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Bakacast – Winter Wrap Up

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Welcome to the last Bakacast of the winter season. It seems like only yesterday that we watched those first episodes, huh?

Jon wasn't able to join us, so we kicked Fractale out the door, bid fond farewell to Wandering Son and Level E, and hosted our last Star Driver Love Party without him. We then start the first round of spring season reviews with a pretty respectable amount of anime. Expect the list, as always, to be cut in half by the time we figure out which shows we want to stick with.

And which shows we can convince each other to watch.

We cover:

All you bronies out there should appreciate the songs I chose for this episode.

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Dozens of new shows to choose from…. why do I do this to myself? Dusty you’re correct in one thing were are dedicated? Maybe too dedicated…

  • Larry is a jack of all trades! Hey, if you can still swing DEM HIPS we can partner up as a duo for a Chippendales audition.
    I’m actually on the same boat as Glen, with the oddjobs and rocking out on my Squire Strat on top of slowly learning Japanese. I used to work at Quiznos and Subway. It was disgusting. “Yeah, put olives on that, baby… Yeah, that’s it. Spread the mustard smooooothly… Oh~, that looks so good. Yeah, I like that. I’m so hungry right now.” Can you imagine hearing that everyday of your life? I still have nightmares each night.

    For each of the episodes you slapped the salami with, I’d say the second episodes get much stronger, especially Nichijo and Steins;Gate.

    • Jon

      Sandwiches have never been so sexy. <3

  • I enjoyed Wandering Son, it was a neat little show, and thanks to it I shall be picking up the manga when it comes out in July.

    Star Driver, great last episode, and I agree with your score. I am kind glad I did get to watch it weekly as I am not sure I would enjoy it as much marathoning it with all the samey type of episodes the show had (robot fights mainly). I would still recommend Shin Mazinger Z before it though for super robot fans.

    X-men is enjoyable so far, I love the robot deigns they are doing. I don’t know if it just the ending credits, but they do show Magneto and Mystique, so I wonder if they will be appearing as well.

    Tiger & Bunny is fun so far, I actually enjoyed the second episode a bit more the first even if the second episode does have a little cheese.

    As for the stuff I am watching, I would rank in order of enjoyment: Kaiji 2, Enma-kun, Tiger & Bunny, and X-men. The only other shows I am looking foreword to is Deadman Wonderland and C.

  • Mallory

    Wrooong…that’s a field hockey bat!

    • Ryu

      Welp guys time to pack it in looks like the NHA finally found out about this little racket.