Lucky Star Figma Fever: Summer Vs Winter?

You know that glowing feeling you revel in after going to an anime festival? Well that lasts only a month unless you have something real to show for it. In this case, I was happy to come home from Manifest with a few Good Smile Lucky Star Winter Version Figmas to complete my collection. Was not really my intention to buy them, but am sure glad I splurged. However, the lovely Good Smile Company has decided to release a new range of Lucky Star Figmas in order to continue tempting absolute fan boys like myself. Now that all the girls have been announced, the only thing holding me back from acquiring is my potentially fatal lack of money…

Which set do you like more? ^^

What is different about these girls is their uniforms. Summer has come and gone in Japan, and of course all the school girls are in their summer uniforms, Lucky Star girls included. This means short sleeves! Hooray!

Now I am a Figma fan, therefore I have no issues with the exposed joints and other issues people may have. Believe me, when you have them out of the box, all set up in a cute pose, you never notice these little details. So even though the girls’ uniforms are short sleeves, meaning exposed arm complete with elbow and wrist joints, I don’t care. GSC have done a really good job in making each complete figurine so very cute that, like I mentioned earlier, you will never notice the ungainly joints. Especially if you have them in a group pose as highlighted in the photos!

So lets say, theoretically, I am handed a wad of cash from an unknown savior to buy these lovely ladies. I would have to refuse ‘cos my favorite character, Kagami, looks weird. Her face is…wrong. I cannot quite put my finger on it but her chin is not right, its more dumpy and angular when compared to the winter version I have right here in front of me. Believe me, the shape of their faces are different, I am not just being a pedantic fan boy! Also, the faces supplied with the new version of Kagami do not represent her personality. Between the two versions, I definitely believe the original winter offering  is more faithful to the original character.

To buy a figurine you must want it as soon as you see the photo online. It was like this for me when I first laid eyes on winter Kagami, but alas not so for the summer uniform equivalent. Tsukasa, Konata, and Miyuki are as cute as ever, but without Kagami, this set falls flat for me.

So am I disappointed? Yes, I guess so, but I realised after taking that group photo (see above, second photo), I didn’t care one bit. They are win, oh so much win ^^.

–via Good Smile Company