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This week, we bring in Bakacast power-listener and Universal Century super-fan Hate-chan to help us discuss the Mobile Suit Gundam remake. Continuing the mecha theme, we then wonder how many people will actually be crazy enough to buy the phenomenally overpriced Evangelion wine.

Then, in the “Whatcha Been Doing?” segment, I talk for far too long about video games, as is customary. It’s about The Witcher 2, though, so at least it’s a game I enjoy this time.

In the reviews segment, we have our first “proper” review of Soft Tennis courtesy of Karen, Larry and Glen; Gosick makes us scratch our heads even more than it usually does; Steins;Gate ends with a literal bang; and [C] goes all Madoka Magica on us. Also, we begin our retroactive review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season one. Our conclusion? It really sucks to be an Earth Pony, and Princess Celestia is a troll.

We cover:

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Nobody is asking the question that everyone should: WHERE IS HARO?!

Mobile Suit Gundam could be considered one of the most influential anime of all time. It spawned the real robot genre, introduced serious social topics such as politics and war to its audience, and inspired an endless lineup of spin-offs and model kits that one will have to wait four to six weeks to ship to one’s house from Hobby Link Japan. Out of this metaseries, Gundam fans have born witness to the critically acclaimed Zeta Gundam, and wished they never had to endure Sunrise vomiting out SEED Destiny. And now, after a plethora of hit-or-miss alternate universe spin-offs and mountains of model kits, we now see, on the heels of the thirtieth anniversary of the original anime, the debut Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

And I have not met a damn soul who is happy about this.

Is this the end of Gundam as we know it? Find out, after the break.


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Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Anime Adaptation Green-Lighted!

I am excitebike!

I usually don’t newsblog, but when Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai is concerned, I can’t resist the urge to tell everyone to stop whatever they are doing and go read it. Today, it was revealed that the soon to be released 6th volume of the light novel comes with an anime announcement! This was enough to make my head explode and every resulting head fragment explode once again ad infinitum until the sheer amount of explosions creates a black hole that sucks up all suffering on this planet.

Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai tells the story of Kodaka Hasegawa, son of a Japanese father and a dirty gaijin mother. Thanks to her genes he’s got blonde hair, which quickly gives him the reputation of a delinquent. Combined with his sharp eyes, Kodaka seems to suffer from a severe case of Ryuji syndrome and therefore doesn’t have many friends. One day when he enters a classroom, he hears a girl enthusiastically talking to someone. Upon closer observation, this someone turns out to be… no one. When Kodaka asks her what’s going on, the girl introduces herself as Yozora Mikazuki and tells him she was talking to her ‘air friend’ Tomo. Kodaka refrains from calling Yozora out on the fact that she still has an imaginary friend and after a short conversation, Yozora drags Kodaka into founding The Neighbour’s Club, where socially inept people can make friends.

If you think this sounds like Haruhi meets Toradora!, you’re quite right. No news on when the anime will air and who will be animating it. I’m placing my bets on AIC or J.C. Staff, or if we’re very lucky Kyoto Animation or SHAFT. However, there might be some news on the voice cast already, if the recently released drama CD is any indication. Kodaka will possibly be played by Kimura Ryōhei (Akira Tachibana in Eden Of The East) and Marina Inoue (Yoko in Gurren Lagann) will probably take up the role of Yozora. Other drama CD cast members include Yuka Iguchi, Kanae Itou and Kana Hanazawa.

I’ll stop bothering you with this now, but man…
I am excitebike.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Resumes


As you may have heard, SHAFT’s hugely successful series Puella Magi Madoka Magica has been on indefinite hiatus following the Sendai earthquake. While most other shows resumed after only a week, SHAFT has taken the opportunity to do what they do best. But after a month of silence, there is finally an official schedule for the remaining episodes.

According to the official MBS website, episodes eleven and twelve will both be aired in the original timeslot on April 22nd.

Working!! Second Season Announced!

