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Irony by ClariS

Irony, the opening to Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, is a song recorded by the singing duo known as ClariS. This group consists of two high school students named Kurara and Arisu. Uploading their own songs to anime websites led to their debut and signing by Sony Music Entertainment.

Very little is known about the history of these two artists. Any photos are actually anime portraits from a "well-known illustrator." The mystery surrounding these two--along with the haunting tune shown above--has generated quite a bit of speculation. What I know is that, besides Irony, they have also recorded a song called Connect. It's the opening theme to Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica, which starts showing on Japanese TV on January 6, 2011.

There is also a website dedicated to the group: the ClariS Official Website.

Wherever their paths lead them, it is this authors hope that they have an enjoyable and fulfilling career.

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  • Oh, so that cover art was Kirino and Kuroneko cosplaying as these two alter-egos? And we were supposed to get that HOW?

    • It’s part of the mystery… one day it will all make sense … maybe.

  • I like how these kids have a better concept of what irony is than most native English speakers.

    • Don’t be so kind to me.
      What kind of face should I put on?
      With all of the words that have piled up, I can’t see
      The profile of your face.

      Where could it be? I can’t find the key that I lost.
      Sigh… When we disagree, I stay stubborn and get tired.

      My hands are just a little too far to reach.
      Maybe I want to really catch that shadow of yours.

      Don’t be so kind to me.
      Look, we’ll end up hurting each other again.
      With all of the lies that have piled up, I’m becoming unable to move anymore.
      Don’t stare at me with those eyes.
      What kind of face should I put on?
      I’m completely lost, but someday,
      Maybe I’ll be able to smile.

      I don’t know how many days I’ve gone through with you.
      Even so, the number of words we’ve exchanged is far too small.

      The distance between you and me is getting just a little closer.
      I can’t really catch it — even though there’s just a little left to go!

      Don’t be so kind to me.
      Look, we’ll end up hurting each other again.
      With all of the lies that have piled up, I can’t hear the words you say.
      I hide my true voice
      And hum this melody to myself.
      I’ll entrust my body
      To my gently changing heart.

      I don’t even know myself,
      Even though I feel like I want to know about you.
      I’ll hold in my colliding feelings for a little while
      And feel my way through these invisible walls.

      Don’t be so kind to me.
      Look, we’ll end up hurting each other again.
      All of these lies that have piled up just make things harder, you know?
      I want to go out to meet you soon,
      But I can’t find the words to say.
      On at least the final page,
      I want to show you my smile!

      Yeah pretty deep for a couple of teenagers eh?