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I want you all to know that I waited to play Dragon Age 2 so I could get the podcast edited immediately. You see the sacrifices I make for you people?

Anyway, we're a little lighter on reviews and heavier on news because of the terrible one-two punch of natural disasters that recently hit Japan. If you'd like to help out, the link on the top of the sidebar will take you to a list of large and trustworthy organizations (such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army) that you can donate to. Since plenty of news organizations have covered the disaster better than we can, we instead focus on what it might mean for the short-term future of the anime industry. And on a lighter subject, we discuss FUNimation's HorribleSubs gaffe. After our typical review segment (minus the Star Driver love party, sadly), we go off on some of our wildest tangents to date thanks to your seemingly straightforward listener questions.

  • 2:04 - Earthquake aftermath
  • 13:07 - FUNimation uses HorribleSubs
  • 20:15 - Madoka Magic #10
  • 25:03 - Gosick #10
  • 31:25 - Level E #10
  • 38:26 - Fractale #8
  • 47:13 - Wandering Son #8
  • 56:16 - Macross Frontier #15 & #16
  • 1:11:00 - Listener questions

I reference a couple things during the listener questions segment that you might like to check out. Fast Karate for the Gentlemen ripped apart both the anime and live-action versions of Blood: The Last Vampire (be warned that, unlike Bakacast, they use explicit language). As for the "Cage Rage" podcasts I mentioned, you can find every single one by clicking these handy links. Consider them your course materials for Nic Cage 101. There will be a test. It will not be open book.

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Wow, that was long. Do you guys follow a script or just go with the flow?

    LOL@ “Computer hard drives do not like to be shook” But why was the Fractale review cut short by a sudden Heavy Rain review (40:00) 🙁 ? The protaganist lying in Heavy Rain through this THOUGHTS was way over the top. If Fractale were to explan everything now, half the fun would be lost. It’s only the air of mystery that’s keeping me (and several others) watching at this point. The plot is terribly paced.

    • Anonymous

      We have a specific order we do things in, but what we actually talk about during those segments is pretty off-the-cuff.

      As for Fractale, is it actually fun for you to not be told crucial information when it would give you a better understanding of the main characters and their motivation? If so, you and I must have very different ideas of what makes an entertaining narrative. The fact that the mystery is the only thing keeping you watching the show is a very, very bad thing and simply proves my point that lazy writers and directors use mysteries to hide dull, boilerplate narratives. It’s a cheap parlor trick.

      If Sherlock Holmes, the epitome of the mystery genre, hadn’t had interesting characters that could work well in a variety of narratives, then nobody would remember it. Doyle’s books would have just faded into obscurity with the rest of the dime-a-dozen mystery stories.

  • Have you seen Kick Ass? Cage was …good in that. Really, it was the role that he halfway understood and wasn’t beyond his abilities. He wasn’t some “action” star with a new wig this time (well, it was probably a really good comb-over). A straight-laced father who takes his fantasy of a super hero and brings it to life. I can’t think of any anime series that comes close to that. Madoka Magic?

    That question about adapting settings into anime series reminded me of two things:

    Hey, about an anime TV movie biography of Nicholas Cage?
    Keiju no Ougi: Crucify Self on Cross and Die Rising to Heaven!!!!

  • I have a question for you guys, how’d it get burned?

    Thinking of plot things like in Heavy Rain, always make me think of Bionic Commando. That is in Bionic Commando (2009), the hero is looking for his missing wife, but guess what….she’s not missing… Holy crap, your bionic arm is your wife! Oh and there is an army of robot vulture men! This is out of nowhere of course and has no foreshadowing whatsoever.

    • Can’t believe Heavy Rain won an award for best story, yesh… anyway.

      Have you played Silent Hill 2? That was a nutbuster at the ending(s).

      • Heavy Rain is still a good game, that can be fairly intense and is fairly unique compared to most games. Plot did need lots of work, so many plot holes.

        I actually haven’t played any of the Silent Hill games, I am a little scared of horror games. Which I know is silly or maybe is the point of them.

      • Ryu

        Nier should have won that! Oh well, it won the next best thing

        My heart

      • Anonymous

        A niche videogame discussion in the Bakacast comments? I love you guys.

        DarkPrince is right. As much as I burned Heavy Rain in that Fractale review, it was still one of my favorite games of the year. Same thing with Nier. Despite their glaring flaws, they were still far more entertaining and inventive than most other games I’ve played recently.

        Well, other games that aren’t made by Bioware, that is.

      • Jon

        Alan Wake had a better story than Heavy Rain. Better gameplay to, in my humble opinion.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing more novels in general being made into anime series or films. Not just light novels. Lengthy, well structured novels. Anime is kind of going the same road as video games are going right now. They’re being lead by popculture than by being inspired by the greats in literature or any other arts.

    • I know what you mean, but even then most of the time it isn’t any good. I like Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo quite a bit, which I think is a good example. And then sometimes we get things like Dante’s Inferno, the animation and the game. Incidentally the only thing I remember about it is that Dante gets shoved up Cerberus’s anus which isn’t really a good thing to be remembered by.

      • Anonymous

        I played through all of Dante’s Inferno. It was…actually pretty bland. It could have at least been an interesting experiment if the art team had gone nuts with each circle of Hell. Unfortunately, the Lust level was really the only one that showed sparks of creativity. The rest were pretty generic “We ripped this straight from every Hades excursion in God of War”-type levels.

        Honestly, as much as the idea of adapting some of my favorite novels is (Prince Valentine’s Castle would probably work well as an animated series, actually), I’d rather they just come up with original stuff. You know, like Madoka, Squid Girl and Star Driver.

        (Yes, I realize the irony of that statement when one of my favorite shows of this season is Level E.)

    • Jon

      Wasn’t Dante’s Inferno mainly an American project? I mean, they got Production IG and Manglobe to help… but they only did three of the eleven segments, if memory serves correctly.

    • @Prince and Jon: Call me crazy since I’m sure you heard of this game; Deadly Premonition. It was compared to Heavy Rain (and to an extent Alan Wake), but it was a bit overshadowed because it was a budget title. Still, with the comparators stacked and all, I found DP infinity more interesting and charming – I should mention the gameplay will drive you bonkers, but it still won me over somehow. If you do manage to come across it, don’t let the first 20 minutes scare you 😛

    • @Jon

      Yeah, it was a mix of American, Korean, and Japanese animation.

  • Ryu

    They are also making an anime about bizarro economics!

    Also, gg’s saying that Star Driver is showing on Sunday.

  • Fullmetalninja1

    In your comments on Blood: the Last Vampire, I only had one problem. I agreed with you, but then you didn’t know why they put the kick-a japanese schoolgirl/ demon slayer/ vampire with the annoying American girl/sidekick? it was so she could deliver the punch-line at the end of the movie. remember her name was Alice? at the end of the movie, she says Saya is “still looking for a way to the other side of the looking glass.” which, is so cliche its laughable.

  • Hate-Chan

    Did anyone want to punch Kyuubey in the face when he said, “Well, this world is going to be destroyed by the Madoka Witch. Not like it’s my problem or anything.”

  • Yano

    Great podcast. Just wanted to point out that the Colour Rangers are actually elementary/primary school students, not middle school.