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Karen got hit by a nasty cold and wasn't feeling well enough to come on the podcast (how dare she prioritize her health over talking to some jerks about anime), so we asked frequent-guest Thomas to be our fourth host so we wouldn't feel so lonely.

As usual, I use our "Whatcha Been Doin'" segment to talk about videogames, specifically Duke Nukem Forever and how terrible it is. Spoiler: it's pretty terrible. We also bring back the news segment to discuss Zac Bertschy's High School of the Dead review. Turns out it's one of those rare gems that can actually be improved by the Manga Entertainment method of dubbing.

Speaking of things that are hilariously stupid, Glen, Thomas and I give our impressions on the episodes of Soft Tennis we managed to watch, pick apart X-Men, wonder how much more dumb Ohana of Hanasaku Iroha can possibly get, and console ourselves with the fact that AnoHana is almost over.

Also, we tackle the (not-so-anymore-)controversial question of what is anime, really?

We cover:

  • 2:53 - Whatcha Been Doin'
  • 11:21 - News stories
  • 16:33 - Soft Tennis general impressions
  • 23:56 - Gosick #21
  • 30:46 - X-Men #10
  • 35:44 - Hanasaku Iroha #11
  • 44:01 - Steins;Gate #11
  • 52:48 - AnoHana #9
  • 59:14 - [C] #9
  • 1:06:05 - Listener questions

If you would like to submit listener questions for a future episode, you can email them to bakacast[at], @reply them to Project Haruhi's Twitter account using the hashtag #bakacast, or leave them in the comments below.

About Dustin

Dustin (aka Stilts) enjoys playing and yelling at video games, especially RPGs. He also likes super robot shows… the more outrageous the plot, the better!

  • Ryu

    Anohana is going to end with Yadomi slow dancing with Menma’s corpse

  • Always bet on Duke! (on not being all that good)
    DNF has  been passed on through at least, I think, three developers so I didn’t expect the quality to transfer over with it – and I mean quality in terms of gameplay ’cause those early games are still really fun. More so than the typical FPS games being released today..
    Oh, and you didn’t have to shoot the two girls – they apparently explode on their own, but I can’t blame you for not waiting, I guess…

    Also, Dusty, careful when you share that bucket of popcorn ;P

    Hanasaku Iroha – I wish the show would have focused more on Ohana and her relationship with her mother. Usually in anime series it’s the young protagonist that we have to watch “teach” the adult, but this time (this ep. at least) the slacker mom was not budging just for the sake of the child. Or maybe I just like children crying? I don’t know. At the this point watching those two is the only meaningful relationship I’ve seen in those show, which is unfortunate…
    Although, seeing Ohana take the time to go out of town on a trip kind of defeats the previous episodes …uh, plot(?) of her not feeling that Kissuiso needs her.

    Man, I am gonna miss these jabs at Jon. Tough love, it’s all tough love♥

    “What is anime?” – I know Batman: The Animated Series and Inspector Gadget were animated (the former, occasionally, iirc) in Japan. Theoretically, I suppose they could fall under what some in the west recognize as “anime”, but I don’t slice and dice that way, personally. I don’t know if there are requirements to be listed to be defined as anime. The way I figure, though, as Dusty mentioned, if an anime production company is behind it, say, Gonzo, then sure. Le anime.
    I wouldn’t even say story or direction feels that strong to me to attach it to the definition of the word we know it as, as the 80s and 90s (my lack of knowledge of animated series and films with the exception of a handful) had an amazing range of animated stories, style and direction that were so unique that I haven’t seen anything produced like that era since, from either western or Japanese animation. Distinguishing from “this is from here and that is from there”, sure, but as a narrative and technique, eh…

    But, what about people from outside Japan that try to create their own manga series? Would the same “rules” apply? Before you answer, check this out:

    You decide.

  • Hanasku Iroha and Gosick do have the same chief writer. Mari Okada. Who also wrote Fractale -_-

    • Ryu



    • She also did the script for Wandering Son. The source material kept her from completely screwing it up, but she definitely tried her best to do it anyway.

    • Anonymous


      Alternatively: VINDICATION!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, go ahead, sing your lungs out! I’ve listened to modern Ozzy Osbourne live concerts, I’ve burned my ears with Hanasaku Iroha’s OP, I’ve suffered the English dub of K-On (albeit for only one episode), and, on r/a/dio, I have heard /a/ attempt to sing Magia and the Nichijou OP! I have bore these crosses before, and I will prove myself once more! Sing, Bakacast! Sing, dare to outdo what has been done to me before! Sing, my choir of reviewers and regular guest hosts! SING, or suffer the chains of gravity weighing down your soul!

    Great podcast, by the way. Interesting to know that the Lion King is considered anime in Japan. I’ve always wanted an anime musical mixed in with Shakespeare.

    • Anonymous

      Well, if you want to be a conspiracy theorist (which is kind of fun on occasion), then The Lion King was already an anime by American standards when it was called Kimba the White Lion.

      I appreciate the Phantom of the Opera reference, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    @StiltsTheGM:disqus That is a ridiculous conspiracy theory, dear sir. Disney was too busy adding subliminal messages about sex into flying leaves and flower petals to blatantly rip off a Japanese lion anime.
    Silly man, I bet you’re not even wearing your Tin Foil Cap Mk. II.

  • Dayriff

    OMG, Ponies in a week!  Thank you.  I’m going to do a rewatch along with the podcast, so let me know what you’re going to start with.  First half hour of the pilot episode?  Both halves of the pilot?

    On “what is anime”, I think you were close but not quite there.  I would define “anime” as animation _produced primarily for a Japanese audience_.  So if a Korean company did animation with Japanese viewers as their target audience it would still be anime.

    Just one comment on Stein’s Gate.  Theoretically both Kuritsu and Mayushi were in danger, but Hououin was only yelling for one of the them as he raced back to the lab….

  • Anonymous

    [Sarcasm]Duke Nukem bad? i didn’t see it coming <.<[/sarcasm]

    I envy you guys(or whoever may be watching it), Trigun is my third favorite anime.

    Why don't you guys/gal watch World God only knows II?
    have any of you watched it (first or second season), if so what are your opinions on it.
    its one of the four animes I'm watching this season.

    • Dayriff

      As I recall, Bakacast reviewed the first episode of the first season of The World God Only Knows, and they dropped it immediately.  In a way I understand.  It’s not really Jon, Glen, or Dustin’s sort of show.  Too niche, focusing on the odd bit of otaku culture known as the dating sim for its inspiration.

      Still, it has one thing going for it I think they would have appreciated.  The male protagonist, Keima, is like a mirror image of nearly every other high school male protagonist.  Instead of being oblivious and stupid, he’s observant and thoughtful.  Instead of passionate-but-humble, he’s cooly self-confident.  Instead of being self-conscious and sincere, Keima couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of him and will shamelessly lie if he thinks it will help.  Instead of being ridiculously generous, he’s self-centered (in a non-comedic, non-jerk way).

      Most oddly at all, for a show revolving around the protagonist romancing girls and helping them solve their emotional problems, Keima is in no way defined by his relationship with women.  Girls neither intimidate nor entice him, and he talks to them like he would any other human being.  (Which is to say, reluctantly.)

      Everytime the crew complains about the terrible male protagonists in anime, I think about how very different the lead of TWGOK is.

    • Karen

      I watch TWGOK, but I’m not caught up on the second season- I think I’m up to ep. 5 or something. Maybe we’ll get into it on the next episode, since typing out my thoughts on it here would be waaaay too long.

    • Our main problem with it was that it was predictable and boring. I liked the premise and the main character, it just wasn’t executed especially well.