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Mobile Suit Gundam could be considered one of the most influential anime of all time. It spawned the real robot genre, introduced serious social topics such as politics and war to its audience, and inspired an endless lineup of spin-offs and model kits that one will have to wait four to six weeks to ship to one's house from Hobby Link Japan. Out of this metaseries, Gundam fans have born witness to the critically acclaimed Zeta Gundam, and wished they never had to endure Sunrise vomiting out SEED Destiny. And now, after a plethora of hit-or-miss alternate universe spin-offs and mountains of model kits, we now see, on the heels of the thirtieth anniversary of the original anime, the debut Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

And I have not met a damn soul who is happy about this.

Is this the end of Gundam as we know it? Find out, after the break.


When the Corocoro Comic released the first images of this upcoming Gundam series onto the Internet, the reactions were negative. From 4chan to YouTube, the Western fanbase cringed at the character designs, reminded of Digimon or possibly even Pokemon: Best Wishes. There was even a rumor circulating that the Gundams were controlled remotely by cell phones, provoking a fan uproar. The old guard ain't happy, and like Jerid watching every one of his love interests die at the hands of Kamille Bidan, they cannot do anything about it.

However, this might not be the death of Gundam as we know it.

For one, the "kiddie anime" many people claim Gundam AGE to be has an intriguing storyline, not to mention a dose of Gundam-trademarked civilian war casualties to spice everything up. Spanning three generations of a "father, child, and a descendant" and a century-long war, this may not be the next Pokemon like so many believe it to be. In 101 A.G., several hundred years after humanity has moved from the planet Earth into the all-too-familiar O'Neill Cylinder space colonies, the united Earth Federation suffers the first military strike by an army of saurian space-mobile suits known only as "UE" (Unknown Enemy, perhaps the most creative name I've heard since Kyon's alias, "John Smith.") Seven years later, our main character Frit Asuno experiences one of these raids, where he watches his mother die under the rubble of their house and the shadow of a UE.. Flashing another seven years later, Frit Asuno, now 14 years old, completes his construction of the first Gundam, the White Savior, just as the Unknown Enemy begins to attack the Nora Space Colony. Gundam AGE may have the art style of a modern day Astro-Boy, but it has not abandoned the franchise's affinity for a high body count.

Is this fire and death, or the blazing light that is the power of friendship?

There's also those nasty little rumors that spread around. In the absence of information, people assume the worst, and plenty of that occured when the Gundam fanbase only had those leaked magazine pictures to stare at scathingly. But even now, stories spread like Minovsky particles; most notably, one rumor claims that that the Gundam will be either be summoned, controlled or activated by a cell phone. Now, when I first heard this, I really hoped that the cell phone would at least be serviced by Verizon, because if it's AT&T exclusive Frit is plum out of luck. But upon further inspection of the internal systems of the "White Savior" in the trailer, that rumor turned out to be a load of crap, much like Char's complete 180 in the movie that bears his name. Instead of the Gundam's car key being a cell phone or, even worse, a god damned USB flash drive, it's some kind of weird block that looks like a Digivice. Wipe the foam away from the sides of your mouth, Gundam fans, this show isn't as stupid as you thought.

That is not a cell phone. That is a Digivice. Learn the difference, haters; it could save your life.

But while it can be said that Gundam AGE isn't the stupid, happy-go-lucky story many believe it to be, it can also be said there's much to be angry about. I've never wanted to drive a beam saber through the chest of anyone more than the original character designer Takuzo Nagano (of Inazuma Eleven GO fame). Hell, I've never been so pissed off at an art designer that I would want to go out of my way to look up his name just so I know who had earned my ire. The presence of aliens are also a little off-putting in any Gundam anime. Gundam 00's attempt to introduce extraterrestrials was not well-recieved. Extraterrestrial warfare belongs to the Macross franchise, not to Gundam. It also can't be said that this probably won't be aimed at a younger audience. Yes, there will be fire and death, but the original Gundam had that too, and that anime was aimed at an audience of children in 1979. While AGE may still have Gundam's trademark anti-war messages, violence and death, it will probably be watered down for the children's sake.

