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Review: Highschool of the Dead 7

lol BOOBIES!!!!!!

Let me tell you something about myself that you may not know: I don't like living in a bubble. I tend to browse other anime forums and blogs, because I like seeing what other critics have to say about the shows I'm watching. Often times I'll find at least one intelligently-stated point that I didn't think of, which is always a fun experience for me. However, as I was looking over comments about Highschool of the Dead, I noticed that there tends to be a pattern in the backlash toward negative reviews. Some fans believe reviewers like me aren't being fair to the show.

"Why are you judging it so harshly?" they ask. "It's not supposed to be deep or meaningful or smart. It's trying to be silly, flashy fun!"

And you know what? Maybe they have a point. Maybe I'm approaching the show all wrong. I mean, if its goal is to be shallow, pandering, inconsistent and misogynistic, then why should I criticize it for hitting the mark?

Truly, I have seen the light; and to celebrate my epiphany, I'm making this review an extra-special one. I've decided to put as much effort into it as the writers of Highschool of the Dead put into their show.


It's stupid, it sucks, and I hate it.


What? You want to know why I don't like HotD #7? You think what I wrote is far too brief and vague to be of any use at all as a review?

Well of course my review is shallow, boring and worthless. It's supposed to be! Since I've clearly met my goals perfectly, it wouldn't be fair to post negative opinions about it.

Suck it, critics!

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Ffff

    …well, that was more like a bad joke. the kind your grandpa’s brother tells at your family reunion and you laugh because you feel kind of bad he’s senile but it wasn’t funny at all.

  • So you want to be like that, huh? Fine, I’ll play your game.


    Wow, that sounded like a poorly thought out and overly long metaphor, designed to hide the fact that you don’t have an even remotely intelligent response to this review.

  • Ffff

    but that’s exactly how my comment was intended to be! whew, glad you could see that.

  • So? I’m still going to criticize it for sucking. Or did you miss the satirical point of this review completely?

  • uh… point made. I generally don’t have a problem with negative reviews if they’ve given the show a fair shot and make some effort to state why they don’t enjoy something. Then again, we’re kinda in the same boat. I don’t think this show is “good” by any stretch of the imagination it’s just fun to watch. Whether it’s for the insane action sequences, or the zombie-centric scenes or just because you like sex and murder (especially cannibalism) for whatever reason.

  • This review made my day.

  • More power to you. A true fan can love a show despite (or because of) its flaws.

    Remember, us PH reviewers will never say that you are objectively wrong for enjoying something. We’re just sharing our own honest opinions as best we can.

  • J

    admit it… you love it… you love zombies… you love the boobs… you LOVE IT ALL!!!!

  • I tried to love a zombie once. She tried to eat my tongue as I was kissing her. *shudder*

  • The only reason anyone watches the show is for the boobs, lets just admit it right now. We all love this show for it’s pantyshots, boobs, and fanservice

  • J

    let me write a review for the next one…

  • Do you have any writing experience? Any sample work I can take a look at?

  • Nyeguitarist

    you’re entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled to mine. BRO

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Ritsu. If you think it’s fun despite its flaws, well, I can’t really say you’re not allowed to enjoy it, now can I? All I can do is explain why I don’t find it fun (except for in this review, of course) or point out what I think are flaws in the arguments that defend it.

    Besides, I like plenty of flawed shows that Ritsu can’t stand (Casshern Sins, Sengoku Basara, Godannar, G Gundam, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    H-how did you know my secret?

    Oh God, it’s true. It’s all true! I was just so ashamed!

    *dramatic crying*

  • XD Thanks for cheering me up! I’m going to collect exam results in a few hours and you guys have made me feel much better!

    About the show though, It did look quite promising to begin with and I must admit it had me naturally attentitive when the girls father was killed. However, (and thats a BIG however) it still relied on the gratuitous fanservice; although not to the extent of ep6, to keep my attention. I was already paying attention due to something that GENUINELY suprised me HOTD!!! That kinda insulted me, more so than the last episode which me and my jaded mind kinda said “Meh, obligatory unecessary fanservice ep” as nothing but t*ts and *ss happened in 6.

