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Episode #339 – All Hail Cat Mordred

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On this episode of Bakacast, Mordred chases a cat around in Fate/Apocrypha, so nothing else really matters. Especially not Love Tyrant. Please email listener questions to bakacast[at] or leave them in the comments below.

Time Index

  • 02:08 - Luke Reviews: Love Tyrant
  • 17:45 - Fate/Apocrypha 6
  • 30:48 - Princess Principal 5
  • 39:28 - Hell Girl: Yoi no Togi 4
  • 45:13 - My Hero Academy 31
  • 51:15 - Made in Abyss 5
  • 56:44 - The Reflection 2 & 3
  • 1:07:58 - Listener questions

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  • marktheburn123

    Q1 whats your top 5 anime habits …example
    a- least to greatist whats the most prevalent or scary if you think about it or just annoying quotes
    “oh how interesting ” #=
    “we win becouse mob mentality”#=
    “is this C G “following tragedy
    “this is the ninth time you fell on my chest its on perpuse or god hates you ”
    “how many girls do i get to save”
    “how many guys do i get to lead on”
    “why haven’t you seen SAO abridge /the better story and character arks ”

    Q2 how did you like the youtube vid i suggested
    a- can you sell knights run too the pod casters and whats your favorite story point
    b-are you up to date with TFS and whats your favorite cell moments
    c- would you review abridges or manga in the future as well
    d-do you hate game thoery becouse personality i have to know

  • marktheburn123

    ben- have you heard of the new world manga could daylight dreamer its like what would happen if the characters actually cared about the wow your overpowers and you seem flippant about world issues because everything comes easy for you

    p.s you guys should try getting some bitcoin or litecoin or other …. becouse of it value and theres a recession coming so get ready K

    Magen tails part 2 the fall of Santa

    After magen finished with her harem she thought you know what all this food is nice and all but im going to split because i have no one to gloat to so she shot santa in the leg and stole Rudolf after nabbing some games a gaming labtop 1000 dollers of course the girls some mustle men a jojo plushy and some wine and came back to the US of A after saying hi to her existing heram and has some fun time she remembers that her side business that no one knows about is in trouble so she had to sell sell sell some toys what toys you ask well hint hint there very popular for singles lol .

    after santa wakes up from blood loss he curses magen with futanari Itis but i dont think she minds becouse a monster is born

    • marktheEvil1 #storm

      dusten must read lol