But while I bask in my hatred of Takuzo Nagano, raise an eyebrow towards the "Unknown Enemy" and whoever thought it was a good idea to call them that, and sigh at the age of Frit Asuno (14 when he pilots, 7 when he starts building the damn Gundam), I can always enjoy Gundam Unicorn, an extension of the Universal Century timeline. I can also take solace in the fact that Sunrise will announce yet another Gundam anime in the next week! Life may look depressing at the moment for Gundam fans, but hey, chin up! AGE may not be as bad as previously imagined. And if it is, there's always the next Gundam anime. And even if those are all horrible atrocities, it's great to know we can always watch Gundam Unicorn. So chin up, whistle, and always look on the bright side of life!



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Connor (aka Hate-Chan) is a Gundam fanatic and faithful WWE acolyte. He enjoys kicking his game consoles, making snappy comments, writing stories and drawing pictures.

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  • I never get too hyped about previews or production artwork, but given rollercoaster ride that is being a Gundam fan I can understand if people want to voice their opinions early and often.  Even with the very kiddie character designs, as long as the show is harsh, gloomy and has good action mixed w/ its usual war drama then I’ll be there for the whole ride.  Hell, even if the show is terrible I’ll still finish it eventually (I stopped watching SEED Destiny around the mid 30’s & didn’t finish for two years.  Here’s hoping for something that’s not sh*t, because that’s where I place my bar of expectations at now.

  • Jared

    Very nice preview! My cynicism about it is still present, but this well researched, well written and all around funny piece made me open my eyes to the possibilities of AGE, while still being a smarmy prick about the whole thing.

    Mystery Gundam series, eh? There’s hope yet, Sunrise!

  • Jon

    I try not to judge an anime by it’s character designs. That said, a lot of the production aspects of that trailer look REALLY cheap… including that terribly designed and animated CGI spaceship. I just hope this Gundam doesn’t fail due to budgetary problems, like SEED.

  • Ryu


    • Jon

      Yes, I shamelessly admit to using a provocative title to attract attention to this story. Perhaps if PH were some sort of news outlet and this post wasn’t an editorial, that would have been a breach of journalistic integrity… but alas, we are just a fansite and blog written by amateurs. Ergo, the only thing I accomplished was attracting more readers to Hate-chan’s fair-minded and insightful opinion piece, and for that I have no regrets.


    • Ryu

      Do this for every article. Also puns.

    • Anonymous

      Be careful what you wish for.

      Making terrible puns is one of Jon’s favorite hobbies.

    • Jon

      Actually, alliteration assuredly adumbrates alternative amusing auditory antics.

  • Guest

    People say G Gundam was good, and that this one could be good. But even G Gundam, whatever its percieved strengths may be, didnt HAVE to be a Gundam. If you’re going to swing a franchise in a wildly different direction – why the f*ck cant you just slap a new name on it ?

  • I’ve never seen a Gundam show :3

    This looks cool though. The designs kind of remind of a cross between Cyborg 009 and Mega Man.

    • Anonymous

      I recommend Gundam so long as you don’t dislike a great universe with great mobile suit battles marked with stupid characters.

    • Anonymous


      Lockon Stratos is not a stupid character.

      He is, in fact, the best.

    • Jon

      I thought his name was Rockon Stratos.

  • Anonymous

    I love you for adding that song. 😀

    I’m going to give it a chance, but I have the same concerns you raised here.

  • Anonymous

    Well to those who looked on the bright side of life, your metaphorical directional viewing preferences have not been for naught! The original Gundam is getting a remake!


    • Anonymous

      Mobile Suit Gundam: 0079 had a remake it was called seed lol I mean if you look at it it’s the original series with like 7 Gundams and the remake of Gundam Wing was 00

  • Blacksun88

    my comment? dont judge a book by its cover. wait until it is out. It could be another Magica Madoka in disguise.

  • Amuroray_67

    maybe next series after this series is baby piloting gundam.when will they make more old man piloting gundam.just naive boy piloting something like this

    • Guest

      Do know that pretty much all of the gundam pilots(main character) are young like the people in AGE. Hell, usso is probably younger and he was in a pretty damn good gundam series.

    • char_aznable_84

      every pilot to get into a Gundam was a Naive Youth. the Asuno men are no exception. Thats because the Gundam franchise is a franchise built around Shonen (boy’s comics) stories, in which the naive youth grows as a person into the man the world needs him to be. fundamentally that is what AGE is about. if you cannot grasp this, stop watching anime.

