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Karen of The Otakusphere joins us again for this week's episode and gives us what's probably the only recap of Astarotte's Toy we'll ever hear (or pay attention to).

Since we've executed several shows over the last couple episodes, we bring back the "What have you been playing/reading/watching?" segment that I really should find a more clever and concise name for. Then we get right to our review segment, which includes one of the most miraculous events ever witnessed. No, it's not the Rapture; you couldn't download this podcast if that had actually happened. It was something even more unexpected: we give Gosick a perfect score.

Did I just blow your mind? No?

Well, then it'll probably later get blown away when we discuss how bad Tiger & Bunny and AnoHana managed to be. I feel like you really have to work to come up with dialogue and plotlines that terrible.

We cover:

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About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows... the more outrageous the plot, the better!
  • Marcomax

    If you want to find out some information on Funimation or the industry, I would recommend looking at the podcast at anime news network. I know there are specific episodes on this. I don’t know your opinion on the site but it’s still worth checking out.

    • Anonymous

      I want information on American-licensed anime BR/DVD sales more than anything else.

  • Ryu

    Man, so many ones this episode, I hope the next season is a little better for you guys.

    Also, thanks for at giving Deadman a read, I think what you said was a fair assessment.

    What really annoyed the hell out me with C is that Kimimaro had no real motive to enter that battle other than some vague pep speech given by Mikuni considering the stakes. Also I hope they don’t do that “falling in love with your pokemon” that occasionally crops up in this kind of series because uuuuugh

    • Ryu

      As an addition to the previous post, I think the Hummingbird panel shows where our tolerances for vulgarity lie, see when I saw that panel I was like “wow that’s some seriously badass trash talking” and began reading DW.

    • Karen

      What are you “wooaaaah!”-ing about? I MUST KNOW!

    • Ryu

      Just didn’t realise how creepy Lotte’s toy actually is, or that anyone would watch it.

  • Steins;Gate – since the odds of one becoming one gender or the other is theoridcally 50/50, couldn’t they just keep trying till Ruka becomes a female? Doesn’t seem too complicating.

    “What doesn’t Funimation advertise?”

    Nani? Well, I tend to notice their banner ads when I don’t have ad block turned on 😉
    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think many channels air a slot of anime anymore. Just yesterday SciFi (wank to that other name) appears to not carry anime series at all past June. It just isn’t feasible. Anime companies, Tokyopop at least, tried doing ads on TV for manga right at the height of the anime boom and look how that turned out.
    Expecting to grab a new audience right now on TV for a industry with a rubberband ball of issues – good luck, and goodbye. Maybe start airing quality series on TV again, maybe then, but I don’t see it happening. TV feels like a different animal than it was ten, five years ago. Maybe also because companies are also trying to wrap their hands around online streaming, and who really knows how well that is doing for them. Companies probably just want to keep a stream of consistent income. Why risk anything now?

    This is an interesting question because I just finished watching the latest episode of Nichijou and thought, “man, I would LOVE to see this air on a prime time slot on Sundays on Fox” just to see what people say. Call me crazy but I think it would find a cult audience. OH, you smirk, but Fox used to air some of the most WACK shows that turned into cult classics; Wonderfalls, The Tick, Firefly, Arrested Development, that X-Files spin-off, Tidus, etc. Can a brotha’ dream?!

    I don’t want to be one of “those guys”, but you haven’t seen FLCL? :/

    Since no beats were dropped, I grabbed this from this season’s Maria†Holic Alive:

    • Anonymous

      >Well, I tend to notice their banner ads when I don’t have ad block turned on 😉
      Oh yes, they do tend to advertise online, which is cheaper but less effective. Most of the time I see their ads on ANN, not really anywhere else. I don’t care if you advertise online, as a matter of fact, it can be very profitable if you advertise on the right site, but they don’t. They advertise on ANN or other anime-related websites, which is completely retarded, because a) ANN announces licensing and release dates either way, and b) Nearly everybody who goes on ANN already knows about the show in question’s existence and therefore will decide whether or not they want to go ahead and buy the DVDs or the Blu-Rays based on whether or not they liked what they saw when it was simulcasted. Their advertisement campaigns are as effective as preaching the merits of Roman Catholicism to the citizens of the Vatican; congratulations, you’ve successfully and literally preached to the choir!

