Second Season of Squid Girl Announced~de geso!

Listen up, foolish humans! Did you think that the beach house was the only land I would conquer~de geso ka? Your naivety will be your undoing~de geso! While you have been watching other inferior anime, I’ve been plotting my second season~de geso. But now that I’ve allowed you all to become complacent, you’ll stand no chance against my superior planning~de geso! I will trample you all and see that you pay for your insolence with your – wait, Sanae, stop it! I’m giving a speech here! Get off of me!

Ahem. I thought I would at least  give you humans a fair warning~de geso. I will not reveal the air date of my second season just yet, but it is already far too late for you to stop me~de geso. Enjoy the time you have left, for soon you will bow to your new master, Ika Musume~de geso! If you don’t resist, I may go easy on you~de geso.

In the meantime, I will test your resolve~de geso! If you cannot survive the video below, your body is not ready for Squid Girl season 2~de geso!