SOS Brigade Greenscreen Challenge


What can YOU do with the SOS Brigade Seitenkan’s greenscreen photos? This is your chance to show us! Here’s how the contest works…


1. Using the greenscreen photos as a starting point, you must create a new image featuring all four brigade members. You can stick them on a spaceship, or have them floating on a raft at sea… it’s up to you! You can use Photoshop, GIMP, Painttool Sai, or whatever program you desire to modify the images. Be as creative as possible!
2. All entries must be submitted by the contest deadline of August 3rd, 12:00 AM Eastern.
3. Post your final entry in the forum thread, in the form of a JPEG or PNG image. If your image is wider than 640 pixels, provide a link to the full-size image. Only one entry per user… but you can change your entry all you like up until the contest deadline. Keep it PG-13.
4. The winning image will be chosen by our administrator, Shamisen, and will be featured on Project Haruhi’s front page.

That about sums it up. Have fun, everyone!