      And it’s not like they aren’t airing new anime shows on TV. Adult Swim has just announced that they’re going to air Durarara!! in June, SyFy, despite the rumors (confirmed? No?) that they’re dropping their anime segments in June, are going to air Star Blazers of all things, and G4 has planned to air all of the bastardizations of Marvel comics anime on their channel, thereby proving to me that they’re placing crappy shows on their scheduled lineup on purpose. These facts alone not only prove that G4 is run by a council of intoxicated monkeys, but that anime is still considered a potentially profitable venture to some TV channels. And yes, Dusty was right when he said that you couldn’t advertise Strike Witches on Fox without an angry mob wearing 18th century American Revolution clothing chasing you off the edge of the Earth, but you don’t have to advertise idiotic series that shouldn’t have been licensed in the first place. Spice and Wolf, Code Geass, and Haruhi Suzumiya could be advertised or even air on TV without much controversy, along with the Eva movies, and and Funimation would profit greatly, especially off of Code Geass which retains its popularity despite being a storyline trainwreck. For Bandai, I don’t see why they don’t try out Gundam on some other channels. Gundam Wing’s ratings beat out every show in and outside of the Toonami Block on Cartoon Network alone. Turn A Gundam would be a major hit! The Universal Century series may be a bit risky, but since ZZ Gundam isn’t licensed (thank god) it wouldn’t matter at all! Zeta Gundam would be amazing to watch on TV! And hey, why not throw K-On onto Disney Channel? I can guarantee that despite its faults, K-On is much better than Hannah Montana.

      >Tokyopop at least, tried doing ads on TV for manga right at the height of the anime boom and look how that turned out.
      Why did they advertise a manga when they were going to drop the series after it sells less? They were a trainwreck throughout the 21st Century.

      >Maybe also because companies are also trying to wrap their hands around online streaming, and who really knows how well that is doing for them.
      It isn’t doing well; nobody likes to stream 360p low quality episodes, and nobody likes to pay $60 for a Blu-Ray/DVD, so until they understand that, they’ll be plagued by torrents, and even if they solved those problems, they would still have fansubbers. And that’s great, because again, one of the only reasons why people buy the anime in the first place is because they’ve seen it before.

      >Why risk anything now?
      Because there’s no way that they’ll survive in the long run if they don’t take any risks at all. Why not try and get an anime on TV? Perhaps a long anime, not just a short series, and have short series placed on at certain times of the year? I’m pretty sure advertising to teens about something that said demographic would be attracted to would be more profitable than doing near-nothing at all. I’m also sure that maybe selling digital copies of anime on iTunes or some other digital media service would be better for them? I mean, I go on /a/, and if they don’t pirate, their next biggest outlet for anime is Netflix. Why not expand into the digital market? And how about translating light novels and manga and put them up for eReaders? It’s already being done in the case of manga, but not on any measurable scale, and I’m sure Raildex fans would love to buy a high-quality translation of their crappy story online, not to mention the already published ones like Spice and Wolf and Haruhi Suzumiya. There are so many different ways that could bring a profit for anime corporations, but they aren’t indulging in those opportunities or investing in newer media, and that’s not just incompetent, that’s downright retarded.

    • The way I personally see it, the anime industry is already backed into a corner possibly avoiding from collapsing to the point where one, maybe two companies sticking around (it seems some argue that’s basically how it is now, anyway).
      What you want to see is the industry flourish again, sort of like it almost did just a few years ago, right? I don’t know. I’m kind of glad (and surprised) it’s at where it is now after ADV dropped out. Series aren’t being over saturated, and although the pace is slow at least it’s not conducting itself the same way it did that got them way, way ahead of themselves.

      I actually agree with you about gaining a new audience in advertising in other areas. That is what they should have done five, ten years ago. Now, though… I don’t know. Of course marketing takes risks, but now it just seems too risky. It would be interesting to hear what Funi’s and other accounts about these ideas – which I’m sure they’ve kicked around the idea at some point time and again.

