Project Haruhi

Manga Caption Contest: The Super Aryan

Last week's entries were pretty good, and choosing a winner was not easy.  However, Starlogic managed to impress us once again, followed by Taiga for a close second. Congratulations to both of you; here's your prize!

This week's page is from The Legend of Koizumi.  The Fuhrer has come down from the moon and is about to unleash his latent Master Race abilities. What could former Prime Minister Koizumi and his assistant have said to rile him up so fiercely? That's where our readers come in! Fill in the blanks using the numbers provided. As always, keep comments PG-13 and safe for work. The winner will be announced next week, so take your time and come up with something good!

About Megan

Megan (aka Yuki) enjoys emotional and thought-provoking stories like Haibane Renmei and Simoun. She pretends to know what she’s talking about, but is actually as clueless as the rest of us.

  • Can’t think of anything to fit in 4 bubbles. Was going to make a great Godwin’s Law reference aswell XD Oh well.

  • Woo! I swear I’m not cheating! *throws confetti*
    Congrats Taiga!

  • Hey cool, I did good? Awesome C:

  • 1: And for my first wish… Oh god, space Hitler! I just remembered that show last night!
    2: wait, no!

    3: Your wish is my command!
    4: Though I don’t really understand why.

  • Anonymous

    1: Oh MY GOD!
    2: IT CAN’T BE!!!

    3: Due to your Behavior i have no choice…
    4: Your sex ed teacher is…


  • 1.) Amazing transformation!
    2.) Incredibly Awesome Power!
    3.) In this form he’s nearly invincible.
    4.) Israel’s problems were with Hamas until now. How will Hillary handle this?

  • 1: Y-you used Royal Decree to negate Godwin’s Law!2: That means you’re…3: Yes, and now I am free to bring it into play.4: I summon Blue Eyes Blond Fuhrer!

  • sea

    1. so ugly my eyes are going to burn out. 2.urgh they’re sizzling.
    3. what the hell you r talking about.
    4. oh you mean my new pet….