      • charnobyl

        Yeah, but not ended as the same naive idealistic pilot. Face reality man, they idolizing
        Kira (this crap of a b*tch) with his no kill policy too much. I see no grow in their personality, just face the reality, soldiers die in battlefield so that civilian don’t have too, taht just normal.

  • I agree with those that say this does look a little generic. There certainly won’t be any innovations in visuals here. Here’s to hoping it turns out a little better than the preview would suggest:

  • The AGE

    No so, but maybe Gundam AGE have a better mechas…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like what they did with the mech sounds they made them sound all realistic and less powerful sounding doesn’t sound like gundam to me

    • Guest

      You are right. Everyone should totally watch gundam just to listen and judge them on how good the sounds are. i wonder why everyone else didnt think of that?

    • AgeConsumesEmotionNotFuelHmph

      Gundam have limited power source, not spamming beam like seed (s**t crap) or this age. what you watch is super robot.

      • Guest

        Understandable that seed has a lot of spamming, but we still see plenty of “power low” scenes in seed. Personally, even though i kinda liked it (only because it did not clash with other time-lines), 00 is where it kinda got a bit out of hand with the whole ‘solar power’ stuff(although logical considering it’s a different universe, again.).

  • Anonymous

    If you want good Gundam stick to U.C. shows Unicorn is coming out which is way more refined and adult I take it this is Gundam is to get children to watch the show kind of like how D&D 4.0 is simplified and dumbed down for the new generation I don’t like 4.0 but I.m willing to give this a chance you have to realize the original Gundam fan base are nearing there 40’s and 50’s this show is probably trying to pull in new fans were as Unicorn is for the older original fans.
    Sunrise was smart because instead of releasing just one series they are releasing 2 and in doing so are killing 2 birds with one stone

  • Garoad Ran

    warfare belongs to the Macross franchise, not to Gundam.” – True
    But if you think UE is indeed aliens … well I dont think that was correct …
    more and more I see the series, It feel like UE is some sort of underground organization …
    why? simple, there 2 episodes where there is a kid with spesial ability, more like newtype for me, one of them steal the gundam for a battle then give it back ….

  • Ajsan

    I don’t know…I didn’t like the art style for Gundam Unicorn; that was why I steered clear of it. The art for Gundam AGE doesn’t quite beat Gundam 00’s art but it sure beats Unicorn.

  • Ghiyoliver03

    ..Gundam AGE is not really bad, it reminds me of megaman, I a agree w/ Matty. Gundam fans should be always open minded in every  new Gundam unit that will be introduce and the anime just start, there must be a lot of exciting features that will come out soon..

  • alex rhyder

    I oddly like it. The plot is good, the Mobile Suits are awesome, and the only bad parts of the whole show are the character designs and the UE. Though it seems like the UE Mobile Suits are a bit too advanced for the Series at first glance, and then you see them get their asses kicked by the Gundam, and it leaves a shock, almost. It seems almost reminiscent of Victory Gundam, for the age of the character and the character design (Just talking about Flit, no one else). But yeah, seems like they mixed the ideas of the Original Gundam and Victory Gundam, with the alien ideas of the 00 movie. Though if you ask me, I think that the 00 movie was the beginning of the alien-thing at Sunrise. I think we may be seeing a bit more alien in our Gundam series’…. but other than that, I approve of this series.

    • Pgod

      I agree. I thought it was going to be incredibly lame, but its actually pretty good plot wise, the character designs and the UE mobile suits are pretty lame. But I guess they are trying to bring a new young generation into gundam. I think what I like about Age the most is the fact that the gundam is not overpowered, and the good guys struggle A lot. It actually reminds me of early gundam UC series. The Age system is pretty lame though, but whatever I guess, got to able to pump out those toys right. 

  • Hikaru

    I cant stand the art characters. Wing was great but i liked the 00 recap on it simply because it incorporated a great deal of political agenda and made it far more realistic.  The art design was pretty great and i liked the portrayal of an organization to end all conflict; it intrigued me lol.  I will agree with everyone’s comments about this looking like its attempting to appeal to a younger audience. Which is fine, I wish the 2nd new series would resemble SEED a little more, say what you will about SEED, but me and my girlfriend enjoyed the romantic side of SEED, even if SEED Destiny ruined it.

