Yamakan and Vocaloid Join Forces

Yamamoto Yutaka, the famous director of the first Haruhi season, as well as his studio Ordet, have announced that they are producing an “anime project” for the Vocaloid song Black Rock Shooter. Although the format of the project is unrevealed, speculation is leaning towards an animated music video for the song. The anime is due for release next April, although a “pilot version” will be released on September 30th. This pilot release, which includes a CD single and a booklet with anime artwork, also includes a DVD (or Blu-ray) that may contain a preview of the anime.

Here are some screenshots from the project, which can also be viewed on the Black Rock Shooter website.

Finally, here is the vocaloid song in question. (Note: Although Miku is the one singing, the character being visually portrayed is NOT Miku.)

–Via ANN and Canned Dogs