I don’t know about you, but April 1st always makes me twitchy. It is all too successful at drawing innocent yet naive otaku out of their shells, giving them a taste of the oh-so-sweet candy, only to fall over laughing as the aforementioned sweet explodes in the poor victims face. In this case, for me, the “candy” was news of a second season of Working!! (a.k.a Wagnaria!!), a delicious series that took me by surprise with its charm. Although I first believed it to be a prank, according to ANN the news is actually legitimate! Confirmation was posted on the official website today with a trailer.

(Edit: Subbed version available! Turn on closed captioning)

In case you didn’t know, Working!! is completely centered around a family restaurant, staffed by hyperactive and funny high schoolers. While there is plenty of moe to be had, somehow there is very little blobbery, making it a very enjoyable series to watch. Also on the good news front; the first season will be released onto Blu-ray on August 24. Now that the hype around April Fools has subsided for another year, I can really focus on looking forward to watching this series, and less about being pranked. What about you?

Funimation Apologizes for Fansub Lawsuit, Adds HD Streaming

Funimation marketing director Lance Heiskell, who carries the self-appointed moniker of “Your Friendly Neighborhood FUNimation Marketing Director Guy,” apologized profusely via the Funimation Update Blog on Friday for his company’s recent attempt to sue fansubbers.

“Let’s face it, it was kind of a dick move.” Lance wrote. “The whole affair was just a tawdry attempt to impress the Japanese licence-holders with our firm stance against piracy. Guess THAT backfired, huh?”

The lawsuit, which sued 1337 “John Does” for downloading an episode of One Piece, was drastically neutered when a Texas judge dismissed 1336 of the defendants. Funimation chose to abandon the lawsuit a few weeks later.

Lance was candid in his opinion of the suit, openly admitting that RIAA-style legal extortion may not have been the best method of engendering good will among anime fans. “It was a bad idea from the start. I mean, suing 1337 people just because it spells out “leet”? That was unbelievably immature. We were trying to scare the fansubbers, but in the end we just made ourselves look like enormous douchebags.”

More after the break.

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SHAFT Postpones Release of Madoka


My translation of this article:

2011/3/15 Volume 1 BD/DVD Postponement Notice

We offer our heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected in the Touhoku Pacific region.
Because of the earthquake, there are power shortages and issues with distribution. We were planning to release Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 1 on March 30th. Because of the situation, we have decided to postpone its release.

We deeply apologize for the large amount of trouble this will cause everyone, but we ask that you please understand and cooperate with us. Please check Aniplex’s official site from now on for updates regarding the release date.

You’ve probably already heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It’s obvious things like this would happen, since frankly there are much better things to allocate limited power and resources to than manufacturing and shipping anime DVD’s. Madoka’s preorder statistics indicate that it could end up becoming the best selling anime series of all time, so I can only imagine how tough this decision must have been for SHAFT. This news is disappointing to say the least, but it’s great that they have their priorities so well established.

If you’d like to join SHAFT and do your part to help Japan recover, follow the link under Japan Earthquake and Tsunami at the top of our sidebar.

FUNimation’s Hypocrisy Revealed

Video in Funimation’s dubbing room as seen in America’s Greatest Otaku

Remember FUNimation, the moralist anime production company that tried to sue 1337 anonymous bittorrent users for downloading a One Piece fansub? Well, it turns out that for all their bloviating about piracy, they are nothing more than a bunch of filthy hypocrites.

The screenshot above is taken from the latest episode of America’s Greatest Otaku, Tokyopop’s attempt to emulate reality television with an anime spin. It shows a monitor in FUNimation’s dubbing studio, with episode 3 of Sora no Otoshimono playing for the benefit of the dub actors.

Keen eyes on the ANN forums quickly noticed something strange about the subtitle font being used. Turns out it’s from HorribleSub’s illegal rip of CrunchyRoll’s stream.

Sora No Otashimono, Episode 3, 08:42

The evidence here is irrefutable. Unless FUNimation went to great lengths to replicate HorribleSub’s unique font in Aegisub, there is no question that they are using illegal rips for their dubbing work. This is particularly damaging after they made such a grand show of suing thousands of people whose only offense was WATCHING FANSUBS. No question about it, FUNimation has had their ethical soapbox shattered.

More after the break.

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