    • Ethanepr

      i totally agree with you. Gundam Wing animation was great, and personally i loved the character designes of 00.  Although toward the end of 00 they did start to get a little carried away with the hd stuff.  some of the MS looked a little too real

  • Kerux20delrosario Com

    what the hell dude??? GUNDAM AGE? its like anime’s for toddlers?? Gundam wing… even if its the oldest would still kick this sorry ass gundam story…what the hell are they thinking?

    • Ethanepr

      lol Gundam Wing the oldest? not even close… try Mobile Suit Gundam also called Gundam 0079. now we’re talking old. The art is as bad as the Thundercats but it has one hell of a story line.

    • Guest

      You are assuming the worst. For one thing, Japan has way different standards for what kids are allowed to watch. They can watch way more gory stuff than kids in America. Also, now that it is out, if you watched it you would instantly change your mind.The opening, is the kid’s mom getting burned by debris which fell on her. Must be a toddler anime anyways

  • antiswoth

    the ue in this kind of remind me of the nodos from heroic age. when i saw the previews i thought it would be a cross over of the two series

  • Rojigami

    I hope Sunrise would revisit Tomino’s original script for Gundam Formula 91, and just proceed as how Tomino had originally planned to make it into a series instead of just the film we know of.

    • hado

      Tomino script wasn’t just cut down he had the vision and a team of writers made the 50 episode script but production and artist disputes is what shrunk it into a movie and I believe that since bandai now owns sunrise they won’t be making it a series because they need more up to date related gundam to sell models to kids


    come on animate cross-bone, love this gundam. 

  • Yoshi4sushi

    People, do not criticize this series. I have watch both generations so far and it is worth watching. The plot is getting intense and boy, I am sweating like pig of not knowing what’s going to happen next.

  • Exson

    I hate Gundam Age Hate it hate it……………. i saw some episodes still hate it i think it be better if they star making the unicord episodes it 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 % better

    • Guest

      After a few episodes it gets way better. I honestly hated the first few episodes but i was able to get to the good ones because i’m not an ignorant hater like you who can’t even open up your mind to all the different franchise jumps sunrise took. and plus, unicorn episodes are made within 6th months. Nothing gets close to 6 months of work so its pretty much better than anything else

      • AgeConsumesEmotionNotFuelHmph

        But the story is like composed in 3 days. Seriously shallow substance and horrible MS design.

      • Meow

        The MS design is good. I have bought most of the kits in the HG AGE line and they are the modt unique MSes I’ve seen. Stop being a whiny p***y

  • lol

    Wow,after the anime came out this review is very wrong, it hasn’t been watered down for children, the art design after the first generation is a bit better, and there are no aliens. In the end the person who wrote this review is the same as though who assume this gundam series is horrible.

  • lol

    Well for one thing,Sunrise, has swung the franchise like crazy on purpose so they can appeal to different audiences and sell the toys to different audiences. It’s about the profit they make.

  • K Ducpham

     I’m posting as an Observer. I’ve watched to the latest episode and I can say that Gundam Age is a big fail. Those who try to think the show had been “watered” down must be trying to save face for Sunrise for this failure. If the problem lies at character design, I won’t have any ground. However, it’s the whole story which was fucked up. To me, they are trying to create gags and simplify the concept of war to a certain level for kids to understand. In the end they created a half-baked product at best. The characters are badly developed and the animation quality is horrible. They even start copying Gundam Seed pose and repeat scenes just like Destiny on the 2nd and 3rd season. Above all, I keep asking question, how the f**** this war was dragged into 70 years ? You can’t just created something like that out of nowhere for god sake.  Finally, this is one of the worst gundam serie .

