Hatsune Miku… IN SPACE!

A figure of Hachune Miku (the chibi version of Hatsune Miku) is set to be launched in a rocket later this month. The rocket, built by the Social Media Satellite Development Project (SOMESAT) will be taking part in the eXtreme Performance Rocket Ships challenge. XPRS, closely linked to AERO-PAC, involves a group of amateur rocketeers who frequently meet in the Nevada Desert and attempt to win one of several rocket launching contests. Entries into the event are varied, covering everything from minature replica Patriot missiles to Astro Boy.

This year, SOMESAT will attempt to launch a rocket containing a figure of Hachune Miku, complete with a mechanism designed to make her wave her spring onion back and forth during flight. The catch? The rocket is only projected to reach an altitude of two miles, well below the boundary of space. It looks like Hatsune’s interplanetary voyage will have to wait. If SOMESAT has their way, however, then Earth’s first ambassador to the stars might be this.

Perhaps she can say hi to The Crescendolls while she’s up there.

Ironically enough, the location where the XPRS contest takes place is known as Black Rock Desert. How poetic.

Naturally, this entire story brings to mind a Miku song… in this case, the one entitled Space Ship.

–Via ANN and XPRS