Changes Are Coming to Bakacast

When Jon, Larry and I initially decided to change the structure of Bakacast those many years ago to a weekly review show, it was with the intent to shift the podcast into something we could easily prepare for while also being able to interact with the people listening to us. This worked fine when we were in college and I had plenty of time to edit (and play video games); but even at my best, I’m not a timely person unless I have a boss paying me to do something, and having a full-time job has made my editing schedule even more…erratic. Which, as some of you have pointed out, is not a good thing for show that’s reviewing anime as it comes out.

I think it’s time for us to transform our structure to something more like what we were doing at the very beginning when we created Episode #0: All About Whales on a lark. Instead of doing reviews of individual episodes as they air, pick one or two shows to do a more thorough critique. Maybe focus more on covering shows that didn’t get a lot of attention but did some interesting stuff. Maybe finally get around to watching some stuff we missed. Maybe get back to talking about relevant video games, manga and news.

My cohosts and I all have ideas of what we might like to try, but I’m making this post to get the thoughts of our audience as well. After all, if I was doing this just to talk with my friends about anime, I wouldn’t bother taking so much time to record and edit everything. What kind of stuff would you like to see us focus on?

I’ll be leaving this post pinned for a while to collect feedback. We won’t be covering the summer season like we usually would. Instead, we’re gonna do some catching up on movies and series we missed (or were waiting on) while we come to a decision about what our regular structure should look like going forward.

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