    • CZero

      “trying to create gags” what gags? “simplify the concept of war to a certain level for kids” why is this a bad thing? “if the problem lies with character design…” I admit, im not a fan of the over all design of the characters. Also i have to agree, the character development is weak, but thats because they are cramming 3 (possibly 4) generations of a family and of a war into one 50 episode series, while trying to hold true to the franchise’s standards. If you ask me, the problem with AGE is that it is too ambitious.
      the series is not NEARLY as bad as everyone makes it out to be. (and no, i am not trying to ‘save face for sunrise’) Clearly you have never heard of the Cold War, which lasted for nearly 50 years, and which featured two shooting wars (viet nam and korea) and the soviet (russian) involvement in Iraq/Iran, which we immediately followed up with our own foray into the desert which has not yet ended. One could argue that cold war politics are still in place, making the cold war’s effects having lasted now 70 years. also take into consideration that the Vegan/Earth Sphere war in AGE is between two PLANETS, and not two COUNTRIES. it is entirely possible that such a war could happen.
      Again, im not saying sunrise is doing a good thing here, im just saying you clearly are not as well informed on the nature of warfare as you think.
      The animation quality is as good as any other series out there today, and arguably the best of any gundam series to date (at least of the ones drawn in digital). The art IS *very* stylized. the fact that you (and indeed most viewers, myself included) are not 100% a fan of it does not make it garbage.
      Also, you obviously didnt actually watch any of the show’s first five episodes, or you would know that the Vegan are believed to be extra terrestrial aliens, because the humans launched to mars have not been heard of for somewhere around 50 years when the series begins (in calender year 101)
      The series is as well thought out as any of them, and better than some (G-Gundam, Gundam Wing, Turn A Gundam, to name a few) and executed as well or better than some (SEED/Destiny, Gundam 00 season 2)
      So, basically what I’m saying is this:
      None of your points of interest in your argument are based on anything more than subjective opinion, and just because YOU don’t like it does not mean it is crap.
      also, any worry about the franchise going down hill further is unfounded. G-gundam is absolute bull compared to literally any other installment of the franchise, and yet there have been like 10 entries into the franchise since then.
      There will likely be another 10 before the series even thinks about dying off.

      • AgeConsumesEmotionNotFuelHmph

        “The animation quality is as good as any other series out there today, and arguably the best of any gundam series to date”
        Pft, yeah sure. the animation is not even par with Turn A

      • Meow

        I am no expert on the subject, but the animation in AGE is good.

    • capioxy

      Well there was war between King of England and King of France dragged for 100 years around 1300 to 1400. There was also Second Hundred Years War between Kingdom of England and France circa late 1600 till early 1800. And thats just conflicts between two neighbouring countries. Age depicts conflicts between human living on Earth and people living in Mars. Its very far. And the Vagans needs to freeze their body to travel to Earth, Means travel alone takes a very long time.

      Therefore Hundred Years War is possible.

  • Stranger

    Thank you for saying Gundam Unicorn is still better. LEVEL 5 messed up by wanting to make a Gundam into a fairy tale and people are in a rage right now.

    It’s not bad. It’s s**t. It’s utter sh***y.

    And that’s why they ended Frit’s story and throw in his son because he is too awful to look at. In fact, even after he’s an old fuck, he’s still a messed-up f**ker. The guy made his son and grandson joining wars. This Frit guy is not some anti-war Amuro-wannabe. He is a sick bastard who loves war by the chest. Say whatever you want about his dilemma with the Diva crews but he can choose the other way – to be an anti-war hero or a reluctant hero. Or at least feel a real sense of guilt when he pushed his still very young grandson into the cockpit!!! Not some “This is our destiny~” b s.

    I’m still gonna make Age into my top 3 worst list. Stranger out.  

    • Anti-stranger

      clearly you dont understand what it is to have a family heritage. if your family has been in the military for generations, there is tremendous pressure to join up to. ALSO, Flit is told as a child that the Asuno family is the family that originally made the Gundam used on 0079 which “saved humanity” and that because of that, he feels that HIS family must carry on the tradition.
      If you dont understand that, then read ANYTHINg about japanese histroy, and you’ll see where this series is coming from.
      If you had actually watched any of it, you’d know he doesnt love war, he fights to end war, and to that end, he is willing to put his family in harms way because in HIS eyes, its HIS family that has to be the ones to end war.
      All 3 Asuno males (Flit, Asemu, and i forget the new one’s name) were pressed into service. Flit simply provided a means for his grandson to fight when he was needed. indeed he risks his life to PROTECT his grandson.
      watch things with open eyes and you’ll see what is going on instead of what you want to see.
      also, like i said, understand that this is not American psychology at work. The Japanese society works REALLY differently than the US. you cannot rightfully judge without understanding that.

