Review: Seitokai Yakuindomo 1

From what I’ve read on the interwebs thus far, most people seem to have a low opinion of Seitokai Yakuindomo. Although I enjoyed watching it, I find it hard to disagree with them. However, some are saying this is the worst of the season, which I believe is taking it too far. I mean, sure it was generic, bland and cliche… but at least it was funny enough to get a few laughs out of me.  I’m going to attempt to explain why I don’t hate this show. Hopefully, this won’t provoke people to hunting me down and slaughtering me.

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The show starts with our protagonist, named Takatoshi –who I must admit is a very boring and bland character–heading over to his new school, which recently switched from being all-girls to co-ed. There he encounters Amakusa Shino, the president of the Student Council. He also meets Shikijyou Aria–the obvious moe character and council secretary–and Hagimura Suzu, the…. er, council midget. He is then abruptly railroaded into joining to the council simply because he’s male. And the rest of the show is basically an introduction of the school, the characters, and a bunch of random jokes haphazardly thrown in.

I'll admit, this was a joke I didn't see coming.

I have to admit the characters are pretty boring, especially the protagonist. But if there’s one thing I really enjoyed thoroughly, it was the humor; when they try to be funny, they usually succeed. However, aside from that, there wasn’t much about this show I enjoyed. The writing is bearable, but it could’ve been much improved with a little effort. I think the main flaw is the characters; they are are all incredibly shallow and predictable. They’re so cliche, you can predict what they’re going to say or how they’re going to react with uncanny accuracy. The story also has some serious problems. It isn’t original at all, not to mention blandly simple and lacking in any character development whatsoever. All I think we can expect from this show is just a ton of jokes, which will eventually wear thin. That’s not to say the jokes are bad; they managed to get me to chuckle, if not made me burst out laughing. However, even the jokes are pretty cliche, so I’m positive more jaded viewers will fail to enjoy them.


Overall, the first episode failed to provide with much other than some funny chuckles that I don’t believe most will enjoy. The characters are bland, the writing needs some work, and the story is something we have all been previously introduced to. I, however, won’t be hating and burning on this show just yet. I’m probably going to continue watching this anyways just to see if it starts making some improvements, but that’s just me.