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Bakacast #336 – Double Super Secret Princess Friendship Robot

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On this episode of Bakacast, we introduce the new season of Hell Girl into our weekly rotation. This is the first time I've ever watched Hell Girl. I was not entirely prepared for Hell Girl. Other things I wasn't entirely prepared for: Princess Principal having a nearly flawless second episode, and Made in Abyss being a perfect mix of whimsical darkness.

Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

    • 01:31 - My Hero Academy 28
    • 07:20 - Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul 15
    • 13:49 - Fate/Apocrypha 3
    • 30:36 - Youkai Apartment 3
    • 38:49 - Hell Girl: Yoi no Togi 1
    • 51:47 - 18if 2
    • 57:07 - Ballroom e Youkoso 2
    • 1:05:10 - Princess Principal 2
    • 1:12:15 - Made in Abyss 2
    • 1:21:10 - Vatican Miracle Examiners 2
    • 1:27:49 - Centaur's Worries 2
    • 1:53:12 - Shoukaku no Altair 2
    • 1:59:12 - Listener questions

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Mark the evil loli

    i realized after seeing this that dustin would and magen would cream yourself with pleasure after watching a founding feminist of the second wave hope you review this in next video .
    and on the news side i think its best too watch from the big three on the intent witch is

    Progressive or liberal – positive -the growing fast food or restaurant near your house were you discus new things with your friends talk about how things should be and get nervous about how people see you wile wanting to change the world ….negative regressive left or SJW – uses your brands idea and makes a cheep imitation of your rice and chicken making it cheaply and unhealthy addictive but they end up selling more but with health problems on the rise and law suits and public back lashed your product is soiled and even though you make the best rise chicken and hang out its now littered with hate because you look like the other guys resterant and refuse to bend people call you a beget or racist and homophobic place but your a black lesbien start up lol

    librarian- i don’t care what anyone does just don’t mess with me especially you government get of my loan i just made it nice to sell my biscuts i love free market woooooo . wait what about people who mess with things . oh free market people are trust worthy enough to not screw people when they got big businesses have a little faith lol .

    conservative – lets just fix whats here and keep it nice and clean cant have anything unexpected and all that matters is character and don’t stray from the beaten path . so ill do 20 hour work day and work out and when in dought Gatorade and church …neo conservative – to different from my preconceived notions must become more of a dic! to as meny as possible

    alt light – very wight but funny meems but very un PC friendly
    alt right – terrorist
    antifa – libarul terrerist
    second part of cu-ran – potential terrorist PS theirs pertinently a second part of muslem faith that made by some radicalizes some but that is a prime example of why church and politics should not have sex

    hope this clears up the the prospective argument if you want too hear libratarien views with very in depth news is propaganda report
    progressive TYT and rubin reports or RT
    conservative loader with chrowder and rebel media

    and if your a art comprehension fan Jordan Peterson has a YouTube channel a link will be provided i feel you will like him alonge with the femonist of your dreams if at all possible id like a review on these and do you already know them

    • Mark Benjamin

      P.s not spam dont daleet pleas

      • Mark Benjamin

        if possable please save comment from spam bin

      • Saved…

  • Will you guys review the Castlevania anime? Its only 4 episodes.

    • Mark Benjamin

      god i hope they do p.s dustin try to convince ben to read Nights run and have you seen berserk manga

  • Dayriff

    To add onto that long discussion of Centaur’s Worries, there is a take on it where the manga is trying to make a point, and the point is a more right wing, “multiculturalism can be bad when it’s enforced from the top down” than a simple anti-discrimination message. I say “there’s a take” because it’s hard to pin the manga down… the things the government does often correspond to a “political correctness gone mad” conservative stereotypical fears of liberal thought policing, but always against a back-drop where they’re coming from a past of genuine racial violence and oppression that the government is trying to solve.

    However, I don’t really want to talk specifically about Centaur’s Worries, a show you’ve probably long since dropped. Instead I’d like to push on Dustin’s desire that anime more often have something to say about real issues. It’s great when an anime has something to say, but what if what it’s saying isn’t something you agree with? I think the reason why even “anime with a message” tries to stick to relatively bland and non-controversial messages (like Demi-Chan) is the same reason American television does… once you take a stand, you’re alienating everyone on the other side of that stand. As an example, I saw Gate get a lot of negative feedback not for its bland harem tropes but for its pro-militaristic, nationalistic message.

    To make this more of a Bakacast style question for the group, have you read any manga or watched any anime that had a political message you personally disagree with, but you can still respect the work for making a coherent argument for its own point of view and think it’s a good work?

    Other topics:
    Vatican Miracle Examiner took until episode 4 to resolve its mystery and went completely insane when it did. I mean, when frozen Hitler sperm becomes a plot point… I watched it to the end of that arc and have now dropped it.

    On Made in Abyss, I actually got disturbed in episode #3 when it was made very clear that what Riko is doing is basically committing suicide for… for no purpose that I can see, really. On a vague hope she can find a mother she barely remembers who yes, is almost certainly dead? I don’t blame her friends too much because they’re just kids, but it was pretty awful how they’re rather watch her do something self-destructive that they all pretty much acknowledge will kill her rather than tell an adult, even if Riko hates them for it.