  • Saiko

    I wasn’t a big fan of the first protagonist but Asemu the 2nd one makes up for it, he has awesome skills, good character design and the AGE-2 is really balanced in terms of power and skill, he is the reason why I watched it :3

  • I have all the Gundam series on DVDs as I am a Gundam lover and a collector. Though I have not watched Gundam Age, I just saw this series few days ago at the DVD store, it looked interesting but I didn’t buy it, I thought it looked a bit child-like. Now reading all these reviews and comments makes me few a little unease and have mix feelings about this new Gundam. Some how I don’t really think it could be any worst than Turn A Gundam, as for me it was the worst of the gundam series I have ever spent my money on. Next time I take a trip to Chinatown, I will purchase Gandam Age series and hope I will not be disappointed.

    • milktea

      just watched it till episode 8, the overall animation is too simple. as gandum always have technical explanation on the equipment the arms and leg transformation is way too simple for such machine. it’s exactly like a model kit. it’s a huge let down.

  • I bought this series and started watching it, and it’s not as bad as everybody put it out to be. I only got up to the 6th ep. but so far I quite like it.


    I JUST HATE HOW THE ART STYLE IS OF AS ASTRO BOY! In a series, the art should be more realistic, more stunning, that “WOW!” sensation, thats what it’s missing. Compared to Gundam 00, the art style is a joke. Im sorry, and i dont mean to be hating but, im so dissappointed. Please hurry up and make a new series with better, more realistic art than all other Gundam series’ combined.

  • Sean

    ok for every person who thinks this is for kids please go watch every episode to date and tell me its kid like, with the struggling and the fact that they were being annilated from the start and they didnt do what seed or 00 did with the overpowered uber gundams that can destory most mobile suits in 1 hit X.X i like the story alot more and i cant wait for the next episode and i have watched almost every gundam show there is just missing the after war gundam X and some of the U.C gundams

    • Sean

      also the fact that this has the First, second, and third like system of handing down the gundam in theyre family and that they have the some of the stuff from Unicorn gundam

  • Neighbor X

    At first i was against it, but i now find it quite interesting as it differs from the other Gundam series that start off with someone with a superpower who becomes amazing when they first use it. I find this one more natural, as he becomes stronger the more he uses it, like one would do in real life.
    Just like many of you, I am a huge fan of the other series, however I came into watching this anime with an open mind, whereas most of you (from what I’ve read in this section) came in wanting it to fail and constantly finding faults.
    Just like the others, the first few episodes are slow, but around episode 10 it starts picking up the speed, and quickly becomes entertaining. For those of you who hate it, pick a later episode to watch, and at least give this anime a chance. I don’t promise you’ll love it, but giving it a shot and finding out you like it, is far better than criticizing it without giving it a chance.

  • tehusurper

    Not bad. I hate how it rushes through friendship growth and learning scenes like in some cheap movie but the characters are actually pretty cool. I like how Flit grew up into someone obsessing over winning the war. I enjoy the fact that it spans generations. I think the romance is terrible and predictable, choice between a) childhood friend b)strange new friend and c)nobody, it is a every time. And they never do anything, at best they sit on the sidelines and at worst they are damsels in distress. This was probably because in order to fit the whole story into the show, rather than making multiple seasons exploring fully each of the characters they chopped them down into about 12 episodes for each storyline characters storyline. Good news is, UE is not aliens. Yay gundam.

  • tehusurper

    btw, Where is Haro?

  • grrr

    lawsy concept of gundam and the other unit too.

  • i think it makes sense that this is the end of gundam. cause flit’s family made them. once you start it you need to finish it

  • random destiny fan

    yea everyone disliked it when it started but after flit’s era ended and asemu’s started i started to like it more and so did others but then constant upgrades for the age was ridiculous

  • And this is why you don’t review something that isn’t pass the half point of the season. It turned out to be quite awesome didn’t it? I didn’t like it at first all kiddy and stuff but once the characters go through the good ol development cycle, this quickly turned bad ass.

  • ichigo98

    yeah they should realy make an anime of cross-bone

  • msg

    this is one of the best gundams and i liked the father son thing and cool space pirates

  • what heppend ?

    some one can tell me what wtf is this what heppend to gundam 00 why they using with that surce of power when they can use with sun power ????????

  • William Mason

    Personally I didn’t think Age was that bad I it picked up around ep 16. It was better then War in the pocket. The first portion kinda made me think of Battleship Yamito with Gundam elements.