      I see your point, though. Video games are mainly my focus, and I read the insides and out of this industry. A lot of it is so tangled in political and “traditional” B.S. that I really, really wouldn’t mind if the industry took a hit to scale things back a bit. I want to see some things gone, so the smaller companies can flourish ’cause I honestly don’t like the state of the industry right now. But, that’s how it’s gonna be and we romantics just gotta stick with it at least a while longer! My only hope is that the video game industry can peel itself away from trying to mirroring the movie industry and try to conduct itself like the music one, where the smaller labels are able to succeed in their own right as opposed to the hit-or-miss practice that Hollywood fallows where the heavy hits can make or break you. It’s amazing how games manage to sell for the prices they go for these days, yet, it still isn’t enough to cover the cost of making them. The way it is now, regardless of how big or small your game company is, you have to sell dozens of thousands of units (seems to pin around 50-80k~ on average) to be a break even. To me, that is INSANE. I just feel something has to give, at some point, sooner or later. We’ll see.

      BTW, I just found out that Yuu Kobayashi voices Ruka in Steins;Gate.
      Man, just when I couldn’t think this character couldn’t get smexier!

  • Diz1992

    AnoHana and Tiger & Bunny bad woah hold your horses there son.  

  • Anonymous

    I think you gave Ano Hana a way lower score than it deserved, i would have given it a 3, or at least a three.
    During the school scene, the student did not know she was sexually assaulted, from their point of view she went in to the hotel and had sex with the guy. That’s how rumors work.

    Also from Jintan’s point of view she could have as well, not everyone witnessed what happened.
    And i doubt she would have just told everyone.

    And i dont really see how doing what their doing now is not a part of the main story, as menma’s wish is most likely for them to become friends/closer/get over Menma. wouldn’t scenes of them getting closer be the plot?

    of course you guys can have opinions, i just wanted to say this.

    this is my favorite show this season and hearing it get a 1 is really shocking, though il agree this episode was not as good as episode 4 or 5, but its still my pretty good imo.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, there are ways you could justify what happened in the school, but it just seems incredibly contrived to me. She NEVER denied the rumor? She never tried to tell her friends what really happened, even though one of her friends was a witness? NO ONE IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL seems to have a differing opinion? Even Jintan basically calls her a slut?

      And what was the point of throwing her under a bus, anyway? So she could somehow be charmed by Jintan’s speech that, in the real world, would just make the situation much worse for both of them?

      I see so few decent female characters in anime that it hurts to see one with so much potential get piled on like that.

    • My issue wasn’t with the problem, it was with the solution. The rumor is that she’s doing compensated dating ( Jinta proceeds to tell everyone that, while she may be sleeping around, she’s most certainly not being paid for it, so it’s no big deal. The fact that she seems perfectly fine with him stating this to the entire class and even laughs about it with him afterwards is what really bothered me.

  • Sicnee

    Goddamit Hate-chan why are you here?

    • Anonymous

      Are you from… /a/ by any chance?

    • Jon

      Tripfags gonna trip.

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus I didn’t think you were on /a/ at all. Hot damn, you’ve surprised me. In any case, how is Foolie Coolie or however you spell it? I saw one episode on Adult Swim yesterday and I had no idea how to react at all.

    • Jon

      Yeah, I’m the anon who’s been trying to revive the K-ON! generals. Haven’t been banned yet, so yay.

      FLCL is quite possibly my favorite anime of all time. Then again, I’m a huge fan of avant garde stuff, so take that as you will.

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus I see you’ve had better luck with that than I had, I’m afraid. Guess I should add spoilers. I mean, for Madoka’s sake, the Strike Witches and the Raildex General were the two last survivors of the Anti-General War, and the former literally has nothing to talk about, so why not an anime that generates some kind of substantial discussion?
    Apologies if I sound a tad peeved. Being banned for a week isn’t fun. 

    And avant-garde sounds like the right description for FLCL. I’ll probably give it a shot after I watch Durarara and/or get past episode 30 of Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    • Jon

      Basically, the current strategy seems to be creating general threads that aren’t actually called “generals” and putting spoilered pastebin links somewhere near the top. It’s worked well so far… the threads stay live for around 24 hours before hitting the bump limit. The janitors/mods seem content to look the other way as long as we don’t call them “generals.”

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus Interessant. I dropped my trip to make one about six seconds ago with the tactics you had just stated. Have you noticed that KyoAni did a better job with K-On than Kakifly is doing now?

