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Bakacast #314 – A True Hero Arrives

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In my opinion, us know-it-alls get a bad rap.

With this episode of Bakacast out the door, I have finally caught up to my recording backlog and can start working on editing some JoJo again. Hooray! This week, some shows improve, others continue to reveal their shortcomings, and some surpass expectations. Also, ACCA leads to the most heated disagreement we've had on Bakacast for a while...which pretty much amounts to me and Ben saying, "Your opinion makes no sense to me," to each other before moving on. That's right, you can always count on us for the compelling drama. Just like you can always count on me to find a way to talk about social justice, even when the context is monster girls.

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Time Index

  • 01:53 - Youjo Senki 2
  • 09:36 - Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2 2
  • 19:23 - Demi-chan wa Kataritai 2
  • 41:23 - Little Witch Academia 2
  • 53:11 - ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Department 2
  • 1:00:54 - Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon 2
  • 1:15:05 - Onihei 1 & 2

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Dayriff

    Finally got around to listening to this. Sorry for the delay, because I know any comments I’m going to make are way behind.

    I have a hard time telling how serious Dustin is in his ragging on Akko in Little Witch Academia. I mean, yes objectively she has a lot of negative qualities, but she’s clearly supposed to be one of those characters who is redeemed by her willingness to sacrifice on behalf of others. One of my favorite moments in the first episode was when she unhesitatingly rushed back in to save Succy from the monster, even though Succy had just tried to use her as live bait. Akko would be one of those friends who is annoying as heck, but you know if you called her for help with something she’d drop everything and rush over. That’s worth a lot. I do agree that Diana is pretty great, though.

    I also agree with you that Dragon Maid is a good show. It’s a great comedy, and it can also be surprisingly thoughtful on occasion. One thing I appreciate is that there’s none of the usual devices that anime loves for magical girlfriend type shows where there’s an excuse for why the magic girlfriend ‘has’ to stay around. Tohru hangs around Kobayashi because she wants to, and Kobayashi lets her because she likes having Tohru around, and that’s it.

  • I noticed there was mention to Hideako Anno making a series called ‘The Dragon Dentist’ in this week’s episode. At the risk (reality) of going all ‘well actually’ on your asses, it’s an ova not a tv series, Anno isn’t directly involved and it already exists. Kind of.

    To clarify, ‘The Dragon Dentist’ is the first part of a 35 episode series of net shorts under the banner of ‘The Japan Animator Expo’ which started up in 2014, the result of a partnership between Anno’s Studio Khara & Dwango. Imagine ‘The Young Animator Training Project’, if it existed as a continually running showcase for up and coming animators and directors, rather than four fixed studio efforts every year. What Anno was trying to do with this exercise remains unclear, but there’s been some speculation that it was an attempt to ‘save anime’ by promoting talent struggling to receive recognition in a modern age that doesn’t really allow singular voices to shine.

    As for the shorts themselves, they’re all over the place in terms of quality, ranging from shoddy fake trailers for prospective start ups or Sunrise literally using an episode to show off their Gundam 79 blu ray remaster, to experimental test grounds for new animation techniques, such as an all-cgi Evangelion launch sequence, all the way to striking works of individual talent and quirky one-off short stories. Among these are the incredible animations of ‘Nishi-Ogikubo’, ‘Power Plant No.33’ & ‘Cassette Girl’, the controversial ‘Me, Me, Me, Me’, the Eva 4.0 teasing ‘Until You Come to Me’, and the 80’s hyper-violence of ‘Hammerhead’. Yasuhiro Yoshiura of ‘Time of Eve’/’Pale Cocoon’ also had a short called ‘Bureau of Proto Society’, while everyone’s current favorite golden girl Sayo Yamamoto basically made a prototype showcase for ‘Yuri on Ice’ with ‘Endless Night’

    Anyway, history lesson over, ‘The Dragon Dentist currently exists as a fantastically animated 9 minute high-concept short. The upcoming ova will apparently take the concept and turn it into a 40-50 minute full-length story.

    While there’s a lot of mediocrity in the end result, The Animator Expo does has some real gems that are absolutely worth watching/talking about. I’d be happy to curate a list of the top 10-15 shows if you’re interested. At an average of 8-12 minutes in lengths, they’re hardly a massive time sink and most can now be found on youtube. I know Digi also talked about the project further in his awesome Top 10 Things Happening This Decade video, which I’d also recommend checking out when you have the time.

  • Banarok

    Dustin stop being busy with important stuff and throw us the next episode.

    • StiltsTheGM

      Sorry! Believe it or not, it’s not my fault this time. Megan keeps forgetting to send me her audio files. As soon as I have them all collected I’ll be editing and uploading the 3 recordings we’ve done so far as quickly as I can.

      • Banarok

        sorry for jumping to conclusions, late episodes are usually your “fault” due to being busy with “real life” and not having time to edit.

        now go steal Megans computer and send yourself those audiofiles i’m sure she would not mind!

        i’m eagerly awaiting the next episode :).

      • Mark Benjamin

        Meanwhile I will make a bunch of Q&A