Bakacast – Ne, Victorique!


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Karen of The Otakusphere joins us again for this week’s episode and gives us what’s probably the only recap of Astarotte’s Toy we’ll ever hear (or pay attention to).

Since we’ve executed several shows over the last couple episodes, we bring back the “What have you been playing/reading/watching?” segment that I really should find a more clever and concise name for. Then we get right to our review segment, which includes one of the most miraculous events ever witnessed. No, it’s not the Rapture; you couldn’t download this podcast if that had actually happened. It was something even more unexpected: we give Gosick a perfect score.

Did I just blow your mind? No?

Well, then it’ll probably later get blown away when we discuss how bad Tiger & Bunny and AnoHana managed to be. I feel like you really have to work to come up with dialogue and plotlines that terrible.

We cover:

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