    • Jon

      I did indeed notice. Is >>50021515 the thread you’re referring to? I’ll keep an eye on it.

      Yeah, the original K-ON! Manga is pretty terrible. Much like the original Lucky Star manga, actually.

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus Yes, that is the one. It begs the question on how KyoAni can convert crap to gold. They’re like anime Alchemists or something.

    • Jon

      If that thread 404s, I’ll make one without the pastebin in the OP. Generally, to indicate a general, I’ll stick the phrase “All moebros welcome” in spoilers. It’s our seekrit code.

      Yeah, Kyoani really are the masters of moe. It’s a shame they didn’t grab A Channel… I think it would have been much better under their control.

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus Precisely, though I have a feeling that whenever those fanservicey moments come round, they’ll convert the kinky stuff into something like a bowl. Either way, after seeing Strawberry Panic, it’d be nice to see a yuri anime done well. 
    Unfortunately, despite their moe prowess, they haven’t been able to do well by Nichijou. Why I’m still watching it is beyond me.

  • John Crichton

    Another great Episode guys. you know, you guys should get a Bakacast facebook page. just a thought

    • Anonymous

      You know, you reminded me to say something. I guess it’s because John Crichton was the author of Jurassic Park, which involved bringing creatures dead for millions of years back to life, which reminded me of how long a time that is, which reminded me of Mikuru Asahina, which reminded me to tell the Haruhi fans on this site who purchases the light novels that I stopped by at my local Borders store and found a copy of Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya about a week or two before it came out, so if any of you guys have a Borders that didn’t close, I’d check it out.

      Endless Eight: so much better on paper. Like communism; great idea on paper, horrible execution (in a literal and political sense), and felt like the timespan involved with seeing it start up and go away lasted much longer than it did.

    • The author of Jurrassic Park is Michael Crichton.

    • Jon

      John Crichton is the main character of Farscape.

    • John Crichton

      gosh, make one genius remark, and get five replies about something totally different.

      Farscape rocks. just sayin

  • It’s good to know I’m a “guest” now, not a “special guest”.  Thank you so much, Dustin.  I’m moving up in the world.

  • Dayriff

    Gosick – Apparently this episode crammed the plot of an entire light novel into one episode.  I think they were forced by scheduling so that they’d have enough episodes left to cover the final two books.  That might explain the quality; with so little room they had to take only the cream of the book and discard everything else.

    Tiger & Bunny – Did you know that T&B is 25 episodes?  That solves a lot of my concerns about pacing and the way they’ve been taking their time giving out info on the rest of the Heroes.  Which, I’ll agree this was a pretty lame spotlight ep, but it’s nice that all the Heroes will apparently get one.  The Hero Academy was a neat bit of worldbuilding as well.

    Hanasaku Iroha – My take is the management consultant girl is someone the uncle has an irrational attachment to (whether romantic or she’s just his friend), and no amount of failures will convince him that she’s not a genius.  No one else likes her, but what can you do?  He’s the landlady’s son and second-in-command, and even Grandma seems to have given up arguing about it.  That’s actually fairly realistic.

    AnoHana – I’ve decided that the core problem with AnoHana is that whatever the core issue is with Menma, they could probably have resolved that in two or three episodes.  And they will, probably in the last episode, because I’m sure whatever it is isn’t some complicated plot that needs a lot of resolution.  It’s probably a personal revelation of some sort.  So that means that the other 90% of the anime is just messing around with the characters, trying to get you to care about them.  They aren’t progressing the plot because there’s nowhere for it to progress to until they’re ready to end the anime.

    BTW, I agree with Larry.  A-Channel got better, and the characters became more multi-dimensional.  For instance, it turns out that in her own first year class Tooru (the short girl in the sweater if you don’t recall) is this perfect student that has her own fans.  She’s a very different person than she is with Run.

  • Anonymous

    @FatPianoBoy:disqus Oh, right. Well the surname was accurate at the very least.

  • Anonymous

    @Ritsu:disqus Oh, it’s that Australian Sci-Fi show. I haven’t been too into live-action lately, save for Doctor Who where I got to see the greatness that is the Ninth Doctor, and now I’m onto Christmas Invasion with the Tenth one.
    P.S: Three word warning for final Oreimo: