New Negima Feature in 2011

Ken Akamatsu’s wildly successful shonen/fantasy/action/romance/harem/comedy manga Negima is set to receive an “anime feature”, tentatively set to be released in 2011. Based on earlier comments by Kodansha producer Yoichi Ishomoto, some are speculating that a Negima theatrical adaptation is in the works. This is only conjecture, however, as details are still scarce.

Akamatsu is, naturally, no stranger to adaptations of his works. Negima alone has thus far spawned two TV anime series, four OVA sets, a live-action series, a spin-off manga and a musical. However, thus far, these adaptation have all been disappointments, and by many accounts failed to live up to the original manga. Hopefully, this new project can reverse that trend.

In the meantime, here’s a little Yue to keep us me company. (^_^)

–Via ANN