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Bakacast #324 – The Friendly Hypercube

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As the spring season leaves the honeymoon phase, we start to turn a more critical eye toward some of the shows that have made it this far. And by "some of the shows" I mostly mean just Grimoire of Zero. And by "we" I mostly mean myself. On the bright side, I do catch up with Seikaisuru Kado and find myself impressed by it. Also, Ben kept his word from last week and marathoned Kemono Friends. Did he enjoy it? Will he pass on the infection to me, as well? Stay tuned for the answer. (It's "yes." The answer is "yes.")

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 01:27 - Alice to Zouroku 3
  • 12:08 - Seikaisuru Kado 0-2
  • 21:41 - Little Witch Academia 15
  • 29:44 - My Hero Academy 16
  • 35:06 - Eccentric Family S2 2
  • 41:00 - Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul 2
  • 48:17 - Grimoire of Zero 1-2 (DROPPED)
  • 53:52 - Ben's analyzes Kemono Friends
  • 58:50 - Listener questions

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Dayriff

    Dustin, thanks for going back and putting the timestamps in. They really help when listening to the podcast. It would help if you could put them in the episode description in the podcast feed as well.

    So I have a question/request inspired by the mention of Mother’s Basement youtube channel. How about you do a review of the OP and ED of each of anime you’re reviewing this season? Talk about the animation, the music, if it tells a story, etc. If both seem too much for one episode, you could do the OPs one week and the EDs the next.

    Thanks for doing the podcast!

    • StiltsTheGM

      The timestamps should be in the descriptions as well. I’m looking at the RSS feed and also the episode description text as it appears in Pocket Casts, and they’re all there. If they’re not showing up for you, would you mind telling me what software you’re using to download them?