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Funimation Apologizes for Fansub Lawsuit, Adds HD Streaming

Posted by Jon

Funimation marketing director Lance Heiskell, who carries the self-appointed moniker of "Your Friendly Neighborhood FUNimation Marketing Director Guy," apologized profusely via the Funimation Update Blog on Friday for his company's recent attempt to sue fansubbers.

"Let's face it, it was kind of a dick move." Lance wrote. "The whole affair was just a tawdry attempt to impress the Japanese licence-holders with our firm stance against piracy. Guess THAT backfired, huh?"

The lawsuit, which sued 1337 "John Does" for downloading an episode of One Piece, was drastically neutered when a Texas judge dismissed 1336 of the defendants. Funimation chose to abandon the lawsuit a few weeks later.

Lance was candid in his opinion of the suit, openly admitting that RIAA-style legal extortion may not have been the best method of engendering good will among anime fans. "It was a bad idea from the start. I mean, suing 1337 people just because it spells out "leet"? That was unbelievably immature. We were trying to scare the fansubbers, but in the end we just made ourselves look like enormous douchebags."

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Spring 2011 Season IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Posted by Jon

Scamp just posted this updated Spring anime chart via his Twitter account. Check to see if your shows are affected.


Everybody Chromercise!

Posted by Jon

Project Haruhi is best viewed in Google Chrome. Preferably with the Squid Girl theme.

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Bakacast of the Daleks

Posted by Dustin

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Beware! Bakacast (and Paul "Otaking" Johnson) has fallen to the Daleks! I managed to hack into Project Haruhi with my sonic screwdriver just long enough to get this episode out.

If anyone is out there, if anyone can help, please, destroy this robotic-trash-can menace before it's too late. If they succeed, Level E won't get a chance to pull itself from its quagmire. Star Driver will never get the fabulous ending it deserves. And, most importantly, we won't be able to mercilessly mock Fractale anymore.

So if you happen to know any time travelers with British accents or an immortal, omnisexual leader of a secret group of alien hunters, send them our way. We could use the help.

On this episode, we cover:

  • 2:30 - What we've been watching/playing
  • 12:35 - "Yu-Gi-Oh!" creator sues 4Kids
  • 18:44 - OreImo #13
  • 25:03 - Level E #12
  • 29:31 - Fractale #10
  • 35:34 - Wandering Son #10
  • 44:03 - Star Driver #24
  • 50:18 - Suite PreCure #7
  • 53:34 - Macross Frontier #19 & #20

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at],@reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.