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Bakacast – Tragic Piano Accident

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Yes, I know this Bakacast is a week late. I'd try to excuse it by saying I have a magazine internship, but if I'm being honest with myself then the real problem is playing too much Dragon Age: Origins. So, bad.

Anyway, we introduce yet another show into our review lineup this week: Suite PreCure. I haven't watched it yet, so for now it'll just be Jon, Glen and Thomas discussing it. But rest assured, I'll catch up eventually.

In other news, Bakacast finally has an official e-mail address! Since Feedburner is telling me we have over 100 subscribers (wow), I figured it was about time we joined the rest of the big-boy podcasts and get an inbox where you can send comments and questions for us to read on the air. So if you'd like to chime in, send an e-mail to bakacast(at)projectharuhi(dot)net.

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About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Last year was my first convention experience; Anime Expo. Damn, I was a machine; the amount of ground I covered from 9am to nearly 1am… Hopefully, or with proper planning, I’ll be able to cover more this year and actually share the experince this time. Dusty’s feeling is the same as mine with the maid cafe. It actually reminds me when I worked at Subway and Quiznos in a reverse role; “Yeah, yeah… put those olives on there… Yeah that’s it, smooth out the mustard. Yeah… just like that. I like that…” ::shivers::
    It isn’t always a smooth ride at the bigger cons, either! Let me tell you, the taller they are the harder they fall, and oh do they fall.
    And hey, if I come across any of the Bakacast crew I’ll buy ya an moe omelette (and a password to the Outlaw party 😉

    Remember when Bandai said K-On! was going to have LEs of the single volumes on DVD? lol
    I was hoping they throw in a CD or iron-on shirt or something. Ah, well. At least we don’t have to worry a Lucky Star Vol. 6 happening again.
    My favorite special edition was with Aksys Games’ release of Record of Agarest War:

    • Oh, yeah, what was the ending music? That was pretty cool.

  • Ryu

    Star driver, a magical girl show?

    Igarashi (the director) certainly considers it to be!

  • Somoking

    first thought
    ohh s*** I’m playing final fantasy 10 again