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Bakacast #305 – The Red-Head Corollary

Posted by Dustin


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Also falls under the "Anime Witch Hypothesis."

So we're back with normal episodes of Bakacast. Yes, I know, JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch isn't finished yet. Scheduling issues made that basically impossible to do before the fall season started; and there's such good shows airing right now that it would be a shame to delay talking about them until JJBR ended. So instead I'll be attempting to stagger the production of both podcasts. Will it work out? Who knows! Life is chaos!

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Time Index

  • 02:50 - Yuri on Ice 1
  • 08:37 - Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 26
  • 14:18 - Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku 1
  • 18:51 - Keijo!!!!!!!! 1
  • 27:22 - Sound Euphonium S2 1
  • 30:29 - Shuumatsu no Izetta 1
  • 40:41 - Long Riders 1
  • 42:40 - Drifters 1
  • 48:39 - Occultic;Nine 1
  • 54:43 - Working S4 1
  • 58:32 - Tiger Mask W 1
  • 1:02:23 - Girlish Number 1
  • 1:07:49 - Shelter

Summer 2016 Wrap Up

Posted by Shamisen


Ben and I watched anime over the summer, and now that it's fall we decided to put our thoughts about the previous season in print. So without further adieu, here are our impressions of Summer 2016's anime, starting with my own.

Alderamin on the Sky:
Where to begin? my original impression was that this was going to be another warring era drama. It is far from that. The character introductions were spot on and their development continued to the last episode. Speaking of the ending, the conversation between the male lead and the princess is a good finale; but I'm hoping this is the prelude to at least a second season. Overall this was a well done series that held my interest from beginning to end.
I give it a FIVE and recommend it.

Started slowly, almost annoyingly so. However, after the introduction of the main characters, I began to warm up to this show. Pikari--Miss Extremely Outgoing, almost to the point of turning one off--meets Teko, a slightly introverted girl who just moved to the area. This is more than you typical slice of life. The premise of scuba diving along with the quality of the supporting cast makes this an interesting series if you can get past some of the Pikari and Teko's antics.
Overall a very strong FOUR.

Arslan Senki:
Arslan continues to be an exceptional story. These eight episodes open up a new chapter where the story continues to test the main characters' mettle, and so far their testing is going well. We end with a cliffhanger placing Arslan in a delicate position: to become king, he must decide how many established rules of the kingdom he must break. And on top of that, which one of his allies will become an enemy? We'll have to wait and see.

Kidou Senshi Gundam RE: 0096:
Remembering this is a Gundam show, I didn't expect this to end well. It actually ended better than I expected. However, I thought the "secret" of the box was pretty lame.

Surprise! This was actually good! It ended (maybe) very well. I do believe a second season could be in the works (and it should be). Characters were very good, the story was coherent, and even the animation looked good.

Mob Psycho 100:
To quote Ben: "This show really brings it." While not one punch man, it scores just as well for many different reasons.

Since I'm a RPG player, I wondered how this series would explore the gaming business from the creative standpoint. If this is a typical representation of the gaming industry (my tongue planted firmly in cheek), then it's a miracle anything gets done. Entertaining but, like I said, not representative of the industry. I hope...

Macross Delta:
Story = Three
Background music = Three
Idol group = Four point Five
Overall = Three. I guess Frontier spoiled me.

Ben's thoughts continue after the break:


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch Episode 07 – Cows: The Ultimate Fetish [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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Yeah, this podcast goes some places.

In addition to episodes 13 & 14 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, we also cover: Nazis by way of Hogan's Heroes, the greatest spaghetti duel, mind control via makeouts, the injustice of Queen not being referenced way earlier than they actually are, the only kink none of us like, living with only half your body, fun things to do with pie, and succubus shaming.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch 06 – Let’s Be Femme [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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Ganbatte, Joseph-san.

On this episode of JJBR, we only have half an episode to give you due to Luke's audio getting corrupted. In a weird way, though, we were lucky Luke had to leave after the first half; otherwise I wouldn't have anything to show for the recording. With what I could salvage, we talk about such things as: sympathizing with Joseph's desire to be pretty, Araki's wide variety of murder styles, and the ethical concerns of having your protagonist admire a Nazi's bravery.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.


Bakacast Briefs – Summer 2016 Part 2

Posted by Dustin


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So much murder.

Ben and Larry return with me to catch up with the shows airing this summer. Having weeded out some of the stuff we weren't interested in, we largely focus on 91, Arslan, Mob Psycho 100, and JoJo.


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch 05 – JoJo Punches Racism [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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JJBA is a very serious and topical show.

Kevin comes back on this episode of JJBR, where we watch the final episode of Phantom Blood and the first episode of Battle Tendency. Other topics include: polyamory, coffin physics, no one appreciating Dustin's musical jokes, surprisingly topical commentary on American police, Joseph is a far more violent and flamboyant Sherlock Holmes, random cyberpunks, Erina as a badass grandma, and the Roundabout cue so good it made Luke leap out of bed and fistpump.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.


Bakacast Briefs – Summer 2016 Part 1

Posted by Dustin


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This time it's actually brief.

Yeah, that's right, I'm bringing the "Bakacast Briefs" branding back after its long hiatus. Even though our main show for this season is the JoJo Rewatch, I figured it'd be nice to get Larry and Ben on every few weeks to talk about the current shows. Since the structure if freeform and editing is dead-simple, it doesn't take much time from my schedule anyway. I was a little late with uploading this one, though (due to vacation), so expect the second part to show up next week.


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch 04 – Time Is Fart [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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Nobody on this podcast can say words properly.

This week on JJBR, we cover episodes 7 & 8, where main characters die, anvils are thrown, and Jonathon's conflict with Dio finally comes to an end. Other topics of discussion include: knife-vampire Gabe Newell, really specific prophecies, surviving long after your body is gone, Mad Max fashion statements, eating babies, Business Guile, Dio invents moe, brainstorming a horrifying fetish monstrosity, and a vampire named Jones.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch 03 – This Show Is Very Gay [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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Just gay as hell.

On this episode of JJBR, we admire Speedwagon's manly passion that can warm even the coldest of limbs, question Araki's grasp of European history, try to puzzle out the show's internal geography, congratulate Araki on his clever wordplay, and question Zeppeli's ability to think of alternate solutions to problems.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.


JoJo’s Bizarre Rewatch 02 – FroJo’s Bizarre Hopventure [EXPLICIT]

Posted by Dustin


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There's an entirely different show happening just out of frame.

On this episode of JJBR, we talk about how Erina won the hunk lottery, strange Italian men who sprinkle salt and/or pepper on their sandwiches, frogs with Ripple power, new and surprising uses for horses, and deadly crocodile clips.

Please note that the [EXPLICIT] tag is not a joke. Assume every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Rewatch contains R-rated language and content.