Bakacast – The Dark Side of Yuri

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We go back to basics on this episode of Bakacast with just Glen, Larry and me on hosting duties. We even bring back the poor, neglected news segment to look deep within ourselves and wonder if we would pay upwards of $150 to find a wife. The answer is a definitive “Probably not, but I won’t rule it out.”

Of course, we review some anime, too, finally freeing ourselves from the bondage of Battle Girls (it wasn’t even the fun, “let’s experiment” kind of bondage). Plus, Gosick proves it doesn’t even know how light works, Tiger & Bunny could be more accurately titled Bunny, Deadman Wonderland shows similar problems to Highschool of the Dead (but without any of the “entertaining” parts), and Steins;Gate once again saves the week.

We cover:

  • 2:06OtaRen, the otaku dating service
  • 11:33 Gosick #17
  • 21:52Tiger & Bunny #7 (the comic was actually from PvP, not Shortpacked; sorry, Scott Kurtz!)
  • 30:26 Hanasaku Iroha #7
  • 37:28Battle Girls #7 (dropped)
  • 44:42Steins;Gate #7
  • 52:20AnoHana #5
  • 57:21Deadman Wonderland #5 (dropped)
  • 1:02:56 [C] #5
  • 1:14:49Listener questions

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