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Karen got hit by a nasty cold and wasn’t feeling well enough to come on the podcast (how dare she prioritize her health over talking to some jerks about anime), so we asked frequent-guest Thomas to be our fourth host so we wouldn’t feel so lonely.

As usual, I use our “Whatcha Been Doin'” segment to talk about videogames, specifically Duke Nukem Forever and how terrible it is. Spoiler: it’s pretty terrible. We also bring back the news segment to discuss Zac Bertschy’s High School of the Dead review. Turns out it’s one of those rare gems that can actually be improved by the Manga Entertainment method of dubbing.

Speaking of things that are hilariously stupid, Glen, Thomas and I give our impressions on the episodes of Soft Tennis we managed to watch, pick apart X-Men, wonder how much more dumb Ohana of Hanasaku Iroha can possibly get, and console ourselves with the fact that AnoHana is almost over.

Also, we tackle the (not-so-anymore-)controversial question of what is anime, really?

We cover:

  • 2:53 – Whatcha Been Doin’
  • 11:21 – News stories
  • 16:33Soft Tennis general impressions
  • 23:56Gosick #21
  • 30:46X-Men #10
  • 35:44Hanasaku Iroha #11
  • 44:01Steins;Gate #11
  • 52:48AnoHana #9
  • 59:14[C] #9
  • 1:06:05 – Listener questions

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