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SHAFT Postpones Release of Madoka


My translation of this article:

2011/3/15 Volume 1 BD/DVD Postponement Notice

We offer our heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected in the Touhoku Pacific region.
Because of the earthquake, there are power shortages and issues with distribution. We were planning to release Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 1 on March 30th. Because of the situation, we have decided to postpone its release.

We deeply apologize for the large amount of trouble this will cause everyone, but we ask that you please understand and cooperate with us. Please check Aniplex's official site from now on for updates regarding the release date.

You've probably already heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It's obvious things like this would happen, since frankly there are much better things to allocate limited power and resources to than manufacturing and shipping anime DVD's. Madoka's preorder statistics indicate that it could end up becoming the best selling anime series of all time, so I can only imagine how tough this decision must have been for SHAFT. This news is disappointing to say the least, but it's great that they have their priorities so well established.

If you'd like to join SHAFT and do your part to help Japan recover, follow the link under Japan Earthquake and Tsunami at the top of our sidebar.

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  • It’s no surprise, almost everything is at a stand still in Japan right now. It might take weeks or even a month or two before things even try to be normal again.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the tsunami was the result of the Earth raging over Kyubey too. Evil little bastard.

    –Donated $5 to the Red Cross just to feel better about making that joke–

  • I pray with all my heart that the Japanese pull through. Not for my own selfish anime desires, but for those poor souls to somehow recover from this tragedy. I honestly felt hurt when I saw a tide of PEOPLE just washing up along the coast. My deepest condolences, Japan.

    On a side note, Glen, I find another Haibane Renmei fan 😀 !

  • Jon

    The bigger question is, how will SHAFT be able to keep animating their shows with the rolling blackouts? Having your power cut for six hours a day makes it damn near impossible to run an animation studio, not to mention any other kind of business. And, according to the government, these blackouts may continue through April…

    • Madoka is already in the can. Electromagnetic Wave Girl, on the other hand… honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole spring season is delayed. NHK has already pushed back Moshidora, which was supposed to premier yesterday. Nichojou may not be affected simply because of where Kyoto Animation is located, but for everything based in Tokyo, they’re pretty much limited to storyboarding and script work. Unless they have boxes full of old cels lying around and they power up a generator to photograph and edit them, nobody’s going to be animating anything for a while.

      • Jon

        There are two possibilities. One, they can outsource even MORE animation work to Korea in order to make up for the crippling of Tokyo’s studios. Problem is, once those jobs go to Korea, they’re not coming back. Second, they can try flipping their schedule and do their animation work during the night, when the power is on.

      • “Work day is now from 8pm to 4am – adjust everything else in your life accordingly.”

        Imagining Japanese companies doing that is so easy that it’s a little depressing.

      • Anonymous

        I heard Gosick was gonna be experiencing delays. If alot of your animes are like this, you may run out of animes to review.

        WHo knows… you might end up reviewing… Index! -shudder-

      • Everyone shut up so we can continue the action scene.

        There, that’s my review of both Index series.