    There was also the suprising marksmanship from that dude with the glasses (whatshisface-I cannot remember the name for the life of me, kinda shows how much I think of this show >.<) for someone who has little-to-no experience with a rifle. Although they had the courtesy to Lampshade that so I might forgive them...that's a might though. In fact if my memory recalls correctly quite a lot of unrealistic events were lampshaded, all they need now is to put a shade over the fanservice but I don't think they sell shades that big =/

  • Leming400

    I take it you loved TO love RU as well. It has one other point they aimed at as well that you missed. Mindless FANSERVICE

  • XD Glad that someone agrees with me! This episode was crap! The fanservice is just destroying this series!

  • Blah

    I would like to say that I am a little ashamed that I enjoy this series. The premise was an interesting take on an overused plot, and most of the characters, though somewhat cliche, have just enough uniqueness to draw my interest. The animation is top-notch, and the music is enjoyable and fitting.
    I had not expected an ecchi series to employ such quality talent and, yes, though you might deny it, character development. But, by the time I realized that the sex-ploitation of the female form would be a regular part of the series, it was too late for me. I’d been hooked. I now find myself genuinely invested in a few of the characters, and their unique relationships.
    So, while I definitely concur with your assessment of this series as being ecchi, I must disagree with the assertion that it lacks story or character development. Part of me does wish that the ecchi was absent. I even wonder whether the writer(s) took an otherwise decent story and added the ecchi into it… I’m not a fan of ecchi or hentai.
    One more thing before I bring this comment to an end: your use of the term misogynistic is misplaced. Misogyny is, according to the dictionary, a hatred of women. I sense no such thing in this series. If anything, the writer(s) love them very much. But the anime unquestionably sexually exploits its female cast… ALL of its female cast, as those of you who paid very close attention to Hirano noticed.

  • Fsjfox

    Titties and action are GAY! Moe moe moeblobs are AWESOME!

  • Fsjfox
    lol MOE!!! Totally not shallow, pandering trash.

    No, seriously. How are you criticizing highschool of the dead when you like K-on?
    I don’t think you know what “misogynistic” means. “Girls are all for being dumb 5-year-olds with downs syndrome, only good at being cute” is more misogynistic than “Girls sometimes get their tits stared at after they just ransacked 40 zombies.”

    Maybe if your blog was full of praise for things like Darker than Black Season 1, Big O, .hack//Sign, Kara no Kyoukai, etc, i’d understand. “This guy has high standards.” That’d be fine. But when you’re eating sh*t from one plate and then calling someone else a pig for eating another plate of sh*t, you’re a hypocrite. “YOUR POINTLESS FETISH IS GAY!! MINE IS AWESOME!”
    Your high horse has prosthetic legs. Give the f*cker some rest.

  • Since you’re apparently too thick to notice, I’ll spell it out for you.

    See the widget in the sidebar labelled Authors? Notice that there are MULTIPLE AUTHORS listed for this blog. The K-ON!! and HotD reviews are written by DIFFERENT AUTHORS. Konata reviews K-ON!!, Stilts reviews HOTD. They are DIFFERENT PEOPLE with DIFFERENT TASTES. In other words, no hypocrisy.

    So, yeah. Congratulations on making yourself look like an idiot. You get a gold star!

    Also, censoring your profanity in the future will keep your comments from being held for moderation. We like to keep this site Safe-For-Work.

  • Nnecron

    Let me state your opinion in my own words Stilts and correct me if I am wrong; in the end, all that matter is what audience expected and felt from an entertainment and not what creator’s intention of his/her work, because a person can’t force every other people to like one single idea. Am I right?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s what I was getting at. Although the creator’s intent can be useful for analyzing why a creative work is like it is (or why it exists in the first place), I don’t believe it should have any bearing on an individual’s judgment of its quality.

  • Anonymous

    As Ritsu said, I’m not the same guy that does the K-On!! reviews.

    And guess what? We reviewed the first season of K-On! on one of the Bakacast episodes, and I state that it’s a decent show with glaring flaws that make it frustrating for me to watch. I complain about how the show bends over backwards to keep its status quo. And I complain about how Yui’s lack of a brain is somehow supposed to be cute.

    Oh, yeah, and both Ritsu and I have declared our love of Big O on the podcast (multiple times, I think). I wrote a review of Ga Rei -zero- that primarily praised it for having great character development and interaction. I was the sole defender of Casshern Sins (a show I think is very similar to .hack//Sign in both its tone and the fact that they’re flawed gems) when we reviewed it on the “Robots in Hell” episode of Bakacast.

    So those things you claim you’d respect me for? Yeah, I’ve done them.

