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Bakacast #320 – And Now for a Different Kind of Dragon

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This one probably can't fit inside an apartment.

Why yes, I've recently spent an entire day editing several podcasts. Is it that obvious?

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 01:38 - Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 47
  • 10:23 - Youjo Senki 9
  • 18:10 - Little Witch Academia 10
  • 26:53 - Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2 10
  • 31:46 - Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon 10
  • 42:46 - Dragon Dentist

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Mark Benjamin

    thank ben p.s what manga are you keeping up with

  • Mark Benjamin

    Challenge excepted lets begin:

    alright lets start with reborn manga/shows

    Q1 there has been a great influx of reborn to new world shows/manga recently and I tend to in joy the slimier but divers situations the many characters find them selves but non are really deep or amazing just like having fast food Wendy s main character or characters that are strong or competent to begin with , McDonald’s the main is a loser or frack up or a jerk that gets a redemption ark or power trip , and burger king tends to be a mix of the first two but with a component that’s good enough all not the best but you tend to find a gem or two after going through them but its best not to see them all the time because to much fast food is unhealthy …

    a] do you generally watch these types of manga/shows and witch do you prefer

    b]come up with ideas of a story that will be funny or good with your experience of manga/show
    example_ bob was a special forces but one day he didn’t quiet make it bus who would thought but he wakes up in a new land with magic and swords and dragons what will he do as he grows up in this new world see next time on That New Born guy with magic lol

    c] what do you think of these types of manga/anime in

    Q2 what have you guys ben watching lately like logan or the marvel shows and games like Dark souls

    Q3 some time shows are with good source material or fairly good source are complacently besmirched buy bad adaptations like how gate something not amazing but good enough to watch every once in a while is complacently besmirch another case elfin lead the manga not great but not nearly as bad as the anime .

    a]what manga or source materiel that may not be great but fun enough you know of ha had this happen 3 each 1 could be a really good source material
    b]got some god recommendations for me
    c]what show surprised you the most p.s did you see scums wish
    d]what movies or books has this happen with
    e] shows that maid week source materiel better 2 each
    f]what show do you guys disagree about how good it is
    g]if you had to choose McDonald , Berger King , Wendy’s , or Chinese food / or Spanish food
    some rice and chicken leg some broth on the side may be fried plenteen wow just imagine the smell of the chicken and rise must help the appetite and a bottle of cola champaign so which one

    Q4 make a anime concept about a social or internet troll let margin start and bounce ideas around it will be fun

    Q5 what you-tube stuff you watch in genarule or sometimes if you don’t do that as much
    like game theory or team four star or happynes & cyanide
    a] do you have recommendations
    b]did you know sword art online abridge finished
    c] top 5 abridge
    d] top funny education like the science or film theory
    e] besides gaming what do you guys tend to watch online or do

    Q6 what is the most surprising adult content you guys seen p.s this is going to be fun

    a] surprisingly interesting story wile reading / watching
    b] whats the weirdest thing megin shoun you guys
    c] whats a funny dojinshy ideas you guys have
    d] did you find yourselves in a fan flick
    e] whats the funnies dirty thing you seen

    q6 what shows this season did you watch that wasn’t on the podcast

    q7 do you watch chines manga and what manwa you seen recently

    q8 why are politics a no no in the podcast and can we quot the news instead from a partasens way

    Q9 what shows do you think i gravitate to

    a] am i a filthy casual – a hard core otako with stuff trinkets in my room – a a multy ganra guy with to much time – stranded with a sense of the best and esquesit tast – a guy with a mu stash
    b] what ganra do i watch
    – perverted
    -dosnt really care as long as its good
    – shounen
    -adult drama
    – teen drama
    -dumb drama
    c] which of these do you like

    Q10 witch hobby beside podcast and anime/gamin would you choose of this list
    massage ]
    out door sports like hiking or boating ]
    messing with your friends with weird youtube videos ]
    martial arts like boxing or other ]
    fighting bears]
    collage more times ]
    curing cancer]
    building stuff
    p.s mine are boxing massage messing with people with youtube and that’s it
    which one do you want do do or just do

    recommendations will take a little more time so have some vids from the tubes

  • Mark Benjamin
  • Mark Benjamin
  • Mark Benjamin
  • Mark Benjamin

    there you go oh if theres some rules to posting vids let me know

  • Mark Benjamin

    Watch the cartoon rite before or on the pocast if possable

  • Mark Benjamin

    Mores coming thanks for the permition ben

  • Mark Benjamin

    What happened to the storm?

    • Mark Benjamin

      Did I curse by accident or was it p@@N

      • No, it was marked as SPAM (less baked beans)…. Make shorter post, long post seem to get marked as spam, not my fault… Disqus defaults…

  • Mark Benjamin

    K thanks for the explanation can’t wait till the next podcast

    • Once I retrieve something from the SPAM box you need not re post it again… Thanks.