

  • Ken Alexander

    Hay Dustin, be sure to check the email for another album-art thing that I sent you.

    • We got it, this podcast was a little late in processing, but we do have it for the next one.

      Excellent work ….

  • Upscaled

    If you haven’t already seen the remainder of the ONA episodes of Kyousogiga, I highly recommend you do so before its Fall TV season begins.

    Speaking of, any early thoughts on the upcoming Fall season? For me Fall is looking absolutely awesome. Aside from Kyousogiga, there’s KILL la KILL, Yozakura Quartet, Kyoukai no Kanata, pupa, COPPELION, Galilei Donna, Samurai Flamenco, Tokyo Ravens, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and pupa. There are so many potentially good supernatural action anime! It’s overwhelming. I think the last three seasons were unusually lacking (Fall 2012, Winter & Spring 2013) but the Summer season has so far been awesome and this Fall might be even better.

    Did you hear about the cancelled screening for Little Witch Academy in Japan? Only 94 tickets sold out of 400. What does this say about different tastes in Japan vs. the west, and about how anime is funded and produced? Or was it just because the screening was on a weeknight?

    Re. Watamote: I’m still thoroughly enjoying this. I like comedy. It’s like Fawlty Towers, where you’re seeing events spiral out of control as the main character’s incorrigible behaviour forces them to dig an ever deeper hole. It’s a comedy built on the edge of panic. And I think it’s realistic. Someone with Tomoko’s problems will usually take years to grow out of it, if it ever happens. And I don’t think I’m laughing at Tomoko. I love Tomoko. Such is the perverse nature of my tastes. And I realize it’s not for everyone, so your assessment is fair.

    Another example of different reactions: Gatchaman Crowds: It’s fascinating to see different people react to this show in such polar opposite ways. Episode 6 had some saying it’s now better than ever (regardless of the QUALITY issues,) while at least one notable blogger (who happened to love Tsuritama) has become so exasperated with the show that he’s declared that he’s on the verge of dropping it entirely.

    So when you say that a show is good or bad, do you distinguish between a declaration that something is objectively bad, and an opinion that something might be OK for others but it’s just not for you?

    I mean, I gave the new Rozen Maiden four entire episodes because so many were praising it, but I just couldn’t find the interest to continue. I respect it’s craftsmanship. But the main character is just depressing (without the entertainment value of Wata Mote) and I find the basic premise of the little dolls to be creepy as all get out.

  • Alexander

    Otorimonogatari will be the one after Kabukimonogatari. Hanamonogatari will be skipped.

  • fathomlessblue

    Hey now, I’m hardly the most fervent supporter of trying to make you guys watch Rozen Maiden; my point was that a story driven show would have provided more interesting discussions than a gag comedy like Watamote, at least if history is anything to go by. I suspect it would be something you would respect, rather than legitimately love. Personally, my fascination comes knowing the show used the rather crappy foundation of the first instalment to create something with substance. Apparently all you needed to make the RZ great was skilful directing and to remove most of the dolls and their desu desu bs! At any rate, it’s likely too late to jump into the show at this point anyway.

    Also, bad new Monogatari wise. If you were wondering why there was a filler episode last week, it’s because only 5 of the 6 arcs will now be aired on tv. The last one will be ova specials, like how the Hanekawa arc was in Bakemonogatari. I’m sure Megan can attest to what a barrel of laughs it was waiting for those to come out, delays and all! Oh, and to make matters worse, Kanbaru’s arc is apparently the one being omitted. Because Shinbo spits on your love of chronological order.
    Merry Christmas.

  • mellowship

    re: Gatchaman Crowds. Rui (the creator of GALAX) is male. Don’t know why he cross-dresses, but he does.
    The GALAX system reminds me of an old Bruce Sterling short story from the 1990s called “Maneki Neko” (set in Japan) which deals with an online social network/gift economy. Here’s a link to the story:

    Since you Bakacasters said you’ll be checking out the new Rozen Maiden, I won’t bug you about it anymore, but I can provide some context. The original manga ran for 8 volumes and stopped without resolving anything, but then restarted in a different magazine. The new anime (done by the same team who did Sankarea) is an adaptation of the second (rebooted) manga series. The first episode of the new anime is a recap of the first manga series; if it doesn’t make any sense, that’s because it’s trying to summarize 8 volumes of story in one episode. However, after that, it settles down into a normal pace.