    If you’re going to try and impugn my character by calling me a hypocrite, at least have the decency to do some research.

  • Anonymous

    I agree wholeheartedly. What started as a really good strong zombie apocalypse movie (ep 1 and 2) quickly spiralled into some nonsensical horsecrap with poor pacing, dialogue, and action. To have a flashback episode by episode 4 was pure f*cking lazy. They started so strong and now every episode feels like filler. It feels like the kind of filler you have in Bleach when they’re waiting for the manga to catch up. To have a whole episode about sitting on a bus! To have the zombie outbreak going from hellish to simply being people sitting comfortably in a traffic jam for a day. To see AIR FORCE F*CKING ONE overrun by zombies! But of course the Japanese want to portray America as a country very happy to nuke. Oh god I face palmed at how shit this became.

  • Personally, I did not like Highschool of the Dead beacause of the lack of scariness. When I first saw it I was expecting the show to be scary like Resident Evil (the orginial). I was hoping for some really scary shots or a zombie popping out and scaring the crap out of me. I also do not like the characters. expecpt the girls with the katana, she is okay. The fan service also killed the show for me. I wanted to like it but if it was scarier, darker and more serious, like Resident Evil, it would have been great. I give it a 4 out of 10. What I did like is the backgound and the settings. I do find it weird that its called Highschool of the Dead because it doesn’t place in a school most of the time. The zombies don’t look scary to me. The character designs, I thought was not really good. I wanted the character looks to look badass like in Vampire Hunter D or Jin-Roh. Characters with big eyes I don’t like unless if they are in comedy or in other genres besides horror or action. Since I don’t like most of the characters, I hope some them die when the show and manga ends. This is just my opinion, so please don’t troll on me.

    • I’m with you on your opinion. I was hoping for something more along the lines of badass like Resident Evil. Maybe a couple of corny one-liners for the laughs. But this is just more T&A than good story telling. Don’t get me wrong, I like fan service as much as the next guy, but it just feels so out of place in something that is suppose to be about the zombie apocolypse.

  • Crimthered

    Wow you are a pitiful reviewer. Your satire is unoriginal / uninspired and not even remotely funny. I have not even seen this anime and just so happened to stumble upon this review on my friend’s computer. You suck, you’re not funny, and I hope you get seriously injured by a tiger or something. I’m not being random or exaggerating. If I had the money I would import a tiger to maul you. You almost ruined my night because of how god awful this is. That’s it.

    • Jon

      Happy we could ruin your day. Please come back again for more abuse~

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  • Lawrenceromero

    This show kinda made me ashamed to be a anime or zombie fan for that matter. The plot was overused, I mean I know theres not that many ways you can go with a zombie story but i’ve heard the whole “killer disease turns world into hellish fight for survival” motif so many times in zombie related media that it sickens me.The fan service made the show look like it was made perverted teenagers. The fact that it portrayed the right wing politician as nothing more than a badass and the teacher who tryed to establish democracy as a evil child molester was disturbing and politically backwashing. The characters were boring as all get out, I mean the main character was either was going on an emoish teen angst rant or yelling at and or violently sexually groping one of the female leads. All in all 3.5/10 for this series.

  • realness

    You people need to get a life. Teenage males like this stuff. It is not for you. Dam. I guess you want them to be as miserable and bitter as you guys are. Maybe if you got your fat butts off the couch and started working out you would have T and A that rivals the girls on the show. Consequently you wouldn’t be so offended by it.

  • I’m glad someone agrees with me on this about how ridiculous High School of the Dead is. And I have somehow read through the manga and got the impression that it’s supposed to be more of a serious zombie apocolypse scenario. Unfortunatly it gets sidetracked too quickly and easily by the over abundance of pointless “fan service”. It’s like the writers think that T&A is more important than building real characters and a real story. These are suppose to be kids in high school losing their friends to the undead and their struggle for survival. Much like how a zombie apocolypse story is supposed to be. But I am not convinced when you have girls and women with boobs the size of zepplins running around. Don’t get me wrong I do like a good pair of breasts on a woman if it was more realistic. But this….just…no. What it boils down to is it’s more about T&A than the characters and the story telling. And these guys are not fooling me into thinking this is the next ground-breaking anime. It’s just tits, tits, tits, ass, maybe a zombie or two, and then more tits, tits, and ass. It’s monotonus.